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  1. Hello there, welcome to MLP forums!!!!
  2. So I'm putting a banner for the forums together

  3. Hey guys I recently made a video featuring mandopony and well Treyarch zombies. Here's the link I worked on this for awhile now and I was hoping I could get good reviews/comments anyways I hop you guys are doing well
  4. Does anyone know if or when the next banner contest is? I have a premade banner is like to see on the forums

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    2. DeathBronyYT
    3. DeathBronyYT
    4. Fhaolan


      Send it to me, and I'll pass it on to the other admins. :)

  5. I'd be very interested in being a voice actor or a script editor whatever part is needed most
  6. Yeah I enjoy his content but I don't watch him all the time just saying /) Yeah that's how I see it, it's not my type of videos to watch, I enjoy his content though but not all the time /)
  7. Hey guys how's it going? I hope your doing well anyways I made a joke video for Leafyishere please take a look
  8. Phew I thought I was banned again....

    1. Requiem


      Ha! Get back in your class, schoolboy. Today, a nunky Requiem shall be banned. For hate all that he is seeing, disloyalty to Elements of harmony and because he is just really bad pony.

    2. DeathBronyYT


      I'm always loyal to my fellow bronys lol

  9. Welcome to the forums, have a Bronytastic day
  10. I'm not driving, declining, no even close to crying because I'm trying my best to ignore these girls, there a bunch of pain to the membrain). Can't even contain my sometimes. I'm Sick and tired of these girls trippin'...over the fact that I got nothing to do for them, that's why I put my thoughts on notes, but I know for a fact I can attack, rap without being whack. Ok, now lets go back to my main problem these girls won't back down from me they keep coming back for more but I ignore them I won't adore them tired from boredom I'm asleep wake me up in the morning. Right now I'm pissed because things aren't going my way (for now) but I do plan to continue my carnage that's a promise I cause chaos....everywhere I go because I flow because you know I'm the best since you die like the rest, I'm immortal I'm ready to move on to take control going through the portal of my own life, I'm real as it come in my own right. I want to be me just wanna be free.....I know I've made mistakes. Wait, Since I'm right here I might as well dump these bodies in this lake! (Ha) I'm kidding I'm no slim shady not even Stan close enough to be that crazy just a man I wouldn't get away with it, If had my friend Andre with me I'd get away with gunplay those bullets spray ummm K?? There's so many words I could say about all of them, you see this is no mans land. Everyone getting shot up and buried into the soil, plastic knives like foil. Those shots they coil with oil and blood from my enemies, you see those lighters burning in the moonlight? Capture that into your mind to see what I see for once or twice.
  11. I'm back! Woohoo finally retrieved my account back