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  1. The NFS share to the storage server dropped out when the database server locked up. Everything should be okay now.
  2. @Deae Rising Shine~ cheers mate. Looks like a feature that was introduced in 4.2. I'll leave it to the proper forum staff to decide its fate
  3. @TheTaZe @Jeric @LadyMercury would either of you be able to confirm that this is a bug?
  4. @Deae Rising Shine~ would you please be able to provide a link to what you are referring? I'm afraid I don't use the forums as much as I should
  5. I believe we've got most of the issues with the upgrades sorted now. Disregarding the activity logs and post prefixes, are there any other bugs still around?
  6. Status updates are working again. Activity logs should rebuild over time as the backend reindexes all the content (and there's a lot); this may take a day or two.
  7. test final (?)

  8. @TheTaZe please don't use words like "permanently" without direct approval from a syspony. After the upgrade, the system needs to reindex it's entire database, which is no mean feat. It is more than likely that once the reindexing is done, the activity summaries will be visible again. That said, there are some issues from the new upgrade that we are currently working on. PS. editing this to test editline
  9. Manual content. With edit

  10. I can't believe you tricked me into searching for that...
  11. Testing image uploads


  12. Hi Rikifive, Would you please be able to tell us what image specifically you are trying to insert into your signature? (or, ideally, the entirety of your intended signature?) Cheers, tinker
  13. tinker

    hi again

    Locking! Good to see ggg-2 working again
  14. Gets Jeric's mod application Excited that Jeric wants to join staff again Reads application Darnit, @Jeric
  15. Ooh, Pony.FM mobile app. That would be nice... We have an unfinished PonyvilleLive! cross-platform app (Xamarin) too, that's looking for developers. Heya Specti! I really love your enthusiasm, but for all the reasons put forth by @Jeric, you might find making mobile app for IPS Community Suite (we're running v4) that's more than just an embedded WebView to be a bit of an undertaking. That said, if you would like to try, we'd love to see what you can come up with. What development path were you thinking?
  16. For the record, there is no logging of cover photos changes, so thank you for coming forward. I'm just a poor ops pony, that was more worried about the security of our beloved MLPF and possible intrusions. For this situation, I respectfully bow to the wisdom of ponies like @Jeric and our current mod staff. Though the notion of doing such a thing is completely ineffable to me, none know our community better than those ponies. ^ This.
  17. Curiouser and curiouser... I'll see if I can dig up the cover photo history mate
  18. So it is. Shame on me for not checking Yeah, you've had no sign-ins on another IP address since February, so I don't think it was anypony logging in as you. Would there be a chance that somebody within the place you use MLPF could have accessed your account? Using the same computer, leaving your computer unattended e.g.
  19. As an admin, I can say that if anypony here did abuse their power, even for a prank, they would not remain an admin. You didn't happen to grab a screenshot of it, did you?
  20. @Jeric that's beyond amazing, thanks mate. It's sure to help a lot. Things are a bit hectic right now at work, but I'll be sure to investigate before the rest of the team come in tomorrow morning. Thanks again Jeric, and to you too Cloggedone for sticking with this.
  21. Can you define the frequency or which search terms? I've been trying to reproduce it, but with no luck
  22. Finally got a chance to binge watch the last three episodes as I was, ironically, sent home early today after working all weekend. As an unrepentant Earth pony promoter, I am pleased to see that there's no huge fandom outcry that Meadowbrook was of the hornless variety of equines, and I'd like to add my own two bits into the hat. First, she was an enigmatic healer that wore a mask, appearing for just a single night and "magically" curing all ponies of their ills. I can see why contemporary ponies of her era may have attributed such abilities to an active magic wielding unicorn if they could not see her face. Secondly, the sheer amount of time and evolution of language means that any Modern Ponish texts (which I'm assuming is what they used to teach at Gifted Unicorns) need to be taken with a lick of salt. Given the magical scholarly focus of Equestria, the Old Ponish term for "wise" or "learned" could have been attributed to "mage" when translating (hence "Mage Meadowbrook"), and therefore to "unicorn" as well by an innocent mistake. Few primary texts from over a thousand years ago can be reliably used without addressing both issues in translation and accounting for contemporary beliefs and biases. Finally: was it ever stated outright that she was an Earth pony to Twilight and Fluttershy? The audience got to see so in the flashbacks, but the ponies weren't privy to such narrative devices. While there are a number of circumstantial pieces of evidence to this (Cattail's tribe; Meadowbrook's adobe and method of healing e.g.), none of these are definitive, and the reason that Twilight does not comment on the disparity could be that she is simply not aware of it. I'm sure that finding the laboratory home and journals of a respected healer would be of significant academic interest to Twilight - being able to correct the history books regarding Meadowbrook's tribe would have certainly brought out the adorkable Twilight that we love had she known. Finally finally: the magic mane fiasco in Twilight's castle reminded me of a scene from one of @Novel Idea's stories. That was awesome!