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  1. Kozmos

    Rainbow Factory rap + Extended Version

    This is sounding really cool man, awesome job! And you are most welcome! IMO, for the outro, you should've only used PurpleRoselyn's vocals as it would've sounded better and not a mess of outer-synced vocals
  2. Kozmos

    Original Pony Trap/Rap song

    Hey man!I read your critique of regarding the lyrics, I just want to say I agree with you, to an extent, regarding them being cheesy. And I was wondering if you'd be interested in helping me with writing lyrics in the future?
  3. Kozmos

    Hi!~ ☁

    Hey Cloudie! Welcome to MLPForums! You seem like a very friendly person xD And you're going to meet a lot of like-minded people here! And I agree, coffee is the cure for any situation, even if you're sick of coffee, just drink more coffee! xD
  4. Heyo! I recently got back into rapping after a year of hiatus, and I'm excited to get back into rapping. I'm also really excited to collab with the many fantastic artists/musicians in this fandom. Here's some of the songs that I've done: https://youtu.be/3xhi3m70kBQ https://youtu.be/bRUrFRsvGx8 If you wanna collab, or ask me questions, feel free to PM me
  5. Kozmos

    Female Singer available

    I don't have anything as of know, but in the future, if I do, I'll let you know
  6. My Skype is: Kozmos (Jacob M) I do ze raps if you're looking for someone to collab with or if you're looking for someone to talk to, that's alright too And also if possible, say that you're from MLPF so I know you're not spam EDIT: I live in Australia so the time difference will affect when I respond.
  7. Kozmos

    Mane 6 and the Blair Witch Project

    If you mean what if Blair Witch Project was ponified, I think it could work. Blair witch is an amazing film! If it became a fanfic, I'd love it even more!
  8. Kozmos

    Top 10 Cities that Deserve a Brony Convention

    I wish there could've been one in Brisbane, Australia It's a shame that next years con will be the last one in Australia...
  9. Kozmos

    What makes your OC act serious?

    When my OC's asked to create something, whether it be a big project or not, he'll take it very seriously until it's finished, then he goes back to being a lovable, kind hearted dork
  10. Kozmos

    [Rap] Rarity Day

    I liked this track! He instrumental was interesting, in a good way The vocals were ok, even though they were rushed, they weren't out of place And the lyrics were ok as well All in all, still a good listen!
  11. Kozmos

    Need Help for Audio Drama

    I'm also quite new to VA work. Though I doubt I can do any of the show characters, depending on what you need, I could try to do Golden Feather
  12. Awesome work! XD I'll admit, Mic is a massive inspiration for me too! Your timing was practically spot on, Diction was quite impressive And your vocals weren't too quiet or loud! You've improving with every song you do! Keep it up!
  13. Kozmos


    Welcome NorseNephilim! I hope you find everyone and everything on this forum to be friendly and welcoming to you! If you have any questions/queries, don't be afraid to ask anyone here. We don't bite! Mostly... XD
  14. Kozmos

    [Rap Addition] Luna Jax's Forgive Me

    Not bad! I love the lyrics! But i have a few things that I want to suggest, Firstly, the volume of your vocals seem a bit too dominant/loud, what I suggest is that you slightly lower the volume on your vocals so it blends in more with the instrumental Secondly, this is just from what I've noticed from listening. The vocals seem slightly out of time in certain places, but it could be me. Another suggestion is to maybe add a bit of reverb to your vocals to give them more depth. Otherwise, this is a great addition to an already great song!
  15. Kozmos

    What kind of brony are you?

    I would say I'm a casual-hardcore brony I have a far bit of merch, whether it be shirts, plushies, posters etc. I make songs every once and a while, I visit this forum basically everyday, I hang out with other cronies often, and I watch new eps when they come out but I don't really rewatch many episodes and I haven't been to any conventions yet. (can't wait for PonyConAU 16)