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  1. I am looking for someone to do a digital drawing for a cover of a Fallout Equestria novel of mine
  2. So everything alright?

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      Everything is fine I am nearing closer to joining the Navy so I havent been very active

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    Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Euca grabbed Rei's hand and looked at the fox faunus, "That actually sounds fun," he said happily. Shian sat around and cleaned his guns. He didn't have much to say or do so he cleaned his "children"
  4. silvermoon15000

    Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Euca blushed inside his head when she said that, but knew she couldn't possibly mean something innappropiate, "Ok that'd be nice actually," he said, landing his peck on her cheek. Shian looked at Draco, "Yeah, it seems as if everything went smoothly, knock on wood, but we still have a lot of years ahead of us," he replied, and noticed Draco's hand movement towards Yuki. He felt his ears flatten and his surroundings changed. He was in a warehouse, THE warehouse, and instead of Draco and Yuki, he saw two of his friends, his eyes widened, "Hey bro you ok," he turned to see his sister walking towards him, her weapon ready and then he blinked and saw Euca still standing with Rei and Yuki and Draco were back. He shook his head, Why now, was all he could think as he turned towards the Grimm once more watching them move around.
  5. silvermoon15000

    Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    @Acnologia @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Skylord Nexus @rolle Shian perked his ears at the sound of Yuki's voice, "Yeah, but it feels like there is something this place is hiding, I don't know at the moment but something feels off," he said dropping a hand to one of his revolvers. Euca turned to Rei, feeling alittle bad about not really talking to her, "Sorry if I haven't said anything, just letting my thoughts roam," he apologized with a smile. Shian perked his ears and listened.
  6. silvermoon15000

    Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    @Drago Ryder @Acnologia @rolle @Skylord Nexus Euca looked around, this place gave him the creeps for sure but the way the building was structured reminded him of somewhere, and more so someone. Shian approached the same place where Draco and Yuki were, he stared at the roaming Grimm.
  7. silvermoon15000

    Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Shian pulled out one of his pistols, "No thanks I want to make sure I use these for a certain someone," he said before sliding it in his holster. Euca shook his head, "All though it sounds cool, I would rather leave my weapon be, thanks though," he smiled.
  8. silvermoon15000

    Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Euca looked up, "My reason is a little cliché, but I just want to be there to help others, and even bring justice to those who are corrupt," he said with a nervous smile. Shian sighed, "I want to become a much stronger person, one that can erase the evils of the Whitefang,"
  9. silvermoon15000

    Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    @Drago Ryder @Acnologia @dragon4111 @Skylord Nexus @rolle Shian perked his ears, "Salem? Sounds pretty villainous, but maidens, a person that can great Grimm, this...this is a bit much" Euca broke out of his thoughts, " is," he looked around.
  10. silvermoon15000

    Open Legends of Konoha

    (No you're good) Kenzo jumped down next to Yuki and stared at their teammate, "He will probably be weak for a while, but I think I bought us some time," he said looking at the hole in the barrier where the explosion went off. He looked around, their sensei wasn't in their sights and the sun was now replaced with the moon on the horizon, "We only have nine hours left, but I think I found his weakness, he has a bad temper and tends to forget smaller details," he pointed out that all the clones were gone and instead of dodging the two attacks they just sat there. He then pointed out how Shian had a few tricks of his fur, "They are smart and from what I can tell, we may end up failing his test, but the least we could do is nothing, but I want to pass, do you?" He asked Yuki. He then called out to Ryu, "Hey, how are you feeling!"
  11. silvermoon15000

    Open Legends of Konoha

    The clones weren't prepared for the attack as their creator had disappeared from view, a minor mistake made by the sensei. The real Yasei was still reaching a hand towards Kenzo, who was struggling to break free, the wolf was twice his size in weight and the only way out was to waste chakra to break through the wall or the ground. He saw the movement of his sensei, he was reaching for his head. Kenzo closed his eyes and focused his chakra into his hand that was pinned, "Ya know sensei you seem to assume the best...when you forget the minor details though, this makes things easy," he put his other hand to his pinned hand and made a few hand signs, "SUBSTITUTION JUTSU!" his body was replaced with a log, while he appeared on top of the barrier. Yasei stared at the log, "Who taught you that one?" He called out, Kenzo smiled, "My sensei before you, it's the easiest jutsu to master," he replied turning to see his teammates handling the clones. He clenched his fists and faced his sensei, "You thought you could defeat us by seperating us, that's an old technique, but it makes sense coming from you," he taunted. "You calling me old...kid," Kenzo smiled, "Yes I am, old man," Yasei felt rage course through his veins as he readied an attack. He heard Shian try to calm him down, but nobody called him old. Kenzo dropped an explosive trap on the barrier and hopped into a tree moving closer to his team. As if on cue Ryu and Yuki's attack happened at the same time of the trap exploding on their sensei and Shian, who had tried to stop him.
  12. silvermoon15000

    Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Shian paid close attention to what Ghalan was saying, his hands close to his weapons and his ears perked, wary of his surroundings. Euca kind of looked around and stayed close to Rei, he would do anything to keep her alive even if it meant the cost of his own, this was the same with everyone else, but Rei was the one he wanted to spend time with the most. Shian and Euca followed Ghalan.
  13. silvermoon15000

    Planning Legends of Konoha (a Naruto to)

    @Acnologia @Drago Ryder Um please don't take this almost impossible battle wrong, take it as you are a level 1 character facing a level 35 or 40, there are ways to beat it but it is alot harder to do, sorry if it is misleading you or anything.
  14. silvermoon15000

    Open Legends of Konoha

    Yasei smirked as the two came after him, "The same move...predictable," his body faded as they hit him, the clone disappeared, "did you think I'd just let you come after me, for all you know-" several clones surrounded the two students, "-the real me is helping Shian defeat your teammate," which wasn't true, he was more so in the center, watching both fights, impressed with the skills his students used, but they kept using the same techniques. He sighed and faced the two students, "Which clone is the real me," all the clones said in unison before holding up kunai, they threw them, "Now quit holding back and show me what you got!" They all finished jumping towards them at the same time as the kunai drew closer. ____________________________________ In the mean time Kenzo was struggling, Shian was dodging all his attacks, but he was doing the same, he had not brought his weapon out as he deemed it unfair, so he kept to his fists. The wolf growled and jumped at him, leading him to jump out of the way, but this time Kenzo jumped towards him reaching a foot out to use the wolf's head to surpass the barrier to get to his team, but Shian was ready. He turned his body sideways and started to spin quickly in the air. Kenzo's eyes widened and as hit foot touched he was sent flying into the barrier face first. He hit the ground and turned quickly to see the wolf staring at him, his muzzle inches away. Kenzo swung an arm, but was stopped by a paw, the wolf had him pinned to the wall, he barked happily and Yasei decided to jump over and see the catch, "Well done Shian, now time to make him lose points until there is no possible way to win," he reached a hand out and started to laugh... The sun was starting to set at this point.
  15. silvermoon15000

    Open Legends of Konoha

    Shian could hear both the electricity and the water, but knew he wouldn't get out of the way in time, luckily Yasei had planned for this, "Earth Style, Rockwall jutsu!" A wall cut off the water and electricity and cut off any view of Shian and Kenzo, Yasei smiled with his arms crossed, he was now behind the two, "I commend you for trying to help your teammate, but it was a one on one situation and with his kekkei genkai, he could have read my friend like a book, but now you're separated with your enemy behind you, what ever shall you do," Kenzo grit his teeth as he hit a tree, "Easy peasy huh,"