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  1. I would love a custom badge! My OC is Starlet Harmony. If you don't want too, thats totally fine! I hope you are as excited for BABScon as I am!! You can go to my profile to view pics of Starlet Harmony.
  2. I am a full time undergrad student getting my teaching credential and graduating this year! I have wanted to be a teacher since I was like 5 so I'm so glad that I get to spend my life doing what I love! If you are curious, I am teaching kindergarten through 5th grade, although 4th grade is my favorite! Also, I'm a party host and buildabear workshop!
  3. I just watched the new animated movie HOME and OMG it was the cutest thing ever!!! Even if you aren't a kid, I 100% recommend it! I wasn't expecting to like it very much but it is up there of my favorite movie lists. It's by the same creators of Megamind, so if you liked that movie, you will LOVE HOME!
  4. I wear MLP t-shirts ALL THE TIME! One time, I was wearing my rainbow dash "brony" shirt at petco and the cashier gave me a brohoof and showed me his ranibowdash bony wallet!
  5. They are all supposed to carry the same, however, some stores sell out of certain ones really quickly. Corporate ships out the same things on the truck every week (usually animals only come once a month) to each store. But if the store near you is really busy, and you go before the next truck delivery, then there is a chance that they might not have the one that you want... I'll keep you guys posted though when I see the princesses back out!!
  6. They ARE phasing the ponies back in. Rainbow dash is the first to come back on March 10 and I believe Celestia is next, then Luna, then Cadence! There is no confirmation, however, about the rest of the mane 6 coming back. If any of them were too tho, it would probably be Pinkie Pie. She, rainbow, and princess cadence were the best sellers... in our store location anyways.
  7. Thank you so much for your clarification! I really appreciate it!
  8. It depends on the order but I would say 3-4 hours on average. It used to take me MUCH longer... Like 6 hours but I've just been practicing. I'm not saying that they were... I was making a point that it isn't MY fault that I don't have a shop through the forums. I would have, but they literally said the my art was not good enough to sell. I would have loved to give them 15% of commissions!
  9. Thank you for the link! I do not have a commissions shop thought the forums, I was turned down for one so I went my own way and have since made a considerable profit (it wasn't until after I started making money that the forums was like oh wait! We think we made a mistake In Turning you down) so in all fairness it's not my fault that I don't have a shop through the forums. And after reading the fine print I don't think that I am breaking the rules since again, I'm NOT soliciting and I did not post a direct link to my shop in the thread! It's honestly just the same if I was to have posted "thinking about opening a commissions shop, do you think these prices are ok for my work?" The fact that I HAVE a shop really doesn't matter I don't think since I'm NOT advertising it.... I actually don't have a drawing tablet for my computer so I use my iPad to draw electronically! Usually I will draw the pony by hand on paper, then dump it into an app like artrage or procreate and color it and define the lines on there.
  10. Thank you for your comment. I was worried that I would get in trouble for soliciting, however... I'm not! I don't have a direct link to my shop (signatures are ok) and I'm dot saying "buy my stuff"... I'm just asking for this amazing fandom a opinions. If a moderator sees it as advertising they are more than welcome to take the post down... As for base use. I don't use bases anymore. I did when I was first starting out (some of these pics are old like the first one) but after 3 years of drawing ponies I don't need bases anymore. Even when I did use bases tho, I didn't just recolor them, I usually used them as a reference for sizes and shapes, but I never traced. Now however, my specialty is drawing in cannon so I purposefully pick poses that would be common in the show (since my art is supposed to look cannon).
  11. Haha! He's cute! He has a derpy face!
  12. Hello everypony! So I recently opened a commissions shop and some people are telling me that I should charge more for my work... however, I personally think that it should cost less (I want to get more business) I was just wandering what you guys thought of my prices? Should I raise them, lower them, and to what? I just don't have much experience with this yet so I need some opinions! Thank you every pony! Your OC full Body- $12 ^^^This one would cost a little extra for the dress Your OC headshot- $8 ^^^ This one would cost an extra $5 for the background gradient, "accessories" (flowers) and edits OC "heart pony" (BEST SELLER)- $8 OC Equestria Girl- $23 (I have more options for sale but these are the major ones)
  13. Your digital art skills are on point! Great job!
  14. That looks so legit! Awesome job! I love seeing your art around the forums!