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  1. horror

    Silver using his awareness, could slightly hear a voice inside but couldn't tell if it was hostile, "there's a back entrance and I'm going to warn you to stay alert, someone is inside," he said moving around the back and staying silent, not caring if the others were following, "if whoever it is took my gun I'm gonna hoof or handcuff them to a metal pole and let the necros get them," he growled as he slightly pushed the door open.
  2. fallout equestria

    I quickly noticed the stallion that had bumped me earlier and smiled as he grew tense, hoping to lower that tension. I then looked at the bat pony and the red mare, they were having a conversation that I was not particularly interested in.
  3. horror

    Silver stood dazed at the fact of what he had just witnessed, he lifted the shotgun, "Explain yourself," he said and listened as the human talked. He believed him, but he couldn't trust him no longer, "You were the monster," he said lowering his shotgun, "But as long as you don't attack us, I won't kill you," he said trying to keep his rage at a minimum. He looked at Cloudsdale, "Lets go help them," he said as he calmed down.
  4. horror

    Silver nodded in agreement, "yeah you're right, plus the further we get into town the lighter the day might be, and the station is in the center, and expect it to be dark in there unless someone got the back up generator up and running," he said looking ahead. He waited for the pegasus to get up, "lets move, who wants to take point," he said taking a step forward.
  5. horror

    Silver understood what he meant he had lost his father and the whole department to this disease or whatever it was. He looked at the human, "I lost my father to a necro, had to put him down too though," he said sadly a few tears welled up in his eyes, "But you are right, the past is the past and we need to move on," He looked in the tent where the Pegasus slept, "I am heading to the police department there is an armory there plus I want my pistol, it's the only piece of EDF tech I have," he said, "You can tag along if you like, but I am going to leave in a few hours," he said, "I don't sleep, never have, I'm too aware of the world around me," he added staring into the fire.
  6. horror

    Silver took note of the growl and was a little surprised by the strength of the human, but now knowing he was a part of the EDF he felt less cautious. He took the shotgun and the bag but also picked up the rifle, "So you're ex-EDF huh, I thought all of you were wiped out by the outbreak," Silver said, looking down the sights of the shotgun. He then looked at the human, "And I wasn't a cop, I was a detective, there's a difference," he added. "Why are you out here anyways most humans tried to hide or ran away same with us ponies, but I'm curious to know why you are here," he asked, He was a little annoyed to be called a boy, the human seemed to be close to the same age, but you could never tell with them. He then heard flapping and looked in the direction of the noise, the human had seen it too, a pegasus, and one that had been wanted by the police department about a year ago for stealing. He lifted the shotgun, ready to fight.
  7. horror

    Silver walked closer to the fire and noticed a humanoid figure sitting next to it, unarmed by the looks of it. As he got closer he also noticed a few corpses, their bodies destroyed by what looked like a necro, but there was none in sight. Cautious, Silver raised his rifle and approached the human and the fire, "Hey...did you kill the necro," he asked gripping the rifle tighter in his magic, he looked at a set of ropes, probably what the mare was tied up with. He noticed that the ropes were cut by something or someone. He also noticed that the human was completely unarmed, no weapons or armor. He looked for tracks of a necro, but there were none, ir was strange but what was also strange was that there was a human acting completely normal about everything. "What happened here, explain yourself," he said sternly.
  8. horror

    Silvermoon stared down at a few tracks, studying them, they were necro tracks for one, but they were faint. Silver pulled his knife out and marked one of the prints. He sighed and stood up, checking his surroundings. He was near the outskirts of the everfree forest, where it led to a small village. He hated going to towns or villages, they were highly dangerous, and right now his rifle only counted as a scare factor. He needed to get to the police station where he worked, he could grab his pistol and some ammo from there. It was in this village however, so he needed to wait til the day was further along or else he would end up like his father. He made his way out of the forest, his heart racing, he hadn't left the forest for a full week living in a secluded place where nopony or body would find him. He took a breath and entered the village already raising his rifle as a screaming mare ran towards him, calling out for help. He stopped her, "Hey...hey what's going on," he yelled shaking her from what was now a scared daze, "," she said before falling to the ground crying. I sighed, and carried her to a safe place before following her tracks. He stared ahead as a fire came into view...
  9. Sweet I will post soon
  10. fallout equestria

    I pushed past the pony not caring about who they are or their apology. I had only one stop left, the inn, the only place I needed to go to. I approached the building it was three stories but only two hadn't caved in. I requested a room and was handed a key, a very rusty key. I noticed a room that had bar marked above it in carved lettering. I snickered at the creativity. I entered and noticed a made, who looked to be strong and independent, not to mention armed. I sat down next to her as it was the only quiet place in the bar. I kept silent, not even looking at the mare. (This is apart of the first post)
  11. ooc

    So once lil love bug posts we get 5 posts each until the event happens and then the real adventure begins. The first post counts as one of the five.
  12. fallout equestria

    I entered the store and was greeted by a stallion behind a counter covered in an assortment of ammunition and weapons, "Welcome to Buck's Bucking Bullets, home to every bullet in the wasteland," he chimed. I nodded and started looking on a few shelves looking for a few magazines for my rifle, I was lucky to find four. I stepped towards the counter and lowered the levitating mags on the messy counter, "Is that it," he asked, raising a brow. I nodded, "Not much of a talker are ya," I didn't respond. He shrugged, "200 caps," I sighed and passed him 2 pouches of caps, he counted them, "Pleasure doing business with ya," he said as I levitated the mags into my trench coat. I turned to leave the building...
  13. ooc

    Alright everypony rp is up and ready. My character link: The RP link:
  14. "WELCOME TO DESPERADO HILLS," a voice boomed through out the small town of the same name. Ponies trotted through, some with tired smiles, others walking to their home. This place looked way too happy to be here, but they had never been attacked, so it made some sense. I passed a guard who nodded a greeting which I returned. I had no intentions of staying longer than the night, but until then I made my way to the munitions store named "Buck's Bucking Bullets,"