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  1. ask anything

    Hello, here you can ask anything, from me to my OC, I just decided to do this because it is interesting.
  2. The year is 2045 in Equestria, after a war between good and evil, good had won, but with many sacrifices. Ponyville and many other towns and cities were destroyed during the war. Equestria is now in a depression, but it is also in a state of reconstruction. Hello everypony, this is the premise of a slice if life RP that I thought of long ago, there will be a plot added in soon but for now you are to go about your lives after a devastating war. All I want for applications is A) your character And what role you played in the war (soldier, civilian, law enforcement etc.) Rules: No alicorns or any species that are considered OP Guns and technology are allowed but will not be used as much (this specifies towards guns) Otherwise have fun and I will he posting my character soon.
  3. So I recently started playing Rainbow Six Seige on Xbox one, (recent being 2 months ago) and I was wondering if anybody would like to join me, if you have a Mic it is recommended because well I like to conversate, (I do have siblings fair warning you may hear them speak) and strategize I don't take the game so serious as some I'm just a casual gamer, if you think you can join hmu and I will give you my gamertag, otherwise this is Silvermoon signing off...PEACE OUT!
  4. My guess is they got home safely but the mother died the night after because of childbirth and it would be weeks later the father would die of a farm accident, basically because Applebloom never got to know her parents.
  5. Considering on the episode where the CMC get their cutie marks, AJ states "our parents would be so proud" this is usually a sign that the parents did die, what we do know is that Big Mac stopped talking after their death, (I don't remember if this was in an episode or something) and AJ was young when they died, think back to the episode where AJ lied in a backflash story, I do wonder if the flashback where the lie happened may have happened a little bit before their parents died, because in that episode she keeps telling Big Mac that he needs to be quiet and listen several times, and not once did we see Applebloom in that episode. So AJ was old enough to remember her parents so they had to have been on a business trip in that flashback. So I'm guessing the mother died of child birth, and the father died in a farming accident.
  6. Hello everypony, I am here with a review of the mid season finale of season 7, "The Perfect Pear." So this episode was a tear jerker for me, I am still emotional about it. I thought this was going to be something with AJ but it was about her parents, and unlike every other love episodes this one didn't have any cringe in it just pure love. I expected some Romeo and Juliet at first, which is obviously a reference, except they didn't die at the end of the episode (kinda wish we could've found out about how they died though but you know Y7 isn't meant for death.) It was nice seeing the mayor and one of the Cakes but I was too focused on the story to really care. They really ended this on a sad note, with Grandpear leaving his daughter and only coming back years after her death, (my theory is when he had found out about her death he didn't go to her funeral because he was still mad) anyways I loved the song and the pear and apple tree at the end hit me hard too, I had so many goosebumps and tears that I had to pause every now and then. I give hasbro props for making cry again, the first being the luna and tantabus episode. I am still left with questions though and I wonder if we will ever get an answer to them. I did enjoy how they would be a little sad when asking about their parents and even when Big Mac asked if his dad's best friend could tell them more sometime showing some emotion. This is definitely a 10/10 for me just because there was so much emotion and storytelling and we learned so much about the apple and pear family. My biggest issue was the foals talking like adults but that was minor to me even then. Anyways that is my review sorry if it is just thrown about but you know first review so yeah, anyways this is Silvermoon signing off...PEACE OUT!
  7. On a television, the dictator, Sombra gives out daily commands and re-explains the rules. The Crystal Empire is a ways off from Ponyville, but that doesn't mean Sombra doesn't have ponies always on watch. The program continues on a loop as you watch the screen one last time, hoping for a change. About halfway through the screen goes to static and then a pony appears on screen, her blonde mane tied back her green eyes filled with confidence, "ponies of Equestria-" she says in a country accent, "you no longer have to live in fear, the Elements of Harmony are back," multiple guards start running in all directions, gunshots are heard, but the voice still plays, "you are free of this slavery, fight back," you here your collar buzz before falling off along with several other ponies. You decide to take action as the mare lets out one final sentence, "lets take back Equestria!" That is where your journey begins. This is a war/adventure roleplay where you start out as a small militia but must take back Equestria from Sombra. Rules: No alicorns or OP races There are guns allowed but please start small for this is where everything starts, at the beginning. I will control all NPCs except Applejack who will be controlled by one of you. If you play the role of AJ you get these benefits, The choice of going into battle or staying behind, the choice of sending your army to a location to free the ponies there or send a small group to take out the leader of the location. You also get the benefit of making trade routes and even choosing to defend certain locations. There is of course the higher up Twilight who is controlled by me who will intervene when possible, I will also play as an advisor who will give you chances of success and everything else. My character is the leader of the small assassination group meant to take out leaders. In order to be AJ you have a special application to fill, but you may also have a secondary character, same goes for everybody else you can have 2 characters. Here is the AJ application Leadership skills: a brief explanation of how well you work as a leader. Strategy: explain a strategy to save Canterlot. Qualification: why you should be the mare herself. Here is a normal application Name: Race: Age: Placement: (assassin, soldier, guard, or heavy artillery) Personality: Background: Weapon: Other: anything about your character that is just an add-on. Anyways that's the RP the story advances the way you all make it, hope you consider it interesting and join up.
  8. So far my favorite design for Equestria Girls is Starlight, the beanie really sales it. My small review for Legend of the Everfree: animation= 4/10

