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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I think I am done here. Bye.

  3. Colenso Rivers

    Open The Dark Millennium

    Colenso watched helplessly as his whole squad volunteered but him, eyes shifting towards the ground. He would have like to have helped, but in such a enclosed space as they were scouting, magic such as his would do more harm that good. Intelligence outweighed his need to be with them, to make sure they were safe, and obedience overruled his worry about who they were going with as horrible it made him feel to admit. He gave a worried expression visibly as they walked forward away from him, and he had to bite his lip hard enough to make it leak blood to keep himself from stepping forward. In hi
  4. @@Ruby Splash, I've chosen to wait for you m'dear. @@Ruby Splash, I responded to your post.
  5. Colenso Rivers

    Open Elemental Want

    The pony behind her flew back a few meters at the blast and recovered expertly, landing on it's hooves, it's gem shards heading into the space around it, sparking with magic as the unicorn figure rose into the air in magical concentration. The large figure began to sprint towards Twilight, it's heavy footfalls impacting the ground enough to shake it slightly. The red dot in the far window suddenly flashed and a large, winged, and covered in a sickly poison javelin shot from there, heading towards her at breakneck speeds. The remained silent, and showed no indication that they had any interest
  6. My emotional state is deteriorating, no friends to hang out with and no girls interested... It doesn't feel any different than prison, just lonely all over again..

    1. TigerGeekGuy


      Hope you feel better soon.

    2. Ruby Splash

      Ruby Splash

      Hope you get better



  7. @@AmethystDawn, But there is plenty of room for other ponies m'dear.
  8. Your concern is a valid one. You should probably either mention the pony you were rping with and try to convince them to rp with you, or simply move on. There are two alicorns right now communicating, a third voice may help.
  9. Colenso Rivers

    Open Elemental Want

    @@Ruby Splash, Out from an alley, after the attack but before she could leave, stepped out from the shadows of an alley. It was a hooded figure, the cloak it donned bearing the same grey glyphs that Amarok had used to dispel Twilight's magic before. Probably the reason why the figure wasn't dead. It was a large figure, big for a pony. Then, from behind her another hooded figure, smaller and with a horn. A multitude of gem shards with machine parts floating around it's form. They didn't speak. The larger one advanced, stepping forward with heavy footfalls, and a small dot of red light appeared
  10. @@Ruby Splash, Awww! But Ruby! I will miss you!
  11. @@Ruby Splash, Okay. However, I will have you engage with a unit in any established city. They are tough as nails, even for regular ponies.
  12. @@Ruby Splash, I'm going to have you to edit the post, an you've already established you aren't a changeling. So I'm going to have to have you edit your post dear, okay? I will play along, and make sure you have fun, okay?
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