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  1. Just wanted to share this, but this is my ex's OC. Admittedly, yes, it's a recolor of Rarity (that I drew entirely wrong lol), but it was her OC nonetheless and she used it as her profile picture for some time. I still can't even get past the fact that I lost her from the virus.


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    2. tylad
    3. Sparklefan1234


      @tylad I'm sorry for your loss, My Friend. :sunny:



    4. Califorum



      I am so so sorry for that...but you have us here to help. I don't have the words to describe such a loss other than that I am sorry and I hope in time, you will feel better.

  2. Good morning.


    Art traced and done by me.

  3. I guess watching YouTube videos, listening to music, texting friends, drawing art, and shopping online is considered as "gaming" to many parents.

    1. Rikifive


      With all these simulators being a thing... aaa simulator 2020, bbb simulator 2021... 'ya never know what is a game and what not. kaZdxtE.png

      Maybe they weren't delving into what actually you were doing, try to enlighten them then. :P 

  4. When I was still an active user on Facebook (I still am, but not much anymore as I only check out my notifs on some occasions), I dated this one Norwegian girl and it went alright. She was a year older than me (She was 16 turning 17 and I was 15 and turning 16 at the time). Little did we know, we became a seriously attached couple a few weeks later and it was the greatest thing in my life. Unfortunately, the relationship *kinda* fell apart ever since the pandemic began and only been notified a few months ago that she passed away from the virus. 2017/18 would prolly be the last time I ever
  5. THIS SITE IS AMAZINScreenshot_13.thumb.png.d57ee7e3204d320afd6352021386794d.png

    1. Califorum


      That is hilarious!

  6. They always find a way to my house.


    1. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      omg! yes! lucky for me they don't know how to get up to tops of mountains I think cause I built my house on one

  7. I know I'm not supposed to be posting my L's on here, but I can't even go a single day outside of the house without my own family asking me if I'm getting my new job. I understand that I need to be an adult here, but at the same time, I need to give myself some time to rest and figure out what path I want to take in my life. What I need is some fresh air!

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    2. tylad


      I just quit my job a few weeks ago and couldn't have felt so much better not having to deal with rude customers and the worst supervisor/manager. My boss didn't even allow me to quit so I stopped showing up, that's how F'ed it was. I've made many terrible decisions, especially dropping out of all my college courses because of how FULL my part time schedule was.

      For now, I'm looking for another job (in hopes to maybe find an online job rather than retail and merchandise), but I am in no rush and taking my sweet time. Just wanted to spend time with myself and friends. Not having to deal with writing up 10 page essays and getting yelled at because I didn't clean well enough for my closing shifts (I worked in a Deli).

    3. Rikifive


      Oh yeah, I know how it feels, having some of that where I work too. Quitting would allow me to regain some sanity, but I'm pessimistic when it comes to think about finding a better job, so I'm not doing any changes, heh. :P

      I hope you'll find a good job, that you'll enjoy.

    4. Califorum



      I will never work retail or food because of that.

  8. So I switched my iMac and my 1440p monitor around so windows will be my main and the mac will be my secondary. Loving the new setup so far but I can't show pics because it's a mess of wires and lots of dust I need to clean out 0_0

  9. Feeling good about today...

    so here’s a picture of my friends grandparent’s dog


    1. LyraLover


      SO CUTE!!! :wub:

      Is it a Shiba Inu?

    2. Pandora


      a big cute!

    3. tylad


      Yes it is I think. (Dunno much about my dogs tho)

      The most chill dog I've ever seen and it always walks up to me wanting me to pet it lol.

  10. I moved on to a new channel. Lol dunno why I named it downvote.

    Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.37.26 PM.png

  11. Thinking about deleting my main youtube channel. I swear, it's always this same exact troll who literally put a bounty on me and has a script constantly running so that every time I upload a new video, it instantly gets dislikes and spammed hate comments (including comments talking about how much they hate bronies). I can guarantee that the same troll is still creating multiple discord and youtube accounts with my name in it. It's annoying, creepy, and outright wrong. Can't trust nobody in this world or internet anymore and it's fucking sad that there's people like this who take their time out of their lives to do this to others.


    If you want to know the person who keeps doing this to me, here's a screenshot of their channels: (all circled)


    1. Sparklefan1234
    2. Califorum



      Delete it and he will have no source of entertainment. Its for the best. I am always your friend.

    3. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @tylad*hugs*you'll just be giving the troll what they want if you delete it though

  12. I'm in the mountains for the weekend (chilling in Idyllwild, California lol)

    1. Megas


      Ooooh I haven't been to Idyllwild in forever. Always loved going there when I did

  13. Spent my early morning making this...

    Definitely need to work on the eyes a bit so it doesn't look too "tired". Other than that, I might make her my new official OC when everything's finished up with her. Name is "Minted Circuit", I guess.

    Minted Circuit.png

    1. LyraLover


      She looks great! Nice job!

  14. Thinking about creating myself a new OC. Moving away from those "cotton candy" colors lol. Thinking about making it relative to one of my characters I created in Cyberpunk 2077. Adding in some of that cyberware.

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    2. Califorum


      Any ideas for name or personality?

    3. tylad


      I dig this OC right here and gives me a bit of inspiration.

      OC belongs to someone named Aureai btw.


    4. tylad


      For personality, I want it to reflect me irl. (Don't want to spoil too many details here lol)

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