    Story= 7/10

    Songs= 8/10

    I actually enjoyed the songs, sunset had her own solo in the movie and the villian's song was really good. The story was actually a great story and didn't follow the cliché get a fundraiser going until the end of the movie. The animation was trash enough said the got lazy with animations and I saw some things that kind of reminded me of the other the other 3 movies. So overall...

    Overall= 6/10

    1. Losstarot


      they're still using morally outdated adobeflash animation. same one since the first OP)))

      so no wonder it take a wonder how they're still able to make so much special effects with that.

      songs are awesome! Daniel did it again!

    2. A.V.


      The beanie really did distinguish her, yes.

  9. Thank you
  10. Then please explain what this dream means I have been trying to get over her, due to rejection but nothing is working.
  11. So...I'm a little down today thanks to a dream. It was one of those dreams that feel real and this one included my crush, when I woke up I let out a sigh and got out of my bed feeling heartbroken and I still am, I hate myself because I thought I had gotten over her, guess not. Ugh I hate this feeling of dread and sadness...Anyways that has been my day today, this is Silvermoon signing off...PEACE OUT
  12. A pony (my OC) sits in a chair, my body lays in a bed in the far corner. "Hmm even though I have the power to control his blog he still can narrate surprising, anyways do not think I am a threat, I did knock him out, but that is payback for what he did earlier. Anyways he said I can have his profile for the day. Well, I'm Silvermoon, you probably already know me or your ponysonas do, I don't know humans are strange. Umm anyways expect some things from me from time to time on certain days anyways, I'm not allowed out much, but he is kind non the less-" I groan and start to sit up, "god damnit Silver why do I do the things I do" I say glaring at him, "anyways expect some things from me for the day and don't worry I won't try to kill anypony or anyone...this is Silvermoon signing off...PEACE OUT!" "Hey that's my..."
  13. I don't have much time until my OC takes my blog and status over I...don't...have....much...time. *clunk* *thud*

  14. Still 17, still single, still a no-life brony/gamer, um....honestly I don't know where I'm going with this. I recently posted a status update, "love is a dangerous thing, it can either make you or break you" yeah that's where I am at, one of those points, otherwise my summer has been excellent. Um...definitely not good at this blog thing, anyways this is Silvermoon signing off...PEACE OUT
  15. Love is a dangerous thing, it can make you or break you

    1. Yandere


      Fortunately I'll never love 

    2. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      It's a risk, something that's a must for something possibly great.

    3. Snow


      Love has not done wrong by anybody, things like deception and rejection are to blame, I must warn you for it is not wise to confuse the two.