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  1. Hello everypony! My name is AceCord and I've been a Brony for a month or so, I decided to join this forum as to integrate myself to the wonderful community a little more, and my love of ponies. This is the second forum I have ever joined so sorry in advance If don't understand much . My favorite games are TF2,Halo and Minecraft, I started watching the show from personal peer pressure or in less complicated way: I got so curious about the show and why it had such a large fanbase that I decided to watch it. After watching the show for the first time I instantly fell in love with it. I'm joining these forums hoping to have some good discussions,see some amazing fanwork and much more! Ps. In my opinion Discord's head is the best pony, "This creature is called a Draconequus, he has the head of a Pony and a body made up of all sorts of things." -Cheerilee Pss.I'm also new to the internet.
  2. With XCOM: Enemy Unknown out, my plan will finally come to fruition. *Insert Evil Laugh* Anyways, would you, fellow MLPForums member, like to join a MLPForums XCOM team? if so, post your First name, Last name and Nickname of you as a soldier Soldier. On this section of my blog, i'll continually update the progress of repelling the alien invasion. Follow if you want to be notified of the ongoing battle. And comment if you want to participate. I'll try to keep you alive by the way. A ceremony will be held for any lost. Now please sign up. PLEASE.
  3. MrL0LZ

    Ask The Almighty Tallest!

    Red: Welcome MLPForums members! This is the place where you can ask me and Purple any questions you like, while we completely ignore you and eat donuts! I'm kid, we will answer your questions, however we still will be eating donuts. Purple: Mm! *Continues to snack on some donuts*
  4. MrL0LZ

    Movies/TV Movies you like that everyone seems to hate?

    Alien 3. Pretty much everyone I know hates it. Everyone hates the movie for killing off certain characters in the beginning. Which did make me a bit uncormfortable but didn't make me hate the movie.
  5. We'd probably fail due to my lack of knowlegde on your abilties.
  6. What realistic organ shattering physics it has!
  7. Spoilered for slight nsfwness and things that may offend you.
  8. MrL0LZ

    The "Darling" Virus

  9. I swear to science that's a Gravity Falls Ponification. Now here's another one. And also have these two pics for references sake.
  10. MrL0LZ

    Mega Thread The MLP Video Masterthread

    This is one of the only 2 community/mlp videos I could find. Which saddens me very much, This is the other one. You know, with Pinkie Pie as Abed my mind is now filled with images of Pinkie Pie dressed like batman pulling 2 ponies out of a collapsing chair fort.
  11. MrL0LZ

    Unofficial MLP Forums Census 2013

    My other answer for do you support gun control is that I don't care.
  12. MrL0LZ

    I made a video tribute to the forums.

    No, it's not.
  13. MrL0LZ

    I made a video tribute to the forums.

    ^This thread.
  14. MrL0LZ

    What Would Your Battle Theme Be?

    First encounter: Laid back, no effort whatsoever: Casual: Chaotic: Angry/Serious:
  15. MrL0LZ

    Give the user above you a weapon

    You get the power to be Coco.
  16. MrL0LZ

    Give the user above you a weapon

    You get a time traveling supercomputer laser jetpack.
  17. MrL0LZ

    Beware of Fled0!

    Guys, we've got a situation here, we've got to get the strength of the Giant Space Butterfly to fight Fled0!
  18. MrL0LZ

    I Need Test Subjects...

    But... but... i'm a super-advanced alien robot...... I'm just gonna pass this as a water malfunction. Or the c4. Why did you put c4 in this anyway? And how did you do it?
  19. You can't hide an admin/mod/steward's signature? That's extremely stupid, I don't really see why a staff's signature is really important at all, I mean, on the rare occasion it could be, but for the most part it's not, I don't even think i've seen one staff signature that had useful information on it. 1+ to this.
  20. MrL0LZ

    I Need Test Subjects...

    This cannot be praying mantis DNA, why would it make my circuits itch? Unless it's some sort of advanced praying mantis DNA turning me into a robot praying mantis. Which is still impossible, if it is, god help every oragnic lifeform i'm going to kill.