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    I'll do a top 10 OK! XD

    1) My little pony: Friendship is magic!!!
    2) Steven universe!!!! XD
    3) Pokèmon (not really the last generations..)
    4) Yu-gi-oh (Same for the pokèmon)
    5) Jekyll and Hyde (idk if this is an interest XD)
    6) Chatting.. i WOWE chatting but when i'm tired i don't do it much
    7) VIdeogames.. there are a few videogames i like.. (Minecraft,terraria, half-life 1,2 [the 3 doesnt exist w.w]
    8) MY little pony 3rd Generation.. I watched a few episodes and i liked it!
    9) uhm... i like Computer? XD
    10) other cartoons.. like.. Family guy? XD

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  1. I feel so lonely.. i have never felt so lonely in my entire life.. i feel Like anyone i text doesnt really wanna talk... They answer After some minutes and they dont continue the conversation... I am so lonely
  2. My position on having a pet bird is that BIRDS ARE SUPER CUTE. and, except if the bird is SUPER BIG, i would be glad of having one!! If you could change the name of one of the MANE 6s, who would that be and how would you call her? (staying in their contest)
  3. So I herd u like Steven Universe... favorite Gem? :)

  4. I want a MLP plushie ç_ç XD

    1. Kenshiro


      I hope you get it one in no time

  5. Hey sweetie! Thanks for addming me as a friend n.n xoxo

  6. Goodnight.. AND DREAM CUPCAKES Ò-Ò

    1. PonkiePoo


      Cupcakes are delicious!!

    2. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Yay cupcakes!

  7. hello :) thanks for the add <3

  8. Eeeeeeeeeeeeyup North5 because i love starlight glimmer XD The season 5 final XD because its about timetraveling! I dont have any favorite music xD