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  1. I like your style. Cute and expressive.
  2. It's not bad, it's cool actually. You got that 3D-pose many are missing in their art.
  3. Pokémon Moon definitely. I'm looking forward to Nintendo Switch and whatever will be released with it. xD
  4. Oh how cute, let me give you all of my candy.
  5. How's it going with the elements used in game, are you going to keep those or simplify the system? Btw a little offtopic but I just wanted to share what I came up with when trying to figure out what combat class each pony could have if they were FF characters. Twilight Sparkle - Red Mage (kinda like the groups jack of all trades) Rainbow Dash - Thief (fast and agile) Pinkie Pie - Ranger (special high damage ranged attacks from use of cannon) Rarity - White Mage (many supportive abilities) Fluttershy - ? Applejack - Monk (non magic user with strong physical attacks) Fluttershy is harder.
  6. Daring Do is my favorite pony, and do while is also a kind of loop you can make in programming language like C. So it's both a reference to mlp and my interest in computers.
  7. I'm super excited for this game, haven't been this excited for a Pokémon game since Black and White. I'm going to buy Moon.
  8. Mad Max: Fury Road. It wasn't very good. :diamondtiara:
  9. I like how Nintendo Switch looks like it's going to be the console Wii U was meant to be but never became.
  10. I love spiders and so does my wife. Insects are cool too. avicularia versicolor A pink toe tarantula Brachylpelma boehmei (my favorite)
  11. Yes sorry I meant to say that, it's just my english messing it up. Keep up the good work!
  12. Beautiful OC and well written backstory. A+
  13. Cute style. I like how you made her a batpony so her deafness won't be as great a handicap as if she could hear (because echolocation).
  14. Nice job, do you use inkscape?