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  1. Yo! You still into RP'ing?

  2. @@cwhip9, The Queen of the Changelings stood among her brood, watching the pony with an ire in her eye that threatened to burn even the sun. Hatred. Hatred would keep her resolve in the coming months, years perhaps. Still, she looked over her kingdom, those wounded in this demonstration. War for profit, was there nothing more despicable? Even her changelings did so as an act of sustenance, as an act of rule. This was petty, lacking vision. She watched this doctor turn and walk away. Oh, she would remember it alright. She would remember him trying to make her humble, and her brood an instrument of his will. It would not do, it would not do at all... Regal Queen Chrysalis turned to walk into the hive, those large oozing chambers with the hint of sulfur on the wind. "Alright, Doctor Monroe, you want a war, Then that is what we will bring. On our term. Come my children, we have time to prepare..." She gave it quite a bit of time in silence, then started to laugh. "Vamponies..." "... Get Razorback here, I need a... specialist."
  3. This hissing, the screaming, it was almost deafening. Her children, they were burning, melting, being eaten from the inside. For the briefest of moments, panic set in the eyes of the Changeling Queen. Her children had come under this plague, this sickness this 'Doctor' would spread among them. A low growl left her, that predatory parasite she was escaping her lips. First Celestia would humble her, now in this moment of licking her wounds this individual comes before her and unleashes a sickness upon her children! "ENOUGH!" Stamping her hoof upon the earth was enough to make it crack under the weight of her conviction. "You've made your point. But there needs to be proof such an antidote exists! My changelings are no good to you in this condition, and I..." Queen Chrysalis looked to her children, the changeling swarm that grew rotted and sickened by this infernal virus that was spread to them by this twisted healer. Her proclamation next would prove her own convictions, but she could not express to even herself on just how painful it was to make. "... I will refuse you if you do not. It is in no one's interest for this... 'demonstration' to continue, and if you want OUR help, then you will cease this now. If you continue, then you lose. You need a war, you need me and my brood, or you would not be here. You want a war, what war can happen without soldiers? Make your decision, every moment you delay, you hinder your own aims." Stepping forward, she felt it in her chest, and could watch her vision beginning to blur. The sickness was creating boils on her carapace, her wings began to wither, her horn began to rust.
  4. @@cwhip9 "Well, what would I do? Oh please, what ever you do, do not hand your poison to Celestia! Please, let me grovel and beg you to reconsider!" Queen Chrysalis 'swooned', pretending in very sarcastic tones to be overwhelmed by the tactical 'brilliance' of this Doctor Monroe. She then burst into laughter, and almost as an amplifier, thousands of tiny high-pitched chuckles started to fill the air. After a moment, she stopped, and the laughter died. "If you think that Queen Celestia had it in her to bring about poisons and buying weapons of war, clearly you haven't been paying attention. Even if I were to believe you were capable of selling weapons to prospective buyers, you need Me a lot more than I need you. And while you may bring poison, we have far more direct methods. You're hardly a morsel, but if you're so sure that We can produce the war you need, maybe you should consider the want to end whatever threatens MY hive. Like yourself, good Doctor." She trotted a safe distance away from this poisonous individual, eyes narrowing. "You haven't given me incentive. You have NO control here. A rank amature. So tell me, what do I need you for if I go to these 'Vamponies', what stops me from just doing it myself. Why.... Do I.... NEED You?" There was more of the hive that arrived, and surrounded, outnumbered, the haze of wings, chitin and fang eclipsing them.
  5. @@cwhip9, Queen Chrysalis was almost brought to a bestial hiss when she watched her young fall. It was sickening to see, and this uninvited 'guest' that approached made it all the worse. After a brief moment, she straightened herself to that regal stance worthy of one who calls herself 'Queen'. A sickened grin crossed her lips. "You came to me. You are the one with want, the desire, so stop the facade of acting like you came here with a deal. It's unbecoming. Claim all you want, but you are no friend to me or mine. You treat my children so horribly, trespass, and throw a mocking gesture in the words of an olive branch. Such disrespect." With hooves filled with conviction she stepped forward, approaching this hooded figure. "That being said, you're going to need to show more than a bunch of promises and a threat of force. Maybe you are powerful, I have little doubt of that. How far do you think I will go to put you in your place?" There was a cackling that left her, the glee of a sadist, a manipulator, a Queen. "Maybe you will get through a hundred, maybe a thousand. We are, however, without number." Blackened carapace hoof placed itself on one of her fallen children. The twisted horn atop her head began to glow a sickly green, and that same energy enveloped the fallen changelings, bringing them to their feed once more, seemingly to grow stronger. "I'd like to say the choice is yours, but it really isn't. The choice is mine if we even consider you anything more than a food source, OR maybe a Court Jester! Yes, you really are funny, it's amusing to me. Unfortunately, that amusement stopped the second you harmed one of mine." Closing ranks, in a loud chorus of a single step from endless hooves all the changelings around stepped forward. "And after all, my children are VERY protective of their brothers and sisters. 'Mommy, can I rip him to pieces? Mommy, can I eat him now? Mommy, why are you talking to the bad pony?'. So.... Why should I talk to you any more? Why should I listen to false promises from a person who clearly wants something but is going to harm my children then offer something without so much as introducing himself properly." "After all, I am Royalty."
  6. Queen Chrysalis, observing the pools of green ichor and thousands of blue eyes in the dark and murky hive, she could only feel a bitterness as she began to ruminate over the message sent. The letter was burned in green flame after it was recieved, it's ashes still in a pile just at the side of what could be called a throne. Her children surrounded her, this swarm of changelings ready and waiting, hungry and ready. Perhaps the writer of the ashed paper never dealt with a hungry beast, far less thousands. She could hear them all, and even she had to lick her fanged incisors at the prospect of feeding. That was a truth of all changelings. One of her children spoke softly, in hushed whispers. While what was said could not be heard among this court of shape shifters, the response most certainly was ash she let out a yell that seemed to echo down the vast chambers. "THEY WHAT?!" Intruder. That was the word going through her mind, and now the minds of her brood... It wasn't long before she finally found herself at the entrance of her hive, looking at the landscape that seemed rotted, but was a flourish of bog life. Old rotted trees laying in stagnant waters, and a horizon that barely let the sun through the peaks of mountain tops. And before her was the intruder. "Most would have the good sense to not come here uninvited... You've come a long way to offer yourself up as a mid-day snack for my little changelings, I hope it was a pleasant journey, because it may very well the the last one you will have for quite some time." Many of her brood started to fly out, the buzzing seemed to hum to melody as the scattered all around, surrounding the cloaked figure. It was a morsel, but not one she could readily refuse.
  7. @@Blitz Boom, Sorry I have not been around. It's been a rough couple weeks, had to put down my cat yesterday and I've been somewhat rough around the edges. Will try to get back into it all, but I think my comitment is starting to shatter around most of my hobbies. Sorry guys
  8. Just finished a New World Of Darkness game, and currently have both players terrified of mirrors. Both are currently jibbering trying to understand what just happened to them.

  9. @@Rapid Wind, Feel free to join. Bashful Thread is in a wonderfully hallarious awkward situation with a Griffon, and just recovered from relatively traumatizing events. @@Blitz Boom Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I kinda hit a point of burnout, but decided to keep going. I think it's mostly because of being unable to finish the work I wanted to to contribute to the forums, started feeling like I ducked a responsability that was never really there to begin with, so hopefully clear sailing from here.
  10. @@Blitz Boom, Bashful felt the dizziness that came from what could be described as a mild concussion. Buried under the rubble that was once the shelf and well organized fabrics, he could only think of the scene he had just made, and how Orange Lace was going to give him a verbal thrashing for ruining her shop. Still, that was overshadowed with the shallow pride of getting that perfect thread from the top shelf. It took a while for him to get himself out with the help of a concerned Florence. That was perhaps the highlight of the moment. He couldn't help but blush, and tried after an awkward moment to break eye contact by focusing on the drafting table. Stepping over the mess, he tried to get to work, even as he felt the goose egg growing under his beret. The needles and pins that were in the cap were now leaving shards of threads hanging from his cap, and while he tried not to pay it any mind, knowing that he probably looked ridiculous made him smile a little. Maybe it would take her mind off things. He began tracing out patterns, and pinning them to the appropriate materials. Trying to keep the conversation going, he could only respond to the question with a very delayed response. "Yeah, I'm... I'll be ok. Just a bump on the ol' noggin, nothing to molt your feathers over." He gave a weak smile, beginning to take the sheers to the pattern and started the construction of the belt. "Ya know, my roomie Firecracker took a spill a while back. Came out of that hospital right as rain, and with the reliability. Guess we can thank Celestia for the reliability of Pegasi, huh?" "Anyway, you look pretty... er.... I mean, ya look like you had a pretty rough day, so let's try and make this something special, ok?" Where did that come from? he wondered. "I know you didn't ask for anything special, but maybe we don't need it to look all dazzling to do that, hmm? What I was thinking was a lot of hidden stitching around the seam. A warm orange to highlight a deep brown, something that would make it have definition without being too gaudy. I mean, it's not like we use gems in our designs... unlike some." That last sentence was said with a bit of bitterness. There was another tailor in Ponyville, who got all the praise, and all it did was make everyone underappreciated what Orange Lace had been doing for this community for years. Ever since she aligned herself with a princess, she became the talk of the town, the place to go, and it made business hard for some. Thankfully, Orange Lace was stubborn, and really never backed down from any challenge. He admired that kind of strength. Bashful Thread could only hope Florence had that same strength.
