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  1. I'm back again. I just watched this video. It's so wonderful I had to come back and add it!
  2. For reasons I just can't explian, this whole thread reminded me of something very specific....... It tastes just like raisins!
  3. Castlemania is one of my go-to favorite episodes! For some reason I always laugh at how Rarity says "She's with me" when Twilight acts surprised that Fluttershy is there.
  4. I had to go back a bit, since I was watching a bunch of PTS videos. Them is not wholesome viewing!
  5. Ood (I don't think they have individual names)
  6. My computer became self aware. Now it makes me watch anime. (I'm okay with this)
  7. Was Celestia angry when you stole fire to give to pony-kind?
  8. "You named a unit of measure after yourself?" "Well it didn't do Mr. Watt any harm."
  9. "What would you say to a cup of tea?" "Feck off!"