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  1. Aww, that's really cute!
  2. This really pretty Rainbow Dash Seapony figure. I just love her design as a seapony.
  3. So since I made Blueberry my Ponysona, I now have a new OC, woo, dang I gotta stop. Introducing: Name: Sketchy TailGender: Female Type: Unicorn Age: 19Appearance: A unicorn with a tanish coat, and brown mane and tail, with mane in a bun type thing. She also likes to wear hoodies, a lot too. She also has a deer snoot, glasses, a griffin tail, and light blue eyes.Cutie Mark: A pencil with her tail behind it, hence her name.Hobbies: She likes to draw a lot to get better, practicing her magic, and hanging out with friends.(If she has any, LOL)
  4. heh... heh.. No.... Ok fine mine IS blue, we'll see how long she lasts though. I can't ever keep an OC LOL
  5. Request Shop

    Could you draw this little tomboy pone for me? c: She's my precious bean.
  6. Request Shop

    Oh, oops, sorry. It is female, and she's kind of a tomboy, and loves to fly, she's also pretty laid back and chill a lot of the time too.
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    Wanna give Happy Dream a go?
  8. Request Shop

    How about a full body inked outline of my OC?
  9. Whenever you open up again, can I make a request? No rush, just whenever you're ready.
  10. Nope! Not even close! LOL Started watching around the end of Season 2, I believe cause I remember first watching the Canterlot Wedding episode when it came out.
  11. Gonna be a deer with golden antlers. C: Hooves, tail, and all.
  12. Spoiler

    Not sure if real, some "leaked" episodes tend to be fake a lot of the time. Not buying it unless confirmed by show officials.
  13. Oh heck i'm looking forward to this! Not only this, but also Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon comes out then, bEST DAY EVER Also Timber is back, and omg, Zephyr Breeze, hECK
  14. Blueberry is a precious smol gay bean, but doesn't have any interest in anything sexual.
  15. Request Shop

    Maybe try my OC?