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  1. 1. money to buy a new computer 2. a new computer
  2. i guess you can, it would be cool but me and my friends got something special with a combination with these 3 animals we cal the monster Fladderbjärv! btw i live in sweden and its a combination with all the 3 animal names
  3. I would be very happy if someone could paint a monster made of these animals... if someone want to paint it. you dont need to paint it scary, you can paint it cute, funny... you can draw it just as you want to! I would be so happy if someone did it
  4. Anypony here hot instagram? if you do, follow me and i follow you. my name on instagram is simonandreasson.
  5. that photo is going to make me able to never see that movie again on the same way....
  6. it was a long time ago i dreamed something. But it is a dream I never will forget! its about me in a small house and a bear coming to my little house and asks if i am home
  7. ooooo.... i dont like small dogs that sounds squeaky..
  8. ooh I got 3 chickens we had 4.. but he didn't survive that long
  9. awww I am hatching chickens to but I have been doing that for a few years now.. and I am not doing it with just 1 egg.. I got like 18 eggs in a machine. but I already got 4 chickens that was hatched under a real hen ^^ if you want to see pictures of them you can follow me on instagram: simonandreasson your hair look like my hair
  10. school day 1. turn off computer 2. eat something 3. brush teeth 4. lay in bed and watch Youtube on ipad 5. check kik 6. fall asleep weekends 1. turn off computer 2. eat something 3. brush teeth 4. lay in bed and watch Youtube on ipad 5. check kik 6. more youtube 7. check kik 8. fall asleep
  11. i ant to drive to school too.. but it take me 45 minutes.. :S
  12. Hi! do anypony here drive moped? You maybe are to old and have a car or to you and is not abel to drive. But i LOOOOOOOVE To drive moped! i think it is so funny (btw i dont know if its called moped there you live but i translated it from Swedish and it said it was named moped on English)
  13. SHIT i totally forgot that...