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  1. I think so. Given how much the show has risen and how big our fandom is it was to be expected for MLP to cover so much content.
  2. After exploring the abandoned building, he started to believe in ghosts.
  3. That's just the typical stupid comparison people make just because the show isn't their cup of tea. They're not to be confused with everyone, that's for sure, but some folks always attack those with interests that doesn't match theirs.
  4. I'm not the kind who ship characters myself, but if I had to choose one it would be RariJack. :v
  5. Nice episode. I really liked it. Though, The Saddle Row Review remains my favorite for this season. :v
  6. Good episode. Though, Zephyr's design wasn't something I really enjoyed. The same goes for Fluttershy's dad. Other than that the episode itself was great.
  7. Maybe its popularity will rise with the upcoming movie. Though, I don't know if it will become as popular as Pokemon & etc...
  8. I don't think you should worry about that. I had my concerns about the same issue too but I can tell you that it isn't something you should be worried about. In my opinion, what happened is that we have passed through the phase of discovery already, where the fandom is incredibly full of ideas and newcomers that makes the whole fandom appear to be extremely alive. Though, some years have passed already since the fandom was created. A lot of things happened during this time, specially when it comes to fan made content, most specifically, animations, that require a lot of time and dedication and were the biggest highlight of this fandom in my opinion. The problem is, it is terribly risky for fan made content like this to be put on Youtube, there are several cases of Hasbro taking down them for the sake of who knows why, there are a lot of talented creators who simply prefer to don't risk getting their work taken down, something that could have taken months or even years to be done and could be taken out of air in question of days or even hours. The fandom isn't necessarily dying, and please, don't compare this forums to the whole fandom. Forums aren't nearly relevant to how big the true fandom is in general. What I think happened is that the fandom just isn't allowed to reach its maximum potential due to how divided and how risky it may be to continues doing such a blast that are the animations of this fandom. Also, keep in mind that this fandom is divided in many parts. There are the 4Chan folks, the MLP forums ones, the people from MLP reddit, the peeps who comment on Equestria Daily & etc... I just think this fandom has passed through a lot of things that made it quite divided for a fandom, and stopped it from reaching its maximum potential. But if you take a look at the full picture, you can tell for sure this fandom is really big, just like how it used to be.
  9. It was a cool episode, but the writers really needed to explain why's so busy during 5/6 season at this way? Oh, i forgot that Applejack is a silly pony
  10. : Mario Party (Just like others others said. I couldn't think of anything different :v) : Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. : Portal 2. : Nintendogs. : Need for Speed. : Harvest Moon. : Sim City.
  11. What an amazing episode. There wasn't a single part that wasn't extremely entertaining. This is for sure my favorite episode of the season yet.
  12. I have a lot of favorites, but these in specific are the ones that most amaze me as they were done by hand. That probably requires a lot of skill. | These are simply amazing.
  13. Hm, I've never said that your comment was negative , i just said to be a more positive about this, i've forced things a bit cuz i just wanted to share a great notice but seems most of the bronies here aren't excited as the bronies from EDaily, so i got pissed off a bit, but the lack of interest on the real purpose of my post was the reason that why i did it, i mean, the point of this post was: how good could it be to the show? also it's just a possibility I was just waiting to have to see some positive feedback about this but seems it was not the case here
  14. Seeing comments like this make feel on the right fandom, with the right peoples, i think that i've forced a bit you guys about this, i'm sorry, but you are the really one who doesn't try to start an obvious debate war, i've been a bit gross due the fact that i just tried to share a great notice about the show, but some peoples just to ruined it, i mean, what's the difference between Bronies from Equestria Daily and bronies from this forum? most of them were really happy just about a possibility, but here it was the opposite, they didn't even read my question, i just asked IF it happens how good could it be, but they are so rude that just says it won't happen without trying to have any effort on their answers and goes away with this , i mean, why to be like this? but sorry for replying you like that, i just quoted you together with them, BTW you're really the only one that said something constructible, and still had a true good personality to reply me like that, hope we have more peoples like you on the fandom