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  1. Also what version is it,just so i am sure?
  2. I am Sweetie-Belle, LOL oh god, this will be fun
  3. It does, it shows that coats,mane styles and tails do matter when it comes to relatives. I am NOT saying that Button Mash and Apple Bloom are cousins or anything like that, I think they may be distantly related. Besides it would be amazing if he was related to the Apple Family, so if Button Belle came true, Apple Bloom would be Sweetie Belle's ....... in law
  4. Red at the top with yellow on the bottom,no idea what that color would be called. Crusaders of the lost mark him Read what I just said to mesme rise. Biology SUCKS ;]
  5. That is true, but Pipsqueak is not an apple, although Pip... like an Apple Pip... oh God no... Also read my whole biology rant,Celestia that hurt
  6. Okay I am going to assume you guys have read the cough? For those who haven't: Spoiler Alert:: In an apocalyptic world, where a horrible sickness is spread via cough and the only way to stop it is to kill the pony who coughed, The Mane 6 [i have NO idea where Spike is] lock themselves in a room with no windows and enough food and water to last them months.They are in pure darkness. It is the only safe place in Equestria. That is, until someone coughs. The Mane 6 goes around asking each other who coughed. Fluttershy admits it's her and asks Rainbow Dash to deliver her a swift death.
  7. Oh and by the way the whole "he is just a BG character, well so are Lyra and BonBon, so is Derpy, so is Octavia. Want to hear something funny? No one has heard Vinyl speak, and yet she is the most shipped pony in all of the fandom. People like Back Ground ponies, we get to design their own personality and, if they don't have a cutie mark, draw pictures or argue over what they will have. Weren't Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle "just background characters?" And yet everyone adores those three, especially me. Because, now read my lips, BACKGROUND .PONIES .CAN .BE .IMPORTAN
  8. She once ate an entire cake in one bite, and you think that her liking to drink alcohol is worrying ;] Besides Pinkie Pie is related to The Apples Their names are picked for what they are or what they like to do. I thin that somehow parents can predict the future and say "Your gonna be a baker, lets call you pie." Others are picked for their family business, Apple Bloom, Apple Jack, Marble etc,etc. And it is possible that Button Mash and his family didn't know about their relatives, after all, Pinkie Pie only just learned about her being related, so how should they know? If
  9. Like who? When they do they're song, We made our marks, Button Mash is the only one seen without a cutie mark.
  10. Tell you what, if you can give me another pony with Apple Bloom and Button Mash's eyes,in Ponyville, then I will admit that this is far fetched. But nopony here can dispute the fact that The Apple Family Tree [ha, the apple tree, I guess one could call it] goes back a long way, we saw in the first episode how many family members were living on the farm alone, and in Apple Family reunion, there was a whole lot more. Why shouldn't there be another pony that is related to The Apples. Are you sure ur not thinking of rainbow dash? lol
  11. Oh God, no, please, don't give me ideas ;] Pinkie Pie is related to the Apples, and her name has nothing to do with it
  12. So, in Crusaders Of The Lost Mark, Button Mash was seen twice, after that, he was also seen in Slice Of Life. Something was bothering me about him, and then I realized: He and Apple Bloom share the same eye color. From what I have seen, no other pony in ponyville has that eye color. He and Babs Seed share the same coat, light brown, though his is slightly darker. Both he and Babs Seed again have the same short tail. Apple Jack mentioned that everypony in the Apple Family were always the last to get their cutie marks. Well, as we see XspoilerX in Crusaders Of The Lost Mark, Bu
  13. Welcome to MLP Forums, Pinkiepie321! I hope you have a great time here. /)

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