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  1. Hey guys just putting it out there that a new chapter of Children of the Six is out right now and I have some other news so let's begin. The next chapter The Singing Waves is now out on my FIMfiction which you can check out by going to my profile and clicking the link to my FIMfic account and I have already started the next chapter. Hope you all enjoy that, but now on to some other news. First off, I am going to start doing reactions to RWBY in the next couple of months on a new YouTube channel (thanks Murderofbirds for the inspiration) while also doing some other projects. Second off, I am going to try and be a bit more active...everywhere and try and make some new friends to play video games with or just enjoy talking to them. Third off, if you have any ideas for something you think I should do let me know and I might just do it. Otherwise I hope everyone had a great day and I will see you in the next blog, PEACE OUT!
  2. Hey guys, Silvermoon here, its been a long time hasn't it, so here is a quick status update. I have had alot change in my life that has kept me constantly busy, only doing certain things on here or working on my FIMFiction stories every now and then (I have been more active on there recently than on anything else) but I am doing fine for the most part, just struggling with life a little bit...otherwise I'm fine, but that's my update, now onto another topic. FIMFiction- as of right now I am proud to say that my story Stressful Nights (a Sweetiemash story) has broken 10 likes and is about halfway done (this is a big milestone for me as I have never been an outstanding writer) my other stories aren't even close to getting done although my brain has been working on The Children of the Six story that I revised and have continued with for a while other two stories The Everfree Files and A World Like No Other are on hiatus for now as I want to build their worlds more on my own time and create something great. YouTube- nothing to report here as I havent done anything and dont plan to for a little while. Otherwise I am going to leave this quote here from The Children of the Six that will be in a future chapter...if you are a loyal reader of mine, I suggest looking into this quote and trying to figure out who said it to who. Otherwise here is the quote and I will hopefully have a new post soon. "I may be a monster in your eyes, but if they decide to stay with me, that will be their choice!" "Then I guess I will have to put an end to this, [name redacted]. You will leave us as I do not trust you in the slightest!" This is a work in progress and may change over the course of my story.
  3. So reaction vids didnt work out...might try something else, but need to find away around COPPA any ideas?

  4. I got a quick question for y'all on here, should I react to Naruto Shippuden (minus fillers) to start my channel, I've seen all of Naruto, just not Shippuden so should I

    1. ShadOBabe


      Why not? I’m sure someone would enjoy it!

  5. Kinda wish I had a Halloween theme for my OC lol maybe next year.

  6. Gotta love being that anti-social person who has no friends and is now you can't do jack diddly squat to fix it

    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Haven't spoken with you in a long time

    2. silvermoon15000


      I could say the same lol

  7. So other than voice acting I'm thinking about doing something called the OCverse but I dont know if that's a good idea, I don't want to reveal too much in case the idea is stolen but I am fond of the idea

  8. Tempted to become a VA but idk

    1. Misscellanio


      Go for it! I'm currently working on it myself XD

    2. silvermoon15000
  9. Well its official I'm broken...again 😭😭😭

    1. Snow


      You ain't alone in that :crackle:

  10. Sorry that I haven't been here in awhile...I've been dealing with a lot...and now it may get worse...

    1. Will Guide
    2. silvermoon15000


      Yeah, stuff happening that might cause me and the one I love to split

  11. Something big is coming on my FIMFiction...soon

  12. It will be quite interesting to see how the show handles the topic of a step parent, but I also appreciate the fact that Oswalt's actual wife and daughter voice the characters. It might make it all the more emotional
  13. It's been awhile but thanks everyone for bday wishes and also what should I write give me a plot