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  1. writin' new chapter of my fanfic

  2. You’ll be in my heart Scootaloo woke up one beautiful summer morning with a big smile on her face. Because today is her thirteenth birthday. She sat up in her bed and flung off the covers. She hopped out of bed and skipped happily downstairs. Her mother, a Pegasus with a brown coat and a darker brown mane, was sitting in the living room on the sofa. She had laid five presents on the floor. Scootaloo was so excited until she looked at her mother’s face. She seemed sad but was trying to be happy for Scootaloo. She opened her mouth to say something, but she didn’t know how. So she stopped. Then Scootaloo asked “Mom, what’s wrong?” Her mother sighed and took a deep breath “Scootaloo, there is something I should have told you a long time ago. I’ve never had the courage.” Then slowly Scootaloo’s ears started drooping down. Scootaloo looked at her mother confused and nervous and said “Mom, you're scaring me…” Then her mom all of a sudden perked up and said plainly "Never mind! I was just kidding, now let’s eat cake!” Scootaloo was surprised and strait afterwards almost forgot the dreary feeling and ran to the kitchen. Scootaloo’s mom was feeling guilty, she knew she had to tell her but she didn’t have the courage. She couldn’t bear to see this young mare be sad but she had to. She walked over to scootaloo who was getting the cake out pf the cooler. Scootaloo turned around with a smile on her face, this made her feel even more guilty. She took a big breath. “Scootaloo,” Scootaloo looked at her mom again and saw her pained expression. “Mom! What is wrong? Is it the thing that you wanted to tell me earlier?” “Scootaloo, you-you’re a-a-adop-ted” She said with a wobbling voice and a tier rolling down her face. Scootaloo had just taken the cake and dropped it, her pupils went small. She stood there in shock for a minute. Then perked up “Mom, it’s funny that you tried to prank me! That was a good one, he he! You should become an actress,” Scootaloo’s mom was shocked at Scootaloo’s reaction, is she in denial? “Hey mom! You should help me pick up this cake that I dropped!” Scootaloo said jokingly and laughed. “Scootaloo! What I just said isn’t a joke!” “Mom you have gone far enough! Now you’re overplaying it!” She said angrily. “Scootaloo! Listen!” Scootaloo’s mom shouted. “STOP! Mom, this joke has gone too far!” She said frustrated. Scootaloo’s mom got very frustrated and angry. She grabbed Scootaloo. “Do I look like I’m joking!” “No! you seem like you are going too far with a bad joke!” Scootaloo took a deep breath but it was not enough to calm her and she slapped Scootaloo. “You are adopted! Stop being in denial!” And she started crying. “You should have let me believe it was a joke,” She started crying. She had so many emotions crossing through her. Anger, frustration, distrust, sadness, curiosity and denial. She didn’t want to stay in this house, with this person she had called “Mom” “what she going to say next this is not her birthday or something? Or rainbow Dash is… Never mind, I just need to get out of here!” She turned to the door and ran to it. Scootaloo’s mom sank through her knees. “What have I done?” Then Rainbow Dash walked into the house. Scootaloo ran as fast as her little legs could take her. She ran past Apple Bloom whom said “Happy Birthday” but then saw that Scootaloo was crying. So she ran after her. “Leave me alone!” Scootaloo yelled as she ran full speed ahead. Apple Bloom couldn’t keep up and stopped. She went to get Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo galloped through the crowd, who all were confused. She galloped to a pond in the park and sat at the bank, looking down at her reflection while one tier dropped into the pond. Her reflection was first clear and then turned into a mixed up image. Her tiers were making small ripples in the water. Rainbow Dash walked past Scootaloo and then saw her sitting at the pond. Rainbow Dash then slowly walked to Scootaloo and sat next to her, she tried to put her wing around her but she shook it off. “Leave me alone! You don’t know what is wrong with me! She didn’t tell me! Sigh* she didn’t tell me…” Scootaloo looked even more sombre at the water. Then Rainbow said softly “Squirt, I knew her, your mother, your biological mother.” Scootaloo turned her head with her ears up “You knew my mom?” “Yes, I did” Then Rainbows ears went down and a tier rolled down her face. Scootaloo could see in her eyes what she meant. Then Scootaloo came closer to her and they cuddled each other, with Scootaloo’s head under Rainbow Dashes. They hugged for a few minutes and then Scootaloo broke hug. She sniffled and wiped her tiers away and asked “who