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  1. I'd they'd be ok with it, then what kind of soulless monster would I be to say no?
  2. It's not even Saturday yet and toy fair is blowing my frikkin kind like oh my GOOOODDD

  3. On a purely musical level, I 100% agree, I'd only because Kazumi Evans's singing voice is nothing short of INCREDIBLE. Also, on a personal note, villan songs are just dope across the board, ya know?
  4. As a high-functioning autistic, my personality is made up of nothing BUT quirks. If I had to pick a few though, they'd be my tendency to play with my hair when I'm nervous/bored, my tendency to wear summer clothing in winter (except when I go out to do things) Skipping in short bursts whenever I'm excited, & turning the tv volume up to an even number whenever I get the chance...there's probably more I'm forgetting.
  5. God I love threads like these! Anyhow, my favorite band hands down, has to be the one, the only..MUSE. Origin Of Symmetry (New 09 version): Absolution: The Resistance:
  6. Eating breadsticks in the work office & browsing here.
  7. Mainly, I draw my hope from my belief in my own sense of morality, my strong family ties, and my optimistic view of the human spirit. No matter how bad the world can seem, I believe most average people are intrinsically good, and that's what keeps me going, generally.
  8. G'Night everyone!

    1. Johnny1226


      Good night gearspinner

  9. I just checked the wiki, and his name's Crafty Crate: And naw, he never smoked a cigar as far as I know.
  10. Havin' a best friend over, watching a great movie, admiring my new Reprolabels...yeah, life's good. :D

    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      It's more fun if you have friends with you.

    2. The Gear Spinner555
  11. I feel like this is kind of a double-sided coin; it could either re-invigorate the show and go great, or they could screw up MAJORLY. Guess we'll just have to wait & see which side that coin lands on, eh?
  12. Is that a Vehicon in your avatar ?

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    2. The Gear Spinner555

      The Gear Spinner555

      Oh my god SAME!!!! :D I love all gens too, though I'm mostly an Aligned-verse diehard. :D

    3. The Gear Spinner555

      The Gear Spinner555

      Also, I added ya 'cause I liked your profile. :)

    4. Commander Tangent

      Commander Tangent

      Roger Roger :D


      Same here, WFC through RID, probably my favorite continuity.

  13. My love for Pinkie Pie is like The Simpsons; it will never, never, never EVER die.
  14. :preparesforlongafpost.gif: Well, my cutie mark isn't exclusive to my ponysona, it's more of a general logo I've been thinking up for myself. It's a gear inside of a vinyl record, replacing the circular sticker in the very center of the record. It's meant to represent 4 things; the Gear for machinery/robotics, as I love mecha/transformers, the vinyl record for music, which is one of the reasons I breathe. Together, they're my username, as well as meaning mental gears, as I love thinking about complex topics, and inspiring others to do the same.