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  1. This is my fault and not anyone else's, but I wish people could magically understand that just because I don't message back right away I'm not ignoring or upset with them. I'm just either a) having a panic attack or b ) unhappily busy
  2. drawing/illustrating writing listening to musics reading hanging out with pets chatting watching youtubers flight rising idk I'm lame o.o
  3. Hmm, okey. Let me give this a go. :3 Name: You can call me Stella for now. :3 Age: 17 Gender: Female Continent: North America Likes: Uh hmm everything? XD I like chatting about all sorts of things, and I really like philosophy, regardless of what yours is. I just find how people think to be really fascinating. I like all sorts of music, especially brony artists. Sherlock, DW, Tim Burton films. Cryptozoology and aliens. Creepypastas. Art. Reading, esp. fantasy. Probably other things too but this is what comes to mind >.< Dislikes: Idk?? I don't really like English muffins. Does that count? Hobbies: Writing, art, bunnies, flight rising. Other Stuff: Uhmmm. I'm nice and I don't bite? Idk. If any of this sounds remotely interesting please say hey. ^^
  4. I think to say yes to that question would be to prove otherwise. What's your favorite music genre?
  5. *boop* thanks for the add! ^^

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      No problem. *boops back*

  6. allo! ^^ it's nice to see a fellow catholic about. :3

    1. Mario3D13


      IKR? It's real hard to find fellow Catholics on the web these days.

    2. stellaluna


      Yeah; not just on the web but in general really XD Feel free to shoot me a pm or whatever if you ever feel like chatting ^^

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      You got it, bro!

  7. You look like an adorable person n_n *Adds as a friend*

    1. stellaluna


      Ehee, thank you! You seem like a lovely human yourself :3

    2. Infernus


      Ahaawww that's sweet, considering the fact that I don't have the friendliest avatar or nickname XD, thanks <3. Hope you're enjoying the forums, if you ever need something, feel free to ask =3

  8. As a Catholic, no, I don't believe in them as they appear in the show, clearly. However. I feel like the ideas that people come up with and the ways they use to express them can be infinitely valuable to theology. The Bible uses parables to explain things. Do we actually believe there was a prodigal son? No, but we believe the essence of the story because it makes a point and represents a truth. (or if you're not Christian, insert any parabolic tale you find helpful into that example) Therefore, I believe in the Sisters so much as I believe that they represent balance and virtue to me; they are a parable that I especially connect with and love.
  9. The text wants me to say hi so ... Hi^^

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      Deae Rising Shine~

      how ya, I saw you stalking my profile XD

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      Heh, yes, still a bit new and getting to see who everypony is ^^ I'm quite well, thanks! Yourself?

    4. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      Oh, welcome here then^^ I'm fine too :)

  10. I quite like peppermint tea and also chamomile. I don't generally like cream or sugar in it tbh. Also, I'm sure some of you would find this awesome:
  11. Eeep, okey, I shall reveal my human form >.<
  12. I suppose that's true too. We're not exactly told for certain that all of the griffins we see come from that particular region, as we do have Gustav - it seems unlikely that he would have come from a place like Griffonstone. On the other hand, it seems that Griffonstone is central to the Griffon people and thus represents them as a race. :| There are other races we haven't seen fleshed out yet, such as the Saddle Arabians we saw for a few frames. What would be really good to see is the mane six working together with members of another species to help a singular member of that species, or even a pony. Party Pooped was good as in the end, the ponies didn't really end up 'teaching' the yaks anything; in fact, I believe Pinkie apologizes at the end of the episode. So it's not all that bad, but seeing a new or underdeveloped species present themselves as positive but different would be quite nice, agreed.
  13. These are all really good points, but take into account that we've also seen the mane six helping and teaching their fellow ponies, even large groups or communities of ponies at a time. Every episode revolves around a friendship lesson, whether that lesson is being taught to other species or fellow ponies. It's the girls' job to spread harmony and do their best to make things right; so of course we're shown them doing just that.
  14. you are not my boss |:
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      Hehe, yes :3 Oh and hi there as well ^^

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      Also, I noticed your friend request. If you don't mind, I like to talk for a bit before I accept requests (small prt peeve, srry), so I may message you later on, as you sound like a fun person either way ;p

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      Oh oh I'm sorry! I did notice your page said you liked to meet people first, so I suppose I assumed this counted >.< I know it really makes some people uncomfortable, so I'm really sorry bout that.

  15. hello from a fellow newcomer to this community :3