was she? How did she look like? Who was my father?” “Squirt, It’s easier if I tell you everything, instead of question by question.” Rainbow said with a faint grin on her face. She slid Scootaloo closer to her with her wing and kept it around her. “Her name was Firefly, we were very close friends. She had the exact same mane style as me, except it was completely blue, it was a plain blue. Her coat was pink, almost flashy pink, her eyes were just a plain purple.” Rainbow Dash smiled while looking at the ground, then she looked at Scootaloo “I’m not going to tell her life story, but the whole year before you were born, I’ll you tell that.” Scootaloo looked at Dash and then nodded. “At the first day of high school, i was with Gilda. Laughing at others, thinking we were cool, while the senior years rolled their eyes sarcastically. We were the Freshman, we walked about the school grounds and chatted until the bell went. All the other years had to go to class except us. We, the 9TH grade had to stand outside and wait. Then a teacher with a bundle of paper came to the middle of the grounds, right in front of the horde of pupils. She was a completely white Pegasus, in my opinion she looked a bit creepy. Then she screamed loudly in a deep voice “My name is Miss Flake. When I say your name, you’ll also her the classroom you have to go to. So you say “Yes, miss” and then go to the classroom I tell you to. Got it?” Then everyone said in a depressing and bored way “Yes Miss Flake.” “Good. Miss Derpy Hooves.” “Yes Miss Flake” “Class E106” A grey Pegasus then started walking to the door, while doing so she tripped and everyone was laughing except the nerds and the shy ponies. She started blushing and got back up and walked to the door, then walked into the building with her head down. “Gilda the griffon.” “Yes Miss Flake” she answered in a sarcastic tone. “The same as Miss Hooves.” Then Gilda said to me “Hope you’re not stuck with the wall-eyed freak.” I laughed “Good luck” then we high-fived each other. “Miss shy” “Y-Y-yes Miss Flake” Fluttershy whispered and sunk in between the crowd. “Are you there?” “Yes Miss Flake” She said two decibels louder “Stick your hand up please.” Then a little yellow hoof stood out of the crowd. “Miss Shy, newt time speak up!” “Okay Miss Flake” “Same as the others” When she walked through, you could hear everyone softly giggling. She was walking near to the ground with her ears down, trying not to be seen. “Miss Fly” “Yes Miss Flake” said Firefly” “Wait, so my family name is Loo?” Scootaloo interrupted. “No, your name would be “Miss Scootaloo”” said Rainbow Dash in a posh accent. “Continued, uuum, aah yes, “Miss Fly, same as the others E106” “Thanks Miss Flake.” Then She flew to the doors, she was really fast. She left a pink and blue trail after her, it was so awesome! “Miss D-CR-ash?!” Then a stupid stallion said “Haha! Rainbow Crash!” Then I said annoyed “It’s Dash, Miss Flake.” “Sorry Miss Dash, same as the others.” Then I turned around and headed for the doors. At the back of the crowd was the stupid stallion, I recognised him. He was the a-hole who got me my cutiemark! “Even the teachers think you are Crashing! Haha!” I ignored him and walked further with an angry face, I’ll get him one day! More names where getting called while I walked through the door. It led to a long hallway with big windows on the left side and 7 doors on the right. The first door was E101, the principal’s office. In the next few years I’m going to spend a lot of time there. The rest were all classrooms, E102 E103, ext., until I got to E106. Derpy and Firefly were already talking to each other and Gilda was laughing at Fluttershy. She was almost crying. Until Firefly intervened. “What do you think you’re doing!?” “Tell this dweeb how useless she is.” “Why? Because you need to feel better about yourself? By getting power in the sadness in others? Is that really how you want Fluttershy remembering her high school years?” Gilda broke into a sweat, while firefly looked at her angrily. Gilda looked around the room to find a way out of it. “Look! My friend Rainbow Dash is here!” She did an arm movement for me to come in. I walked in nervously and said hi. Firefly raised her eyebrow and looked up and down at me, then she just said “hm” and helped Fluttershy up and walked back to Derpy. Chapter 2 New school, new rules Then I turned around to Gilda. “What was that all about?” “I was just saying stuff to the dweeb, then that brat came and tried to seem cool or somethin’” I raised my eyebrow and glared at her annoyed. “That “Dweeb” you where insulting just there, was my friend, NO, IS my friend!” “If you are such good friends which her, why don’t you join her. Dweeb number Two!” Gilda said angrily “Good idea! Bye” I said in an annoyed tone and waved to her, then I turned around and started walking to Fluttershy. “Fine then! I’ll get my own friends.” “You sound like a kindergartener, so please stop talking to me.” I said. I walked through the classroom until I got to fluttershy. Her ears where down and her eyes where a bit puffy and red. Then she saw me and started sinking through her knees and looking at me scared. I could tell that she thought I was going to beat her up. So I breathed in and tried to say in my gentlest voice “Sorry, about Gilda. She can be a real filly about stuff.” When I said that my voice was all crocky. “I-I-It’s alright” fluttershy said surprised and relieved. Then Firefly walked up to me and said “Are you just pretending to be fluttershy’s friend? So she will intrust you with one of her secrets and then tell everyone and let her be the laughing stock for the whole school?” then she pushed me backwards against the wall “Of course not!” “That’s what you said to Derpy, she trusted you! and you made her laughing stock!" Then my eye’s got small and a light sweet broke out, i was ashamed of myself. She was looking at me furiously and started putting her arm tighter against my throat. All the others in the class started gathering around and Gilda started giggling. Then miss Flake and a brown Pegasus stallion walked in. and saw Firefly pinning me against the wall. She first lightly spat in my face then let me go and I stumbled to the ground. I coughed a bit and rubbed my throat. While the stallion brought Firefly out of the classroom, he looked very angry. Miss Flake came over to me to check if I was alright. “I’m fine, I deserved it.” I said.” Then Scootaloo interrupted Rainbow Dash. “Rainbow Dash, What did you do to Derpy?” Scootaloo asked. Rainbow Dash sighed “Well, you know Doctor Whooves?” “Yes, the stalion with that big blue thing!” “Yes, the stallion with the blue thing. We were in middle-school. I got close to Derpy to find out one of her secrets and was planning to hang posters of it everywhere. So one day she invited me to her house and we did truth or dare. Of course I did dare the whole time and Derpy did half and half. My plan was to ask her who she had a crush on. So I asked her “So Derpy who do you have a crush on?” She answered me thinking that I wouldn’t tell anyone. “Doctor Whooves.” and then she blushed nervously. I was surprised and laughed. Like everyone does. She was okay with that, but what I did on the next day, if I where her I would have killed myself. So I made posters saying Derpy had a crush on the doctor, at that time he was one of the teachers at the school, he gave chemistry, physics and was studying dark matter. I made about 30 posters and hung them around the whole academy. Derpy was so shocked that she ran out of school. Everyone was laughing at her while she ran down the corridor to the exit, until she bumped into the doctor. She was lying at the doctor legs, since she had fallen down. Then she started blushing like crazy and cried. She ran out of the school building, while everyone shouted “Teachers slut ha-ha!” He asked what was happening and everyone showed him the posters. He was flustered at first when he saw the posters but then he got mad at everyone for laughing. After that incident she never returned to that school. And of course I was bragging about it in my clique. And Firefly was in that group. Everyone laughed about it except Firefly, she left the group after that and went to Derpy her house every day… I don’t even know if she forgave me.” Then Rainbow Dash thought to herself. “Rainbow Dash, how old are Derpy and The Doctor actually?” “Derpy is now 20 and the Doctor is 28, I think.” “How old where they when you did that?” “Derpy was 14 and The Doctor was 22” “What you did was worse than what Diamond Tiara and silver spoon did to the CMC. You were a horrible person” “I know now; I regret doing it still.” Rainbow looked at her watch that she had on and then said “It’s 12 o’clock, you should be getting back to your mom!” “She isn’t my mom.” Scootaloo said angrily “Well not technically or biologically, but she has taken care of you like a mother, since you were 8 days old.” “But still…and why didn’t my dad take care of me?” she asked in an annoyed tone “Because he was and still is a cowardly good for nothing” “Who was he?” “That I will tell you in the story.” “Seriously!” “Yep, you’ll have to suffer.” “Why don’t you continue the story then?” “Because it’s long and you need to go back to your mother.” “I would like to hear the rest of it.” “Okay squirt, I’ll come every day after your school for an hour and tell you a part of the story.” Rainbow Dash said patiently. “Yessssss!” “Okay Scoots, I’ll walk you home and tell