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  1. Yes Am I the only one here with braces?
  2. I think so. If I was a pony, dating an alicorn would be like dating a prince in real life. Dating a prince would of course bring me a lot of pride and respect, but also envy. It all, of course, also depends on his personality and goals. The only thing is that he would live much longer than I would, but who knows? Maybe we would marry and I could be crowned princess. I realize that Shining Armour has been dating Cadence and even had babies with her and hasn't yet became an alicorn prince, but honestly who knows.
  3. Happy women's day!~

    1. IronM17


      Women's day? Hmm, interesting. Never heard of this. Do you know the hystorical reason for the women's day?

    2. Sasha Wingson

      Sasha Wingson

      As far as I know, tomorrow is international women's day. I didn't know it wasn't actually international.

    3. IronM17


      I looked on Wikiepdia and yeah, it is really international. I don't know why I never heard of this.

  4. Mushroom/vegetable pizza. Favorite MLP Creepypasta? ;D
  5. Element of Determination (cough cough reference cough cough)
  6. True, bur not extremely hot. TPAM ships Derpy and the Doctor?