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    Not in the Earth :P
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    LIFE LIFE LIFE.... That's not twice..
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    I'll do a top 10 OK! XD

    1) My little pony: Friendship is magic!!!
    2) Steven universe!!!! XD
    3) Pokèmon (not really the last generations..)
    4) Yu-gi-oh (Same for the pokèmon)
    5) Jekyll and Hyde (idk if this is an interest XD)
    6) Chatting.. i WOWE chatting but when i'm tired i don't do it much
    7) VIdeogames.. there are a few videogames i like.. (Minecraft,terraria, half-life 1,2 [the 3 doesnt exist w.w]
    8) MY little pony 3rd Generation.. I watched a few episodes and i liked it!
    9) uhm... i like Computer? XD
    10) other cartoons.. like.. Family guy? XD

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