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    Marble Pie and Fluttershy
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    West Palm Beach, Florida
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    There is always a reason to be kind and considerate to others
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    Video games are one of my major interests, I have been playing them since i was 6.
    I enjoy to draw every once in a while, I am not that good.
    I love to watch anime, but I haven't gone to far into a variety yet.

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  1. Dark Tempest

    Fuse your username with the person above you.

    It's pretty bad, but I'll roll with it this way: Darpekt Tempro XD
  2. Dark Tempest

    Do you sleep with your plushies or just collect them?

    I have a few and I snuggle with one or two every once in a while. I'm getting my first lifesize plush, going to be of my oc and it's going to be 66 inches hoof to hoof.
  3. That's good, lots of optimism is necessary
  4. That is a negative. It would be nice though.
  5. He looks cute and that's all that matters Thanks bud!
  6. That is correct kind pone ^-^
  7. *Raises hoof* I'd like one done please! I have references of Tempest in my about me page on the Google Drive link. Good luck
  8. Dark Tempest

    Nihi The Brony's Commission shop [Partially on Hiatus ]

    I think it came out wonderfully, thanks for the good work.
  9. Dark Tempest

    Nihi The Brony's Commission shop [Partially on Hiatus ]

    It looks cute, I approve
  10. Dark Tempest

    Nihi The Brony's Commission shop [Partially on Hiatus ]

    No, he has no cutie mark and I can't seem to see the image
  11. Dark Tempest

    D-P's Dragons & Ponies commissions (Closed)

    Great work dragon, like always
  12. Happy New Year everypony! I have redone my profile as a start to the new year. I hope 2017 will be a great year for us all!

    1. Valiant 2.0

      Valiant 2.0

      I hope so too. Happy New Year! :)

    2. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      yep. i'm sure we will all have a great memories of this year. a time of changes.

    3. Naiya The Brony

      Naiya The Brony

      Happy new year! :D


  13. Hey, I'd like to contribute to this too. I have a gift copy of Gmod + CS: Source that I've never used because I already own them.