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  1. Request Cover art for my story

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for some cover art for my story on FIMfiction, all credit will be given and I can't pay for it, but here's what I'm looking for. So in the center I want a distressed EQG Twilight, facing the readers, apparel wise try to make it medieval, no royalty on her, but more so a cloak if possible, with her cutiemark being the clip around the neck area. On the left I want white masked (I guess think like persona 5 masks but on) shadows with Rainbow Dash's, Applejack's, Rarity's and Pinkipie's cutiemark on their foreheads. I want a line drawn from the top left corner to the middle (where Twilight's head should be). On the right I want a bunch of cloaked figures, with hoods on except for one, the one will just be a shadow with Fluttershy's cutiemark on its forehead. Another line but this time the top right corner to the middle. Now at the top I want pure darkness except for King Sombra's eyes staring down at the Twilight, the masked figures and the cloaked figures. Keep in mind they are all EQG shadows but try to make them more medieval and just base shadows, no outlines of the characters, the only colored character should be Twilight. If you want to change it up slightly go ahead but try to stick to the description, thank you, and if there are any further questions feel free to ask.
  2. Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Shian paid close attention to what Ghalan was saying, his hands close to his weapons and his ears perked, wary of his surroundings. Euca kind of looked around and stayed close to Rei, he would do anything to keep her alive even if it meant the cost of his own, this was the same with everyone else, but Rei was the one he wanted to spend time with the most. Shian and Euca followed Ghalan.
  3. Planning Legends of Konoha (a Naruto to)

    @Acnologia @Drago Ryder Um please don't take this almost impossible battle wrong, take it as you are a level 1 character facing a level 35 or 40, there are ways to beat it but it is alot harder to do, sorry if it is misleading you or anything.
  4. Open Legends of Konoha

    Yasei smirked as the two came after him, "The same move...predictable," his body faded as they hit him, the clone disappeared, "did you think I'd just let you come after me, for all you know-" several clones surrounded the two students, "-the real me is helping Shian defeat your teammate," which wasn't true, he was more so in the center, watching both fights, impressed with the skills his students used, but they kept using the same techniques. He sighed and faced the two students, "Which clone is the real me," all the clones said in unison before holding up kunai, they threw them, "Now quit holding back and show me what you got!" They all finished jumping towards them at the same time as the kunai drew closer. ____________________________________ In the mean time Kenzo was struggling, Shian was dodging all his attacks, but he was doing the same, he had not brought his weapon out as he deemed it unfair, so he kept to his fists. The wolf growled and jumped at him, leading him to jump out of the way, but this time Kenzo jumped towards him reaching a foot out to use the wolf's head to surpass the barrier to get to his team, but Shian was ready. He turned his body sideways and started to spin quickly in the air. Kenzo's eyes widened and as hit foot touched he was sent flying into the barrier face first. He hit the ground and turned quickly to see the wolf staring at him, his muzzle inches away. Kenzo swung an arm, but was stopped by a paw, the wolf had him pinned to the wall, he barked happily and Yasei decided to jump over and see the catch, "Well done Shian, now time to make him lose points until there is no possible way to win," he reached a hand out and started to laugh... The sun was starting to set at this point.
  5. Open Legends of Konoha

    Shian could hear both the electricity and the water, but knew he wouldn't get out of the way in time, luckily Yasei had planned for this, "Earth Style, Rockwall jutsu!" A wall cut off the water and electricity and cut off any view of Shian and Kenzo, Yasei smiled with his arms crossed, he was now behind the two, "I commend you for trying to help your teammate, but it was a one on one situation and with his kekkei genkai, he could have read my friend like a book, but now you're separated with your enemy behind you, what ever shall you do," Kenzo grit his teeth as he hit a tree, "Easy peasy huh,"
  6. Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Euca and Shian both shivered at the sight of the place, it looked like a Grimm home lands as if they were civilized, Euca was especially wary of the negativity this place radiated.
  7. Open Legends of Konoha

    Kenzo just nodded in agreement, this test was one that would be useful when they would be full shinobi, when the enemy has the advantage your best weapon was your mind and instincts. He looked at Yuki as they ran, "I want to be able to protect my home, simple as that, its the most valuable thing I have, my family, my friends they are what matter," He said, he recalled a memory of his father telling him how he and his mother met on a mission and when he saved her from a sand shinobi, they fell in love. Yasei on the other hand was already ahead of them and left a few traps, one being a camouflaged Shian, covered in chameleons, the others being spider webs with bomb kunai attached to them, he smiled as they came into view of the wolf who at the exact moment Kenzo was close to him, he jumped, leaving the chameleons on the tree. He growled as he bit down on Kenzo's arm just enough to restrain it. Kenzo fell and yelled towards the group to keep going, knowing he now had the wolf far enough so the others could deal with sensei.
  8. Open Legends of Konoha

