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  1. Howling Voice

    Howl's Sketchbook (Regularly updated!)

    12th Doctor and Valesti pony being cute.
  2. Howling Voice

    Visual Art Howl's non-pony artdump (regularly updates!)

    Twelfth Doctor's such a silver fox =P Sketch by Falvie Everything else by HowlingVoice
  3. Howling Voice

    Howl's Sketchbook (Regularly updated!)

    This guy is my oc, Cray. and another Cray.
  4. Howling Voice

    Howl's Sketchbook (Regularly updated!)

    I think it costs $40-50 but I managed to get it on sale for $15. And yeah I have a tablet, a Cintiq 22HD.
  5. Howling Voice

    Howl's Sketchbook (Regularly updated!)

    I use manga studio. As for how I got 'talented'. I drew and drew and kept drawing XD
  6. Howling Voice

    More pony related doodles!

    Actually the Oroboros is not from FMA. Yes FMA uses an oroboros too but the oroboros isn't something that's exclusive to FMA ^^; So no he's not an FMA pony XD
  7. I'm a female identifying as female and I wear 'man' clothes all the time. Honestly I just wear what's comfortable. That happens to be big baggy manshirts!
  8. Sometimes. But sometimes they really don't, anyway so it's not that big a deal ^^; This forum has been generally welcoming though! <3
  9. Howling Voice

    More pony related doodles!

    Twlight Gryphon OC: Cray 12th Doc being a darp.
  10. Howling Voice

    OC redesign, thoughts?

    Thanks! Though actually his eyes being a stark different color was on purpose, they're meant to be his most striking feature, the thing everyone notices first sort of thing =3 From my brain? XD I've had the character for a while now, he was a humanoid before (and is in his main story arc, if I made this blog its an AU thing)
  11. Howling Voice

    OC redesign, thoughts?

    Another character for my potential blog. This guys name is Cray, he's an Alicorn representing change, his cutie mark is an oroboros, i wanted ot keep it pretty simple but his main talent is alchemy. (Before you ask, no it's not from FMA, but I do like that series!). Cray's a large, bulky guy, he looks intimidatating and he can certainly be intimidating, but really he's just a big softie.
  12. Howling Voice

    Gaming Hacking and Cheating In Games?

    Cheating and modding is A-ok in a single player game imo, where you're not affecting anyone but yourself there really isn't a problem. People can play games however they like and such. If its all done privately I see no issue with that. For example I have some mods for GTA V. I use them in single player mode, I NEVER use them on online. I uninstall them before I even go online. Hacking and cheating in MMOs I don't like, I hate that. I dont care what you do in your single player games but don't bring it online. Especially in heavy pvp games its exceptionally unfair. Another thing I hate to see is people with cheated pokemon doing online battles. Completely unfair. Or worse, people SELLING hacked in shinies... Those types of things are just plain bullshit. Again I don't care if you play with hacked pokemon in single player, alone, but online... meehh.... and ripping people off, double meh.
  13. Howling Voice

    Ask Howl stuff

    I currently have around 5 or 6.
  14. Howling Voice

    Ask Howl stuff

    I'd have to say Doctor Who =P But I still like MLP lots. And no worries, ty for asking! <3
  15. Howling Voice

    Ask Howl stuff

    1. Tea 2. Night 3. Tshirt 4. Fantasy