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  1. Sketchy Tail

    Spacey's Vector Shop (OPEN)

    Ooooh could you do my OC? Really any pose is fine. She has a deer nose, too.
  2. Sketchy Tail

    Spacey's Vector Shop (OPEN)

    Aww, that's really cute!
  3. Sketchy Tail

    What is the latest pony related merchandise you bought?

    This really pretty Rainbow Dash Seapony figure. I just love her design as a seapony.
  4. Sketchy Tail

    Post your OC!

    So since I made Blueberry my Ponysona, I now have a new OC, woo, dang I gotta stop. Introducing: Name: Sketchy TailGender: Female Type: Unicorn Age: 19Appearance: A unicorn with a tanish coat, and brown mane and tail, with mane in a bun type thing. She also likes to wear hoodies, a lot too. She also has a deer snoot, glasses, a griffin tail, and light blue eyes.Cutie Mark: A pencil with her tail behind it, hence her name.Hobbies: She likes to draw a lot to get better, practicing her magic, and hanging out with friends.(If she has any, LOL)
  5. Sketchy Tail

    Is your pegasus OC blue?

    heh... heh.. No.... Ok fine mine IS blue, we'll see how long she lasts though. I can't ever keep an OC LOL
  6. Sketchy Tail

    Spacey's Vector Shop (OPEN)

    Whenever you open up again, can I make a request? No rush, just whenever you're ready.
  7. Sketchy Tail

    Were you over 18 when the show first premiered?

    Nope! Not even close! LOL Started watching around the end of Season 2, I believe cause I remember first watching the Canterlot Wedding episode when it came out.
  8. Sketchy Tail

    Nightmare night

    Gonna be a deer with golden antlers. C: Hooves, tail, and all.
  9. Sketchy Tail

    Spoiler Possible season 8 leak? Real or Fake?

    Not sure if real, some "leaked" episodes tend to be fake a lot of the time. Not buying it unless confirmed by show officials.
  10. Sketchy Tail

    New EQG YouTube series trailer

    Oh heck i'm looking forward to this! Not only this, but also Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon comes out then, bEST DAY EVER Also Timber is back, and omg, Zephyr Breeze, hECK
  11. Sketchy Tail

    What's Your OC/Ponysona's Sexuality?

    Blueberry is a precious smol gay bean, but doesn't have any interest in anything sexual.
  12. Sketchy Tail

    Where is Derpy?

    She's in the movie. No spoilers though.
  13. I just got home from seeing it and...... IT WAS AMAZING!!!1 There were scenes(no spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet) where I started to actually tear up. Truly worth the wait!!
  14. Yeah, a Gabby avatar, I forgot to mention it.
  15. Aaaa, I'm leaving soon to go see it!! I'm so hyped, omggg