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  1. Is anyone here going to EFNW?

  2. Is the spots still available?
  3. I'm currently looking for a room. The latest thing that I think I'll be doing would be the music fest or whatever that they do at each con. I don't plan to be out super late, if that's cool. How much would it cost? The only issue is that I'm a guy, but I'm gay so.. I dunno if that changes anything. If you can't find any other females to share, let me know!
  4. Hello everypony, I'm trying to find a room for EFNW. I plan to fly in either Wednesday, or Thursday. Its the exact same price to fly, but I don't wanna confirm that I'm gonna go until I can be sure I have a place. I'm fine sharing a bed. I have money for it, but I can't commit to going and buying my plane tickets unless I'm 100% sure that I'll have a place to sleep.
  5. holy crap peter, 1062 notifications

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    2. Phanact


      most definitely.

    3. Kelldrick


      Yikes. I don't think I've ever had that many notifications before.

    4. Johnny1226



  6. birthday, Happy! :]

    1. Phanact


      thanks m80

  7. Happy Birthday Phanact! :)

    1. Phanact


      thanks m80

  8. If you ever come back - happy birthday.

    1. Phanact


      thanks m80


      and I have


  9. Discord if he counts. Otherwise Starlight.
  10. No Its a childrens show and they'd never do that.
  11. I like to think its a period of time which the moon changes, like from full back to full.
  12. Wouldn't be hard. Rarity cries a lot.
  13. Anyone here know computers?

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    2. Phanact


      That's not how hyperthreading works.

    3. Rapid Shadow

      Rapid Shadow

      It helps with the work load.

    4. Vulon Bii

      Vulon Bii

      I say "just fine" because you say video editing and recording gameplay. While I could do this on my 6600K, the 6700K would be better for that since editing software does typically benefit from more threads.

  14. I never really get on here very much anymore but I'm always available on discord if you guys want. my server is

  15. Hi

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    2. PiratePony


      A rare Rarity fan approaches!

    3. Johnny1226
    4. Phanact


      I'm sorrry I'm hardly here anymore. I'm at facebook as /phanactfj/