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    Video games are one of my major interests, I have been playing them since i was 6.
    I enjoy to draw every once in a while, I am not that good.
    I love to watch anime, but I haven't gone to far into a variety yet.

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About Me

Hello everypony and welcome to my revamped page!


My name is Brandon, I am 22 years old and I have lived in Florida my whole life. It is pretty funny telling my age, when I honestly look like a 13-15 year old apparently. I am a very feminine guy, I'm a very sweet and sensitive person who loves nothing more than showing kindness with my affection, to be honest. I am rather shy at first, but once we talk some, I make a very caring and protective person to my friends. My most recent exploits was going on a trip the past summer around the east coast of the country, visiting many friends from Arkansas to Connecticut and every where in between, it was my first ever trip by myself driving, outside the state. I had my first relationship ever. I met a long time friend on xbox of over 7 years in Connecticut. I got my first traffic violation, a speeding ticket in New York. I tried weed for the first time in Arkansas, it was very weird and I am unsure if I will try it again in the future. I attended my first convention ever and it was Bronycon with the brony friend that got me into the fandom, it was absolutely amazing and I am totally attending next year as well! 2016 was such an exciting year for me, full of first time experiences across the span of the year, especially the summer.


More about me:


I am currently attending Florida Atlantic University and I am unsure of my career path; however, my friend has given me a sort of direction to follow, where he wants me to go into animation with him and follow him to California in a year or two. I play on both the xbox and on the pc, my steam id is below and is the same as my gamertag. When I'm not at school, I work in construction as a plumber's assistant, it sucks with the labor and the crappy heat in Florida, but it helps to pay everything. I like cute things, especially plushies. I have had plushies since I was 5 and still enjoy them to this day because who doesn't love something soft to snuggle or hug to sleep. Most of my plushies are pokemon because I love it, but I do have a few mlp plushies and one of my oc. I was one of those kids that enjoyed watching cartoons, like: pokemon, digimon, yugioh, and all sorts of shows, aside from those, shows like House M.D., Law and Order, CSI, Criminal Minds, and others were fantastic as well. My sexual orientation is asexual biromantic, it basically sums up who I am I suppose, I have no sexual attraction to either gender, no physical attraction to either as well. I don't really have much of a sex drive either, to be honest, I like people for who they are, not how they look; I find that it is more important to get to know someone, to learn how they feel and act, to understand them because the connection is what is most important, a warm feeling of being with them. I am single and have been in one relationship, I learned so much from it, the new feelings and everything felt amazing, but looking back at it, it was one-sided for me giving all of my love and affection and the breakup was depressing and heartbreaking, but I know that there is somepony out there, mare or stallion that I would love to get to know and perhaps in time, be their special somepony, just as they would be mine.




I got into this fandom around my 21st birthday in October, thanks to one of my xbox friends. However, no one knew about my love of the fandom, not even the brony friend who originally introduced me to it. It wasn't until 3 months later that I finally told him and it began a string of joking about me being a closet brony at the time, until a month or so past and I told everypony basically. I still find it a bit awkward sometimes telling someone new that I meet, just as I find it hard sometimes to just wear some basic pony-ish stuff, like my fedora with pony ears or my oc hoodie when it gets cooler; regardless, I work up past the thoughts and point out that I shouldn't really care, I like it and only I have to enjoy it. Although, it is much tougher telling people the sexuality thing because for some reason, there are a lot of mixed signals or thoughts and it just is easier to withhold the info from everyone basically that I know.


My love of art and ponies:

Here on my google drive, there lies all of the works that are done of my 2 OCs. Work done by myself, in request guilds, and of course the works from the many artists that were commissioned from Octavia's Hall: