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  1. Gabriel C Media

    Hearths Warming Contest's Hearth's Warming Contest!

    Looks like fun!! I was planning on doing several holiday songs, so I'll be sure to send mine in C:
  2. Gabriel C Media

    Odyssey Eurobeat - Diamond Dog! (OVERground Remix) [Eurobeat]

    Haha, I already DID put a flanger on one of the guitars. Didn't you hear till all the way till the end? C: And there's a vintage tube pre-amp on all of the vocals, so there's already low-end beef for all of the vocals . Thank you for listening!
  3. First track of the month! C: This one came totally out of nowhere, because I wasn't thinking of doing it haha! I was in the middle of working o a Chiptune song (which I'm still doing!), when I was watching the amazing stream of all the performers of Running of the Leaves con. When I heard this particular song, I thought it would be really fun to remix it! Inspired by ACE, Fastway, Lou Master, and the heavy-hitting stars as SCP-Music, it's a high-octane remix that I hope you enjoy! ^^ Follow my shenanigans! Soundcloud: @gabrielcmedia Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr:
  4. Gabriel C Media

    "Let Me Waltz With You" - GabrielCMedia[Musical Theater]

    Lol! thank you! With the lyrics, this is the second time you've said my work is cheesy haha! I promise you that I'm telling the stories that I'm trying to tell. If you feel they're a bit cheese, that's okay haha. I often am going for a kid-friendly vibe with my lyrics, especially since this particular song was inspired by children's movies and the show itself . I know I can go for something complex, but that's usually not what I'm going for. In fact, most of my songs thus far have a very kid-friendly "what would it sound like in a children's movie or TV show" design behind it, which is totally intentional. So if it sounds very surface-y and not quite Shakespearean, now you know why! I didn't place that sort of reverb on my vocals because I didn't personally want too. It would have certainly fitted with the tone of the track, but singers in animated soundtracks, even for songs like this, aren't drowning in reverb . Of course, I know I can add in more, and it's something I definitely play with since it often sounds like I'm not putting in enough . The arrangement certainly was a challenge, I'll admit! my first time doing this style of music. It's funny you brought up the strings because I honestly find them to be blehh and a lot of orchestral elements. Like they sound very fluffy. Timpanis definitely would have fit well with this type of track as well, or perhaps tubular bells, and more. Oh well! Mmm, I certainly had low-end, especially since I saturated the drums and bass. Heck, I wondered if I beefed them up too much. Haha, no I understood everything. Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment! Happy Halloween!
  5. Finished a new original Theater-style track in time for Halloween! more info in the description
  6. Gabriel C Media

    Gabriel C Media - Would They Want Me [Pop]

    Thank you for taking the time to listen! . I've got some ideas to help me with my next song, so hopefully it will be better on pitch, since that is very challenging for me right now . As for a female singing the song, I personally don't agree with that at all. I love to sing! As for 'show, don't tell', haha! well, not necessarily. I see where you're coming from. Tangibility definitely is the case in a lot of Theater songs, and maybe some songs depending on the genre. Not so much in Pop music though. I mean, the songs in the show itself are actually a lot like this! and in a lot of children's media of all kinds, and I honestly enjoy music like this . But I completely understand where you're coming from, and I'd love to practice making my music more tangible (that is, more 'show' and not 'tell), so it definitely will be something I work on. Thank you again!
  7. Gabriel C Media

    Gabriel C Media - Would They Want Me [Pop] Hey Ponyverse! finished a new acoustic Pop song that I wanted to share! more info when you click the link!
  8. Gabriel C Media

    "Scar Tissue" (MLP Audiobook)

    Hey guys! I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place! I've been doing a few fan-readings and I wanted to share them here too! Here's one I uploaded today! the story is called "Scar Tissue" by Radiant Beam. For those who enjoy fanfic readings and audiobooks, I hope you enjoy~! <3
  9. Gabriel C Media

    "Spin that Record, Vinyl Scratch" (Gabriel C Media remix) [Drum and Bass]

    Thank you very much! The plucked leads were near the beginning that modulated! Here's a remastered version of the song! I had limiting problems with last night's release that seemed to have fixed themselves, so I could finally get the levels closer to what I actually intended. Hopefully this is more to your liking! <3
  10. Waaaay back in 2011, I heard this super-fast Nightcore song by GlockenZero. It was the very first Hardcore song I ever heard that was what first got me interested in the style. Aside from Cherry Blossoms, I decided to remix this song since I was/am still going through my hardcore phase before going into other styles. It's incredible being able to remix songs that I loved from way back in my own way! Of course, it wouldn't be one of my songs unless it went through this crazy journey and ended up changing genres halfway. Even though my first attempts were also the same sort of Dubstep-infused Hardcore, I felt it actually sounded better as a Drum and Bass song. My first one ever! Please also note that this track was originally done by an artist named KeepOnRockin/IckyOfficial. It was another "Discord" and remixed many times over! unfortunately, they seem to have deleted there social media and it's hard to find. That's why I'm crediting Aze Kahh instead. Some viewers may debate if Nightcore is a "real" genre, but it was the Nightcore remix that they did that was what I originally heard and loved, which lead to the remix you're hearing now! that's why I'm crediting them both! Thank you very much for your support! Follow my shenanigans! Soundcloud: @gabrielcmedia Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr:
  11. Gabriel C Media

    'The Greatest Day of Our Lives' (Cello)

    Thank you very much! please share and subscribe with your friends! my Youtube is here (, along with links to my other social media ^^ The cello came from Cinesamples!
  12. Gabriel C Media

    'The Greatest Day of Our Lives' (Cello)

    The idea with this one was to challenge myself to work with one single instrument, like a solo piece. Why? I've never done that before! ^^
  13. Gabriel C Media

    Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Gabriel C Media remix)

    I'm pretty versed at music theory at this point, and only improving . If there were chords clashing though, it was likely because I didn't know the key of the song. I only guessed at it, and used my ears to build the arrangement. It 'sounded' like I nailed the key of the original, but I might have been wrong, which would have explained that . Thanks for watching it!
  14. Gabriel C Media

    'The Greatest Day of Our Lives' (Cello)

    I haven't done a pony track in awhile! here's a very simple solo Cello piece inspired by the season premier .
  15. Hey there! I'm Gabriel C Media. I've been posting my work around the web, but I haven't posted any of my pony related tracks here yet. Here's a recent remix of Eurobeat Brony's "Luna" to kick things off. I hope you enjoy~!