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  1. Bellona27

    Gaming Games you can always go back to

    There are a few I can always enjoy playing but most definitely ALL the kingdom Hearts games
  2. My mom is the only one who seemed to care but she's come to understand why I like it now so she doesn't seem to care anymore lol she still doesn't get why I like the show but she also thinks it's silly I watch any cartoons and anime so she just deals with it XD
  3. Bellona27

    Alicorns are not born.. "in equestria"

    I have it lol that's why I'm like uhhhhhhhhh so where did they come from come from lol, like there's all these different ponies then boom here's some mutant quasi physical form equine creatures because I said so XD
  4. Bellona27

    Alicorns are not born.. "in equestria"

    It makes me very sad but unfortunately Hasbro does not have any obligation to maintain a consistent backstory really on anything. The journal of the two sisters and the other books and the comics occasionally have the same lore but not always and it is rather frustrating. The show seems to impact the comics but the comics don't impact the show and they don't even consider any of the original books or movies from like the 80's I think. According to the Journal of the Two Sisters (which I think every pony should read) alicorns were a race separate from the others and the other races knew about alicorns, but not a whole lot... StarSwirl the Bearded would actually be the only character to have reliable consistent knowledge of the situation because Celestia and Luna were very young when they became the guardians of Equestria. I would love to see Lauren Faust and the other writers come together to make a StarSwirl journal or even better yet, a History of Pre Equestria. I would die. Think about it, even Celestia thought Zebras were a legend atone point XD so there is a lot left unknown about the history of the races. They asked the alicorns the eco e leaders because they shared attributes with all the races. Even though they were separate. And just because two species look the sa,e it does not mean they are as closely evolutionarily related as one may think. Just saying. Side notes: alicorns are always associated with royalty (mostly) but before Celestia and Luna were asked to be the Princesses/guardians each race and region had their own leaders. Yet for some reason the alicorns educated their young with the Royal Canterlot voice (how Luna refers to herself as We), which is interesting. And then there is somehow Cadence, when the hay did she come from???? She was an alicorn and princess in high school??? Princess of what???? And she is a distant relative of the original ruler of the crystal empire, Princess Amore, who was a simple unicorn. Can someone explain that one, please. I stand by my previous assertion (somewhere among the forums) that their society is loosely following the Greco-Roman model in a matriarchal way. Super side note...where did umbra ponies come from and go and why are they trapped in crystals, and where did changelings come from.....
  5. Oh dear lol... I made a friend...she's POWERFUL! And Twilight is just like dafaq is wrong with you....that's not how you make friends.....
  6. Bellona27

    Princess Ember Fanclub

    Ember chibi WIP! The colors are a bit off but not bad for a prototype
  7. Bellona27

    Princess Ember Fanclub

    Her little embroidery files are ready for a test run! Her wings are super tiny though...^^; I'll post my progress once I have something more than the files to show XD
  8. Bellona27

    Princess Ember Fanclub

    Right!? I prefer sparity and ember can teach spike and twilight about dragon culture Also you all need to see this Also you all need to see this
  9. Bellona27

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    Like in the Witcher 3 in Skellige when the same guy with a change of shirt is hiking selling goods on whatever road you happen to be walking down XD
  10. Bellona27

    Princess Ember Fanclub

    If anyone has a specific pose suggestion or facial expression suggestion for me to blunder over for a little Princess Ember beanie plush let me know! I'm working up a little pattern in between contracts at work XD
  11. Bellona27

    Princess Ember Fanclub

    Maybe this season? What about Gilda or Starlight or a bunch I can't name this quickly while at work XD
  12. Bellona27

    Princess Ember Fanclub

    I'm in! lol I'm working on her eye embroidery right now!
  13. Bellona27

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    can we talk about how flipping adorable that first dragon Garble had to hug was please? I audibly shrieked!
  14. In the journal of the two sisters they indicate alicorns were a separate race like pegasi from unicorns and from earth ponies, but the alicorns had special royal training and extremely powerful magic even before they became royalty. Also, Luna and Celestia's cutie marks were on the tree of harmony before they got their cutie marks and twilight's cutie mark was there too and this was loooooong before twilight was even born so she was destined to become an alicorns princess and guardian of Equestria. The more I read the more discrepancies I find which is confuzzling lol
  15. Also I have a question, why did princess amore have a snowflake cutie mark in FIENDship is magic, if in the diary of the two sisters they say it's a crystal heart?