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  1. Just saw a commercial to what looks like a mini series about rarity's boutiques

  2. searching

    (Sorry it took awhile) Unfortunately alicorns are not allowed for the reason that they would just be OP in this type of rp, if this was Fallout Equestria it would work there but here it is forbidden, but feel free to be some other creature we have a fox so anything else is good just nothing OP, but if you can just make her a unicorn or pegasus that would be great.
  3. searching

    Cool just give me the link and I'll check it out
  4. searching

    Ok you're in as long as your blade isn't made of deceased unicorns and healing abilities are not maxed out for say but otherwise your in, our first melee character.
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    Alright let's see what you got, just leave a link to your character.
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    Sure what do you have in mind You're in
  7. 3 years have passed since Sombra won the great war, but only a year after, a rebellion rose from the ashes. They were greatly outnumbered and were eventually forced into hiding. A message soon came to the rebellion leaders, one made by the elements of harmony. They had found sanctuary in the Everfree forest, and wanted to assemble a small group to destroy Sombra and his army. You are the selected few, unfortunately you are all stuck in the crystal empire and will have to escape into the forest as a team and save Equestria. That is where your journey begins. Rules: Guns and swords allowed This is a pony rp This is a teen rated rp so light cursing allowed. Have fun and try to make it to the forest. There are 6 spots left just leave a link to your character and I will see if your character makes the cut. Anyways here is the list of characters involved so far. 1)Silvermoon (played by myself) link in signature. 2)Steady hoof (played by lovebug) 3)War (played by ponyofwar) 4)Mysterious soul (played by Queen Chrysalis) 5) 6) 7) P.S. no killing off playable characters without my consent and the owner of said character. Anyways come join the fun
  8. (Sorry been busy) Silver not really thinking decided to leave Starburst to his drinks for a bit and started to walk through the club, he didn't know if anypony else would recognize him, hoping nopony would, he didn't really want any attention from some fans right now, talking to Starburst got his mind going made him think of his past and even a past with the changelings, he pushed it aside and made his way through the crowd once more.
  9. Silver shook himself out of his daze, and looked at Starburst, "Yeah I'm retired dj, used to work at a club like this, now I focus on my magic, and don't worry things will be alright, you don't have anything to worry about, things take time, and there is always another way to fix something, you just gotta be...creative" he froze as he saw him looking at a mare, "Hey would you look at that, the kid has his eyes on a mare," he whispered nudging Starburst.
  10. Silver nodded, "Good," he said as an awkward silence came upon them, He noticed how uneasy Starburst was, "What's on your mind kid," he asked looking at his friend behind the bar as well. He waited for Starburst to answer and looked into the crowd, seeing drunk ponies dancing once more.
  11. "Sorry about that, it's a bit hard to here in some times," he told Starburst, "Hey same kid, I'm actually a freelance teacher of magic, you should come check out my classes sometime," he finished as he got passed another water, "No kidding, I still don't know which mare tries to sneak something in my water last time, and good to see you again too," he took another sip.
  12. "Nice to meet ya, Sunburst...none of that mister stuff, alright" he noticed how uneasy the pony was, "Hey, no need to be nervous alright, we are all friends here. Hmmm what do you do for fun, talking can get anyone off their nerves," Silver said, trying hid best to calm the kid down. He looked at the dance floor, everypony was dancing and hopping, Silver had never liked to dance, he was the DJ, so his moves consisted of a hop and and whoop. The only pony he had ever danced with was a previous ex-marefriend of his, now here he was retired, talking to a kid, and not at the stand. He sighed, he did miss the old days, but he had dedicated himself to his studies and parties were worthless to him even at his young age he didn't get into the love vibe. His ex was the only one he had and she was the best one, he had fallen in love with her and then out of no where she left him, told him he needed to think about who he was before even saying he loved her. He pushed the thoughts away and waited for Sunburst to answer.
  13. "Well kid, I know the pink mare as well, so did she convince ya to come make some friends," he said, sipping his water once more. He sighed, "What's your name kid," he asked, He might as well be a friend, it was one of his better suites. He looked at the kid, "My name is Silvermoon, or maybe you know me as Nightwolf,"
  14. After Silver received his water, he saw a stallion sat down close by. This one was an introvert, he could see it by the pony's eyes, they showed how alarmed he was. The stallion was also young, he did ask for an orange juice, which is what tipped Silver off on that, so he slid to the seat next him After Silver received his water, he saw a stallion sat down close by. This one was an introvert, he could see it by the pony's eyes, they showed how alarmed he was. The stallion was also young, he did ask for an orange juice, which is what tipped Silver off on that, so he slid to the seat next him, "Either that bouncer is very lenient or you know Pinkie Pie, which that bouncer has been kicking kids out so I'm guessing you know Pinkie," he said looking at the shiny bottles on the other side of the bar.
  15. Silver watched the mare go and speak to a mare flirting with a bartender, either to take care of it, or be flirty herself. He waved the bartender over, "Water please," he asked before listening on the conversation between his old boss and the mare. He was right about one thing, she was being herself and talking about the bartender. The mare she was talking to was using her attractive charm by the looks of it. He shrugged it off and faced the crowd of ponies waiting for his glass of water.