YOUR mother our deal, okay?” “Yup! Can I go on your back?” Scootaloo begged “Fine! It’s only because it’s your birthday and I’m awesome that I’m allowing it.” With that said Scootaloo jumped onto Rainbow Dashes back. Rainbow Dash then spread her wings to get ready to fly “Hold on scoots!” Rainbow Slowly but full of power raised her wings and then pushed really hard on her wings. When she pushed down a half Rainboom appeared. When they got high enough Rainbow Dash started flying forwards to scootaloo her house. Then Rainbow dash popped a random question “So what is Whooftons Third law?” “Ugh! Why are you asking me this?” “I want to see if you have studied” “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Scootaloo said in a baby voice. “Well done! So your moms Sparta studying course works! Look, we are almost there.” Rainbow Dash slowly started descending. When they got there, Scootaloos mom ran outside and gave her a big hug. Her eyes where red and swollen. She then stood in front of Scootaloo and smiled. Then she said in a whimpering voice “Thank you Rainbow Dash.” “No problem, ah and also, from now on I’m coming an hour every day after school to tell Firefly’s high-school life and also mine, hehe. So she knows where she came from.” “That’s fine Rainbow Dash, thank you again and see you tomorrow.” “Bye, see ya squirt!” “See you Dash.” Then Scootaloo closesd the door. “Bye” Rainbow Dash said softly, she started thinking of her high-school life and smiled. “I miss you fly.” and a small tier rolled slowly down her face. Chapter 3 Cinnamon rolls The next morning Scootaloo woke up almost ready for a meeting of the cmc, but she still had to crawl out of bed. Because She was still a bit tired, so she rubbed her eyes and yawned. Then she thought to herself “five more days until school starts again, I wonder if Dash is also coming today? Because she said after every school day. Ugh* I’ll just have to wait and see,” Then she slowly crawled out of her bed. And landed on the floor with a bash. Then Scootaloo’s mother said mockingly “I know you are a teenager officially, but wasn’t that a little over the top?” “Ha-ha, very funny mom!” shouted Scootaloo sarcastically. Then Scootaloo got off the floor and went downstairs sluggishly. She went slowly to the kitchen, but she was keeping an eye on the time because she was meeting the cmc in half an hour. When she got to the kitchen her mom was washing the dishes. She started coughing and she put on a pained face. Scootaloo asked concerned “Are you okay, mom?” She answered with a lightly hoarse voice “Yes I’m fine, I just have a cold, that’s all *cough*…So where you meeting up with your friends today?” “Umm, the clubhouse normally,” she said while thinking. “And we are meeting up with Fluttershy… Hey, mom! Do you think it would be okay to ask Fluttershy about my biological mother?” “I don’t know, but make sure she isn’t doing anything when you are asking her and be polite about it!” “Of course I will be!” “So sweetie, what are you having for breakfast? Bear in mind that you only have twenty minutes,” “no twenty-five,” “It take five minutes to get there,” “…. You’re right, Hay sandwich will be fine,” she said defeated Scootaloo then walked to the table and sat down waiting for the sandwich, which her mum was preparing. When she was finished making it, she came over to the table slowly with the hay sandwich on one wing and a cup of coffee on the other, her wings where shaking. Normally her mom was strong enough to carry it. She brought them to the table and sat down, then she pasted the sandwich to scootaloo. Scootaloo then looked at her mum’s face, she looked tired. She kind of felt guilty of leaving her alone. But her mum said she was okay, so she’s okay, right? Scootaloo had finally finished her sandwich. It was twenty-five past! So Scootaloo gave her mum a kiss on the cheek and ran outside to her scooter and popped her helmet on. She then hopped on her scooter and rode as fast as she could to the club-house. When she got there Apple Bloom and Sweetybell were waiting for her. “Scootaloo! Why were you so upset yesterday? I was gonna wish you a happy b’day!?” Apple Bloom asked interrogatively. Scootaloo sighed and answered calmly “Yesterday, I got told I was adopted,” “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!” Sweetybell and Apple Bloom exclaimed at the same time open mouthed. “You understand now why I was upset yesterday?” “I’m so sorry Scootaloo, may I ask, do you know who your biological mother is?” Apple Bloom asked surprised and on a low tone. “No need to be sorry, my mother was called Firefly,” Scootaloo answered. “Wait! Wasn’t firefly one of the elite students of the wonder blot academy? She died young for reason not open to