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    RPGs, MLP, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Arting

    The 12th Doctor especially.

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  1. 12th Doctor and Valesti pony being cute.
  2. Twelfth Doctor's such a silver fox =P Sketch by Falvie Everything else by HowlingVoice
  3. This guy is my oc, Cray. and another Cray.
  4. I give you ze friendships! :)

  5. I think it costs $40-50 but I managed to get it on sale for $15. And yeah I have a tablet, a Cintiq 22HD.
  6. I use manga studio. As for how I got 'talented'. I drew and drew and kept drawing XD
  7. Actually the Oroboros is not from FMA. Yes FMA uses an oroboros too but the oroboros isn't something that's exclusive to FMA ^^; So no he's not an FMA pony XD
  8. I'm a female identifying as female and I wear 'man' clothes all the time. Honestly I just wear what's comfortable. That happens to be big baggy manshirts!
  9. Sometimes. But sometimes they really don't, anyway so it's not that big a deal ^^; This forum has been generally welcoming though! <3
  10. Twlight Gryphon OC: Cray 12th Doc being a darp.
  11. Thanks! Though actually his eyes being a stark different color was on purpose, they're meant to be his most striking feature, the thing everyone notices first sort of thing =3 From my brain? XD I've had the character for a while now, he was a humanoid before (and is in his main story arc, if I made this blog its an AU thing)
  12. Another character for my potential blog. This guys name is Cray, he's an Alicorn representing change, his cutie mark is an oroboros, i wanted ot keep it pretty simple but his main talent is alchemy. (Before you ask, no it's not from FMA, but I do like that series!). Cray's a large, bulky guy, he looks intimidatating and he can certainly be intimidating, but really he's just a big softie.
  13. Cheating and modding is A-ok in a single player game imo, where you're not affecting anyone but yourself there really isn't a problem. People can play games however they like and such. If its all done privately I see no issue with that. For example I have some mods for GTA V. I use them in single player mode, I NEVER use them on online. I uninstall them before I even go online. Hacking and cheating in MMOs I don't like, I hate that. I dont care what you do in your single player games but don't bring it online. Especially in heavy pvp games its exceptionally unfair. Another thing I hate to
  14. Howling Voice

    Ask Howl stuff

    I currently have around 5 or 6.
  15. Howling Voice

    Ask Howl stuff

    I'd have to say Doctor Who =P But I still like MLP lots. And no worries, ty for asking! <3
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