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  1. Um..... Fluttershy is my girlfriend... •////• ​Oh, my... Umm.. I belive that Cadence would make a good Queen... And Flurry Hearts will be a good Princess....
  2. Welp, I will sign up! Name: Burn Appearence: A purple baby dragon animatronic that was reaplaced by Chica. Personality: Very happy go lucky. She is also the most shy out of the anamatronnics and she has never hurt anyone, she just wants to make s'mores with her fire! Ive died too many times in FNaF.....
  3. Hello. I am sorry about posting without permission. May I join? Name: Crystal Flame Age:16 Gender:Female Appearence: Mid-long gold hair, is a kitsune. Village: Leaf Rank: Chunin Aphilliation: Nutral Personality: She is very nice and sweet. But she is agaist anyone who woud hurt her. Very mistchivios as well. Bio: When this young ninja had head that her arent hd been killed by members of the Sand village , them thinking that her parents were threats, she became an orphan that very day. i am also srry for this late entry.
  4. OK. If ya wanna be AJ, thats cool, but can ya be Blitz, too? And Id prefer you tobe Dusk.
  5. Who do you two wanna be? (It woud be nice if 1 person choose first) And yes, it is first come first served
  6. Twilight Sparke is anew student the prestgous Canterlot Adcadamy. Then, Twilight's life is turned upside down as she meets The Host Club! Charaters: Twilight (Haruhi) Dusk Shine (Kyoya) Elusive (Mori) Spike (Honey) AJ/Rainbow Biltz (Twins) Prince Blueblood (Tamaki)