the public or something,” Sweetybell asked. “I have no idea, but how would you know that?” Scootaloo asked confused. Sweetybell answered proudly “When my sister designed prom dress design for the wonder bolt academy, she searched for inspiration. I helped her and we found that article! That means your mother was a legend!” “That’s cool I guess,” she said sombre. Apple Bloom said loudly “Okay, let’s change this mood shall we! First to the farm for some freshly baked cinnamon rolls and then to Flutter’s house!” “Okay, I guess,” Scootaloo said again. Then Apple Bloom exclaimed “And stop guessing!” “Fine, fine… I guess, haha!” Scootaloo said mockingly and then ran away from Apple bloom whom was chasing her. While Sweetybell started walking to the farm. The chasing game continued until they got to the farm. When they got to the farm Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were out of breath, but were giggling hysterically. They walked inside to the oven, where the cinnamon rolls were being kept warm. Sweetybell and Scootaloo went and sat at the table. While Apple Bloom took her oven glove and carefully took four cinnamon rolls out. Then Scootaloo asked “Why are there four cinnamon rolls?’ “Because someone surprising is coming over since she couldn’t say anything to you yesterday,” Apple Bloom said hintingly. Then all of a sudden Pinkie popped out of nowhere with a big grimace on her happy face. “Happy on-day-late-thirteenth-birthday *happy smile squeak*I heard your mom told you about your parental situation,” she said. “Pinkie, you knew?” Scootaloo asked surprised. “All of the elements of harmony know, especially RD and Flutter’s. They were really close friends of Firefly, but you already knew. But don’t ask Fluttershy anything about Firefly. She gets really, I mean really upset about it. I think you will know why when RD tells you the story.” Pinkie said quickly and she took a cinnamon roll and stuffed it in her mouth whole. The CMC’s eyes were big and staring at Pinkie, while she stuffed the cinnamon roll down her throat. A chill of disgust went down their spine, but they couldn’t stop watching. When Pinkie had swallowed it, a sigh of relief went through the room. It was over, but now they had no appetite for the rolls. Then Scootaloo asked “Can I keep two of the rolls for my mom, she has a cold and I heard from Twilight that it has some anti-Infl-fli-amm-i-no-atory (Anti-Inflammatory) properties or something, ‘cause she’s hoarse, so it will help with the swelling,” “Of course you can, because we lost are appetite ‘cause of Pinkie,” Apple Bloom while looking annoyed at Pinkie Pie. “Wha-a-a-at? I was just enjoying the roll,” Pinkie said on a high tone “Of course Pinkie,” Sweetybell said annoyed and the rolled her eyes. “Very Lady like, Rarity JR” Pinkie said mockingly. Sweetybell clenched her teeth and put on an angry face “What did you call me, stoner?” “oooooooh, snap,” Scootaloo and Apple Bloom said in the background. “It doesn’t mean you are a teenager, that you can go and act like a teenaged brat,” “Who started with the insults?” “Mine was a playful joke, yours was too far,” “Oh really?” Apple Bloom and Scootaloo started chanting “B-fight, b-fight, b-fight,” Then Pinkie said “Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, please leave and go to Fluttershy’s house, Rarity Jr and I are going to settle this like woman,” The girls then walked out of the farm and headed to Fluttershy’s. “Pinkie was really out of character, but she still was hilarious! Haha!” Scootaloo spouted out. “I wonder how they are settlin’ things?” Apple Bloom said concerned. Once they were halfway up the hill they saw Rainbow Dash flying low to the ground. She was flying to them. Scootaloo and Apple Bloom stopped and waved. Then they looked closely and saw Rainbow Dash had a very worried expression. Rainbow landed in front of them and cut straight to the case. “I found your mother on the floor unconscious. She’s now in the hospital,” Scootaloo pupils shrank “What?!”
  3. http://orig02.deviantart.net/c090/f/2016/069/7/8/image_by_teatree123-d9ul9jz.jpg I've tried Mlp anime.... This is the first time I do anime! If you have any tips, I would appreciate it! And if the background is poor, well I'm not great at backgrounds, so yeh ???????? I hope you all like it ???????????????????????????????????? and peace out
  4. Hi i'm new here! So here is one of my many mlp artworks.... Do you guy's like it? Do you have any tips? Would you like to see more? This piece is called Filly Twi reading in the dark. If you ever saw it on deviantart and think i stole it, well i didn't, it's just my deviantart. So i hope you like it! peace out!
  5. Welcome to MLP Forums unitacohorn. I hope you have a great time here /)