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  1. Wait I saw on the roleplay that there is TBD is there a spot
  2. Darn I missed it, but eh i will read it like it's a book lol
  3. Something big is coming on my FIMFiction...soon

  4. It will be quite interesting to see how the show handles the topic of a step parent, but I also appreciate the fact that Oswalt's actual wife and daughter voice the characters. It might make it all the more emotional
  5. It's been awhile but thanks everyone for bday wishes and also what should I write give me a plot

  6. So everything alright?

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      Everything is fine I am nearing closer to joining the Navy so I havent been very active

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  7. Euca grabbed Rei's hand and looked at the fox faunus, "That actually sounds fun," he said happily. Shian sat around and cleaned his guns. He didn't have much to say or do so he cleaned his "children"
  8. Euca blushed inside his head when she said that, but knew she couldn't possibly mean something innappropiate, "Ok that'd be nice actually," he said, landing his peck on her cheek. Shian looked at Draco, "Yeah, it seems as if everything went smoothly, knock on wood, but we still have a lot of years ahead of us," he replied, and noticed Draco's hand movement towards Yuki. He felt his ears flatten and his surroundings changed. He was in a warehouse, THE warehouse, and instead of Draco and Yuki, he saw two of his friends, his eyes widened, "Hey bro you ok," he turned to see his sister walking towards him, her weapon ready and then he blinked and saw Euca still standing with Rei and Yuki and Draco were back. He shook his head, Why now, was all he could think as he turned towards the Grimm once more watching them move around.
  9. @Acnologia @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Skylord Nexus @rolle Shian perked his ears at the sound of Yuki's voice, "Yeah, but it feels like there is something this place is hiding, I don't know at the moment but something feels off," he said dropping a hand to one of his revolvers. Euca turned to Rei, feeling alittle bad about not really talking to her, "Sorry if I haven't said anything, just letting my thoughts roam," he apologized with a smile. Shian perked his ears and listened.
  10. @Drago Ryder @Acnologia @rolle @Skylord Nexus Euca looked around, this place gave him the creeps for sure but the way the building was structured reminded him of somewhere, and more so someone. Shian approached the same place where Draco and Yuki were, he stared at the roaming Grimm.
  11. Shian pulled out one of his pistols, "No thanks I want to make sure I use these for a certain someone," he said before sliding it in his holster. Euca shook his head, "All though it sounds cool, I would rather leave my weapon be, thanks though," he smiled.
  12. Euca looked up, "My reason is a little cliché, but I just want to be there to help others, and even bring justice to those who are corrupt," he said with a nervous smile. Shian sighed, "I want to become a much stronger person, one that can erase the evils of the Whitefang,"