    Kenzo looked at Ryu, "my name isn't Shian first of all and second, I can't do that, I have a kekkei genkai, one that basically lets me see movement, for instance when our sensai came out of the ground I could tell where he was coming from simply from watching the wolf's eyes shift slightly towards your feet, but that doesn't mean I can't track them." He focused on the ground for a moment. Kenzo finally looked up, "I know where they are, kind of, a few animals and insects," he pointed at his feet where a few ants moved, "Are moving north, which means he now has a few creatures playing the role of spies, and he may have more than the wolf with him, so yes we should get moving, but one more thing, Yasei sensei is planning something so we need to stay alert," he looked North, "We don't exactly have an advantage here,"
  9. Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Shian nodded, "Yeah I don't exactly feel safe not knowing any information on where we are going and what we are doing," he said looking at the rival team with concern. Euca on the other hand didn't care as long as he could help.
  10. Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Euca and Shian both sat on the bullhead, Euca grabbed Rei's hand while Shian sharpened his blades. Euca, was still a little tense and kept silent, his mind elsewhere.
  11. Open Legends of Konoha

    @Drago Ryder @Acnologia "Yeah long range strikes could stop him, but he could easily dodge them making us waste chakra, plus me and Ryu are in trouble unless we hit him or you get hit by him....hmmmm." Kenzo put a thumb to his chin before looking at Ryu, "We can't fail as a team if only one of us survives, I was able to trick him into touching me, but we have a bigger issue...his partner...if we could some how subdue that wolf Ryu and I could hit him," Kenzo knew that the plan could work, but the wolf was risky. Yasei and Shian on the other hand were planning their own strike. "If you are right they may try to hit me with long range strikes, but what if they don't," the wolf made a few noises in response. "That's brilliant,"
  12. Open Legends of Konoha

    @Drago Ryder Yasei laughed as he looked down at Ryu, he snapped his fingers, "One, now to add-" he didn't get to finish as Kenzo charged towards him. He sighed and grabbed the boy's weapon and lifted him up. "Really a...hold on a second," He threw an elbow back and hit a stomach that turned into smoke, Kenzo used this opportunity to pull Ryu further underground and come back to the surface several feet away. Yasei turned back to the shadow clone he was holding, and poked it, except it didn't disappear, it was the real Kenzo, "Oops looks like I lost one too," he mocked and let go of his weapon getting out of the way as Yasei swung his weapon at him, 'Smart' the sensei thought before staring at Yuki, Kenzo called out to Ryu, "You alright!" After his teammates response he went to help Yuki. Shian growled and slid to a halt, his chest heaving. Yasei could feel his exhaustion and whistled for him to return to him. The wolf jumped out of the fight and the two used a substitution jutsu to get out leaving two logs in their place. Kenzo sighed, he and Ryu were down 1 while Yuki had managed to hold her own and remain at none. He waited for the two to speak as Yasei and Shian watched from afar...
  13. Open Legends of Konoha

    Kenzo watched in horror as Ryu stood his ground...he was about to call out again when two hands appeared from the ground and reached for his teammates ankles. Yasei smiled underneath the ground, 'Gotcha' he thought. The kunai stopped flying and the wolf ran straight towards Yuki, Kenzo pulled his shield just in time to see a sprinting shadow clone coming towards him. He activated his kekkei genkai again, the next move would be an over head strike. He lifted his staff up as a hand came down on top of it. Kenzo and the clone stared at each other before Kenzo saw the next move and sweeping kick. He jumped into the air and lifted his staff letting a point for at the tips he thrust it down on top of the clone which disappeared into thin air, destroyed. He turned to the wolf which was engaged in combat with Yuki.
  14. Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Euca overheard Ghalan's comment about Draco's mother, 'Thats how I feel about Etherius' family,' he thought to himself Shian wondered where they would be going, that's all he could do at the moment.
  15. Open Legends of Konoha

    Kenzo looked behind him, "Yuki's right, its a two v three, but a jonin is like six of us, so we are out matched, the best thing to do would be..." He fell silent and his face turned white, His kekkei genkai picked up a slight movement in the wolf's eyes one that was looking down at Ryu's feet, "Ryu! Yuki! Jump!" He peeked around the shield, Yasei was still throwing kunai, but, it was a continuous movement, a distraction, a shadow clone. Kenzo knew that the minute those two jumped the wolf would come after him, he could only hope that Ryu or Yuki, would either save him or he would take one for the team.