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  1. Phanact

    Tell me your favorite Villain from the show.

    Discord if he counts. Otherwise Starlight.
  2. No Its a childrens show and they'd never do that.
  3. Phanact

    How long is a "Moon" anyway?

    I like to think its a period of time which the moon changes, like from full back to full.
  4. Wouldn't be hard. Rarity cries a lot.
  5. Phanact

    Does Rarity only sell high-end stuff?

    She has a clearance bin I think
  6. Yeh I was mostly just being silly :3
  7. Because they're sisters. That would be weird.
  8. Phanact

    How would you describe Rarity's mane?

    I would use the word delicious.
  9. Phanact

    Will the movie outdo Frozen?

    Nope. I'm sure it'll be awesome but that's like saying star trek will out-do star wars.
  10. I keep em out of the box because I like to hold em
  11. Phanact

    General Do you drink alcohol?

    It can happen at any time in your life, dear.
  12. Phanact

    General Do you drink alcohol?

    You say that now but its so easy to fall into problems with it
  13. Phanact

    General Do you drink alcohol?

    Absolutely not. I have seen it cause way too many problems to way too many people.
  14. Phanact

    How would you feel about an MLP theme park?

    All of my yes I would live there
  15. Phanact

    Rainbow Dash is an incredibly weird character

    For the longest time, that was all I saw. I saw a bit more compassion from here in the Tank hibernation episode, but I still think she's pretty underdeveloped.