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  1. Planning

    Well kekei genkai is a one time thing of course it will depend on your characters bloodline as you know its a trait passed down through a clan. And although most characters can use several types of jutsu, they have a special type that they perfect and its kind of like a hidden power for instance Kiba and his dog. And yes except there are some new elements I'm adding in based on the mlpverse, but we will get to that sooner. You can choose some majutsu limit it some until we are past a few missions and the chunin exams, I will let everyone know they can learn a new jutsu when I think our characters have matured a bit more. Otherwise stick to 4 and then your hidden Jutsu
  2. Planning

    I get your drift and sure, that can do, but first I need a majutsu for your character before I just let him join. He has to have a special power.
  3. Planning

    Yes this is a group rp, I'm hoping for at least 6...and since video games are not apart of the Narutoverse, I am going to ask if it would be ok to remake your character to match the Narutoverse, like for instance, I need a Majutsu (genjutsu, ninjutsu), a kenke genkai (like sharyngan) if you have one, I would also like a different backstory if possible, otherwise that is all I'm asking, and if you have any ideas such as a certain type of kenke genkai, or a village, or even how we build the world that would be nice.
  4. Euca noticed the movement, " was wondering, if after this we can go eat somewhere or ya know just hang out," 'I need her to know she didn't screw anything up, so I has to get it out' he thought to himself as he turned a little red. Shian looked at Glynda, "No we haven't but I am sure they are fine, those two are tough...I doubt anything has happened to them, they may be on their way here though," he said with a shrug.
  5. "I'm...fine," he said, the red starting to disappear, he wanted no needed to tell her something but it was impossible to say, he tried to focus on the objective but he really wanted to tell her something.
  6. I was wondering if anybody was up for a Naruto style rp, I was thinking that unicorns would be considered the ninja, and magic would be called majutsu, unicorns would still have basic spells, levitation and such but nothing that could really affect their opponents unless they had a weapon, earth ponies and pegasi are allowed too but, they would be limited on what majutsu they could use. If you are interested and have an idea put it here.
  7. Euca turned a brighter red, "Hehehe, its cool," he laughed nervously, he glimpsed at her scales and mentally shivered, to him they were beautiful, he wanted so badly to say something but he couldn't get any words out. Shian nodded, "Good then lets go find the others,"
  8. Shian some his pistols at the ursa, "With pleasure," he said firing several rounds into the creature until it was dead. He looked at Etherius, "And just some advice, a leader leads from the front, not the back...I don't care about how powerful you are, you put any of us in extreme danger and I will have no problem attacking you, even if I die doing it,"
  9. Euca turned red, his blush contrasting his green hair...he hadn't had something like that happen to him before, it was different, a good different...he shook his head as she spoke, "Oh um...ok," he couldn't help but watch her as they walked into the forest. Shian grunted as he pushed himself away from a ursa, "Damn Etherius, say something," he sliced and ursa's throat and jumped away as it swung a paw at him. He switched his blades' form, and started to fire his pistols killing one of them.
  10. Hmm, I actually don't know, I would say somethinge like Saitama from one punch man, but really I don't know
  11. Private

    Nighteye just stared blankly in response, he just wanted to get this over with, he wanted to go home, he would have to tell Appleseed he was going to be late, but otherwise he was ready to go.
  12. New youtube channel coming out very soon,

    SilvermoonVA (because all names failed horribly)

    But what I will be featuring on there is mainly voice acting and vlogs until I get better equipment for video games. Most of my voice acting will consist of male characters but unfortunately a lot of stories contain at least a female character so you get to see attempts at that. I dont have the best microphone at the moment but it is good enough for a start. If you have a story or even a character you want me to voice message me through here. This channel won't be up for probably another month or so because I'm extremely busy, but you never know, until then feel free to post something here, advice, requests, and other things are allowed.

    1. Misscellanio


      Us VA's gotta start somewhere! 

    2. silvermoon15000
  13. Euca smiled, "With pleasure," he spun his staff around his body before finally placing the point of the spear on the creature's chest and plunging it forward into it. He watched it vanish before turning and smiling at Rei, "That was cool," he saud happily, getting the sudden urge to kiss her, but he held back.
  14. Euca didn't need to respond instead he ran beside her, straight towards the Grimm, they hadn't come up with a team attack, but this would do for now.
  15. @rolle @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Shian held his blades firmly as the ursae drew closer to them, "So since you're the leader, do you have any ideas," he said gritting his teeth. Euca created hia doubleheaded spear and jumped towards the first beowolf, he swung his spear cutting through the first one before spinning his spear and stabbing another. He ducked under a claw, "Ya know this was not how I expected my day to go," he said ripping the spear out and rolling away, "Your move Rei,"