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    Video games are one of my major interests, I have been playing them since i was 6.
    I enjoy to draw every once in a while, I am not that good.
    I love to watch anime, but I haven't gone to far into a variety yet.

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  1. Hello there! Have a wonderful day and happy birthday! ~

    1. Dark Tempest

      Dark Tempest

      Thank you very much!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

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    2. Dark Tempest

      Dark Tempest

      True and thank you <3

    3. Dark Tempest

      Dark Tempest

      Also, going to neighhem 2? :3

    4. Denim&Venöm


      Oh you know it. No way in tarturus I'm gonna miss it when it's in my own back yard.

  3. It's pretty bad, but I'll roll with it this way: Darpekt Tempro XD
  4. I have a few and I snuggle with one or two every once in a while. I'm getting my first lifesize plush, going to be of my oc and it's going to be 66 inches hoof to hoof.
  5. I think it came out wonderfully, thanks for the good work.
  6. No, he has no cutie mark and I can't seem to see the image
  7. Happy New Year everypony! I have redone my profile as a start to the new year. I hope 2017 will be a great year for us all!

    1. Valiant 2.0

      Valiant 2.0

      I hope so too. Happy New Year! :)

    2. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      yep. i'm sure we will all have a great memories of this year. a time of changes.

    3. Naiya The Brony

      Naiya The Brony

      Happy new year! :D


  8. Eh, why not. Feel free to add me, I enjoy a good conversation here and there. Kik: spector362 Discord: Dark Tempest #0455 Skype: Dark Tempest
  9. How's everypony doing on this lovely day?

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    2. Johnny1226


      I'm doing good thanks dark

    3. Dark Tempest
    4. Rebuilt_Dreams


      This is from yesterday bu still. Right now it's pretty alright...