  11. @@Blitz Boom, Just get well soon Blitz, and if you're dentist happens to be called Isac Yankem, RUN!! FOR THE LOVE OF CELESTIA RUN!!!!
  12. @@Blitz Boom "Um... Yeah, I think I understand Florence. It looks.. Yeah, yeah I think I can do something like that." A gulp of worry went down Bashful Thread's throat and he started to look over the shelves for the material he needed to craft her request. He was still in complete disbelief that she came at all. That, and he couldn't believe Orange Lace would just leave him here with her. Yeah, he understood what she was trying to get at, giving him time to come to grips with someone he hurt and there she stood, a griffon who to the best of his knowledge wouldn't hurt a breezy. "So, what brings you to Ponyville? Visiting, or has Griffonstone decided to start moving into our little town?" The bad joke was made more for his own comfort than his own. If she could at least crack a smile then he'd know he was on the right track. Normally he'd start asking about friends and family, but knowing what he knew, that was only going to cause her more hurt. Giddon in the hospital... well, Pyhrus, as he was actually called, and her uncle, made things more difficult. She was probably trying to get away from that worry, there was no point in bringing it through the door by speaking about it. Unfortunately, the silence made it all the more uneasy for himself. Pulling out fabric and thread combinations that made the rainbow look limited in spectrum, it wasn't until he decided on a particularly muted piece of cloth to avoid something overly extravagant. However, when trying to find a thread to make the stitching 'pop', he felt tension... There at the top shelf, among the bolts rarely used and gathering dust, sat the thread he needed for this project. Taking hold of the ladder, Bashful started his climb. Now, here lies a problem many wouldn't really think of. When you have wings, there are some things you just take for granted. Your body is built to fly, glide, hover, drift, and soar. An Earth Pony's body on the other hand was built heavy, helping in feats of physical strength, making them great for working the land. What it doesn't make them is good fliers or great with heights even only a few meters off the ground. This realization came to Bashful very suddenly as he reached for the thread, his hooves suddenly kicking the ladder out from under him, leaving him gripping onto the shelf dangling from the top. At least he hadn't fallen, just made things a little awkward. It was then he heard the sound of nails being pulled from wood, and the shelf came loose from the wall, falling over and Bashful let out a yelp! The crash was loud, and dust filled the room. Once it settled, there lay Bashful Thread buried under fabric and spools of multi-coloured debris. A lone blue hoof poked it's way out from beneath the colourful chaos, holding up an spool of thread, as a dazed muffled voice came from beneath. "Got it!"
  13. Spent the afternoon playing a drunken irish priest throwing out wererats out of his church. Father Cullen is offically my favouret character of the month.

