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  1. I made a thing. I think. Not an OC btw (she's in the actual show) and her name is Sweet Biscuit. I also just realized that another awesome vector artist (IronM17) has done this exact pose and character, but with something different so... least I had *something* to do!

    was going to also add this to my deviantart but I decided nah.

    sweet biscuit #1.png

  2. This is what I get for staying in a dead and edgy discord server...



    Annotation 2020-04-06 093719.png

    1. Rikifive


      Winning nothing is still something. AC1e4N7.png

      Congratulations! HJrej9k.png

  3. Am bored. Made for a very special friend of mine ^^

    Credit: Me.

    cute ocs together.png

    1. lyrabetes3939
    2. Tacodidra


      Adorable art! ^_^ I hope you had fun creating it! :squee:

  4. My new minecraft skin and cape. It's Vapor Trail (from mlp ofc) and a cape with a white heart!

    new phone who dis.jpg

  5. Been at my lowest point lately. Since this whole worldwide(or nationwide) quarantine, I've been feeling completely empty with really nothing productive to do. Almost to the point where depression might be hitting me hard. My online school assignments aren't really hard to do, but I've been feeling less motivated to do anything productive. I wouldn't be able to see any of my friend's wonderful faces until May.

    1. Leonhart150


      hey man you doing good buddy?

    2. WWolf


      Feels. There's only so much I can do online or on my own, even getting ahead of my studies (not that I go to an actual school). I've always felt this way pre-quarantine though. Need to connect. May will come sooner than you think.

    3. Leonhart150


      well I'm trying my best too cuz you know, been a while since I hang out in here 

  6. Sucks being lonely right now :/

  7. Looks like I don't have any school until May.

    1. Kujamih


      :)Your generation are lucky...in my experience we still have to go to school even if it's flooded already. Apparently the school thinks we are part submarine.

    2. RaraLover


      Lucky you! I hope you have fun during your time off! :squee: For me, my classes are now online, so there's still work I have to complete on a daily basis. :yeahno:

    3. Tacodidra


      I hope you have a good time, my friend! :kindness:

  8. So I've decided to follow the RGB trend... but at least I was able to get better thermals on my PC now! 30 degrees at idle with no programs running.

    rgb case fan top.jpg

  9. *hugs @Super Splashee back* Thanks! Yes, I'm feeling a lot better today!
  10. I wake up to a random youtube comment on one of my videos of some random kid accusing me of subbotting on youtube and saying that I have 1 million subscribers and barely get 100 views. First off, I only have a few hundred subscribers and barely at 1,000, and second, I keep my subscriber count and like/dislike count hidden because I prefer it that way. I don't care about how many subs I get on yt honestly. But the stupidity on that site is atrocious.

    1. lyrabetes3939


      Anyone can make an account and comment there. That's the problem. :maud:

  11. Update. I'm feeling marginally better! My nose still feels a tad bit stuffed, but it's barely bleeding out any mucus now and sneezing for me is pretty much a gone. Though, people on youtube are gonna be associating me with having the virus, which sucks. The stigma of being sick in general (having colds and such) gets automatically linked to the human virus.

    So far, I'm doing okay. No sore throats, none of that extreme stuff.

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better, at least! :rarity: *hugs*

    2. EpicEnergy


      I'm glad to hear things are getting better for you! :grin:

    3. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      Hope you continue to get better:kindness:

  12. I'm getting sick and it's only getting worse.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SolarFlare13


      that's not good :sealed: I hope you get better soon :( 

    3. tylad


      Thanks all. So far, cold meds are somewhat working out for me. Trying my best washing my hands and stuff way more often.

    4. EpicEnergy


      I hope you get better soon! :kindness:

  13. My school and its district closed down today and now we got Spring break for 3 weeks. I hope you all are doing fine and keeping ourselves healthy.

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm doing fine, thanks! :rarity: I hope everything goes well for you, my friend! :kindness:

  14. New motherboard for my PC coming in soon! Will be tossing my crappy Dell Optiplex motherboard. By the time I have enough money saved this summer, I might invest in a DDR4 platform (AMD Ryzen or the old Intel 6th gen platform lol).


  15. I somehow got my film teacher interested in watching the Brony Documentary. Kinda weirded out by the fact that he was then discussing about it in the middle of class and asked me several questions about the fandom lol. Reactions from classmates were "meh." One kid next to me asked if this was real and then said that the fandom sounds bad/creepy. Another one next to me said "omg that's so cool!" in a very sarcastic way lol.

    1. Tacodidra


      That's great to hear! :pinkie: The reactions from your classmates less so, but that's not really unexpected. >_> In any case, I hope your teacher watches and enjoys it! :yay: