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  1. [quote name="Frosty Frost" post="4447446" timestamp= Just a word of advice. Is this right? .-. anyway- it's truly an impressive compilation. Consider a career in pony history/anthropology? If you like (and I can figure it out!) I'll post the drawing and backstory I make would I do it on this thread, or the OCs one? She's super excited about it! Thank you again ^-^
  2. (Is this how you reply to things? I'm so sorry for mangling this thread) Thank you so much, this is incredible! I wasn't expecting such a comprehensive guide it's perfect, and I think it covers everything. Wow, the show has such a rich backstory and set-up! I hope you can excuse me for thinking otherwise. Thank you ever so much, I'll be sure to let you know how she receives her now-authentic pony-sona! x
  3. Hi there! So my little sister has recently come to adore everything MLP, which is great- I wasn't exactly encouraged to engage with it or similar kinds of franchise when I was younger, so I guess it's interesting and entertaining for me when she shows me all these songs and characters. I love seeing how happy it makes her! The thing is, she's made me a... pony-sona, or something (worth mentioning here that I'm very new to both forums and MLP, sorry in advance for the mistakes I will make!) called Glitter Hugs, with a storyline and everything (I am apparently an Element of Protection- thou
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