  14. @@Blitz Boom Bashful Thread had made a point to stay in his room. He had a long talk with Orange Lace, who was less that pleased to hear about his antics. He got an ear-full over the course of hours upon hours, broken up only by the occasional customer coming in which Orange Lace was quick to respond to as soon as he heard the bell upstairs, which Bashful Thread was all too eager for those small breaks. Bashful looked into the mirror, seeing him in his changeling form, the dark carapace and glowing blue eyes, which would be terrifying in the dimly lit room if it wasn't for the self-pity expressed by those orbs looking back at himself. He was banged up a bit, and the old scar on his shell told the story. If he was smarter, he would have taken a similar form like he did with Pyhrus, but instead tried to use the strength as he naturally was. Small and weak. It was infuriating to think about, and only added to that self-loathing on what he had done. Probably the worse part about being other people, you tend to have to live with the things you wouldn't do, but you have to be the part. In this case, he just hurt some griffon's life by tearing into her family. They all lie, they all manipulate, but that doesn't make it go down any better. "Bashful, can you come up here for a minute? I need to get some supplies." Orange Lace's voice came from up the stairs, and it took Bashful a slow moment to start climbing up them as he took the form of the tailor with the green and black mane. Putting on his beret filled with needles, pins and thread, he reached the top. Orange Lace was standing beside the customer, an all too familiar face. "I have to get some... thread. Big project tomorrow, hate to have any delays. Bashful Thread here will take care of you dear, Toodles!" Problem with living with someone smarter than you are, they tend to exploit that, and Lace definetly was. She stepped outside, with a hidden look of You Owe Me. Before Bashful could react, she was out the door. There was a long bit of awkward silence from him as he looked around, not sure what to even say. "Um... Hi. W-welcome to Orange Lace's Budget Boutique! My name is Bashful Thread... though I guess you already knew that. Sorry. I just, um.. never mind. So how can I help you today? Hemming an existing item, or are you looking for something specific, maybe you want something custom made..." He was thankful he silenced himself when he did. Nervousness made him ramble, and it was tough enough when it was a stranger. Did Pyhrus come to? What did he tell her? She was a Griffon after all, scary talons and beak. Not that she was as threatening as her uncle, he couldn't help but draw parallels from his first encounter with a griffon, now it felt like history was about to repeat itself. He was reminding himself to not change until she was out of the building.
  15. @@Blitz Boom Bashful Thread landed softly enough, trying to be careful not to undo the stitching that was holding Giddon's, now Pyhrus' insides from splitting out. The emergency services rushed out and upon seeing the state of the red giant, started to bring stretchers and all kinds of equipment that Bashful Thread couldn't even begin to understand. Sometimes posing as a pony was hard, but thankfully, he didn't have to run the devices they brought forward as they struggled to hoist Pyhrus' body onto the gurney. Taking hold of the bag, he slung it onto his back. Looking at Florence, it was all to clear this young one's world just got turned upside down and inside out. He felt a strong sense of pity for this small griffon, a complete contrast to her uncle, and it hurt not to show it. Florence after all didn't force him out into the wild to almost get killed by forces he couldn't begin to understand. No, that responsibility was being pulled away on a stretcher. "He'll be alright. Tough old bird, that one. You on the other hand, you need to get yourself fixed up, you look like a mess." It was true, if Orange Lace saw the state they were all in, she would loose her mind, followed swiftly by Bashful's head. He sighed heavily thinking on how he could even hide this mess from Orange Lace and Firecracker. "Look kid, it's gonna be touch and go for a while. Only good thing that came out of this is at least a few of the lies were brought to light, and it's not like he's going anywhere in the near future. Spend some time, get acquainted with Giddon... er... Pyhrus, see what you make of him without the rose coloured glasses. On the other hoof, I am sure most will be marching into town and he'll probably spin it that he made it out to safe those prisoners. Whatever he want's to do, our business is concluded." Starting to turn and walk away from this situation, Bashful stopped. "I'll hold onto this for him until he's ready to pick it up. It's what he wanted more than anything, seems almost getting shuffled off the mortal coil will do it." "You on the other hand, maybe you should get some rest, some sleep, something to eat. I'd suggest dropping by a shop and picking up a dress or something, bring some normalcy to your life. Hear there are shops that rival some of the best in Canterlot or Manehattan. Personally though..." Bashful looked over Florence very closely, studying her for a moment. "... I've always had a fondness for something more simple. Sure there is something around here that would fit you to a tee." It was then Bashful took his leave of this nightmare adventure. Giddon would come to the shop for the sack, he may even be thankful. What he did to that young griffon though, to family, that was inexcusable. Anything Florence wanted to do was fine by him. --------------------------- Bashful Thread entered Orange Lace's Budget Boutique in the form of Haze Guard, that massive pegesis that rivaled Giddon for size. The shop was not how he left it, now all his hard work and cleaning scattered as he watched Orange Lace, with her yellow mane tied in a bun behind her head and green eyes looking over him, tried to greet him as a customer. It wasn't until Bashful walked right past her with just a nod, and started to go down stairs, letting his body become enveloped in green fire, leaving only Bashful's real form, Scissor Biter, a changeling walking down to his room. The stresses and hunger were written all over his face. Orange Lace came down after him, finding Bashful was sprawled out on his bed, face first into a pillow, the bag laying at the foot of the bed. "Rough day?" She responded in that silk voice of hers, the kind that even in sarcasm seemed to bring an ease to the room. Bashful's stomach decided to respond to the question with a low grumble.