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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. this site is a big bruh moment. i dont like this site.

    1. Odyssey


      you're not doing any favours by editing all of your posts either telling others to not bother, m8

    2. bronywhocodes


      yeah nah yeah nah all that was just removing cringey stuff i said a while back.

    3. TheTaZe


      ok bye

  3. Twilight time. can't exactly remember my reaction to it but, it obviously was good enough for me to be here!
  4. I dual boot windows 10 and mint 19. I mostly use mint nowadays as if I do want to play games, steamplay/Proton usually do a good job at it and for general usage, it works well.
  5. Hello and welcome to the forums! we hope you have a great time here and please, do not be shy to post stuff. this site is filled with incredibly friendly massive legends so there's nothing to worry about!
  6. Hello and welcome to the forums!! I hope you have an amazing time here and please, don't be shy to post stuff. everyone here is really friendly so you really dont have to worry!
  7. It's finally here in australia, NZ, probably some parts of asia, etc! Heres the spotify link to go listen to it. the entire album is an absolute bop so i would definitely recommend
  8. Trench by twenty one pilots is finally out in Australia and AAAAAA ITS SO GOOD

  9. Hello and welcome to the forums! i hope you have an amazing time here!! the community here is incredible so please do not be shy to post. regarding minecraft, i wouldn't be able to answer your questions however, there is a subforum for it somewhere near the middle of the main page.
  10. Wuss poppin and welcome to the forums! hope you have a great time here!!
  11. Theres about 2-3 days to the supposed OCT5(ish) official release date however, it did get leaked today so there is hope that it might come out earlier! also the original post has been updated to include levitate and my blood in case anyone wants that
  12. i am naturally loud. its both a blessing and a curse tbh. on one hand, if i want to converse like a regular human, i am loud and i dont really think people appreciate that. on the other hand, its pretty easy to relive anger because i barely need to raise my voice!
  13. I introduce to you, my highest effort shitpost i think i've ever done. Name: Giuseppe Pizza-pasta Type: Earth Gender: Male Appearance: Black slicked back mane, bushy tail (i honestly dont know what to do with minute details such as that), white singlet thingo, brown watch Cutie Mark: literally just the Italian flag Hobbies: Cooking Italian cuisine, generally being a walking Italian stereotype Additional Details: hey did i mention that he is a walking Italian stereotype?
  14. *insert song lyrics or something here*

  15. Suh dude and welcome to the forums. This place is filled with incredibly friendly massive ledgends so please, don't be shy to post and comment!