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  1. Nicklepony

    have empty beds!!!!

    ok so here's the thing. I got a reservation booked at the Hyatt (aka where the conventions is) starting on the March 29th and valid until the morning of April 2nd. The room has 2 queen beds My rates are a flat $150 per pony. A little about me. I have been to BABS con from the beginning. 1 year I was part of the gophers (a branch of staff/attendee that puts in work time for the con and such). The next year I joined as full fledged staff member working for table top gaming. ...this year I'm lso on Staff s @nd in command of Tabletop. (a glorified title I don't think I'm 100% worthy of but that beside the point) ... why does this matter? It is important that I let you know that I am dedicated to this convention and love it!!! I want to host a room that is a friendly environment for all my ponies (aka roomies). If you still need crash space contact me and I will tell you more. I hope to hear from you and even if I don't hope your con is an awesome one!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Nicklepony

    Two 5th floor spots available.

    skype works best for the moment or I could give you my cell in a pm my skype is nicklepony27@yahoo.
  3. Nicklepony

    Two 5th floor spots available.

    Hi Jugde Me and Fauna joined foreces due to both of us having romates bail on us. I'm working directly with her to move some of my roomies into her rooms and cancel 1 of my 2 rooms I reserved. ... If you still need space I/we had 2 spots open. It's a floor for $100.00 or $150.00 for the 1/2 me r her and we can make this work.
  4. victordaworker. I got some cancels as well. ... was wondering if I can skype/ discord you...?
  5. Nicklepony

    Roomspace Thurs~Mon

    Ok I just wanted you all to know I only got 2 spaces left. with the con 6 days away I hope you all got lodging but if you do contact me and I'll be able to help ya out.
  6. Nicklepony

    Roomspace Thurs~Mon

    @ Mystic lotus: noted. Also this goes to all ye roomless ponies out there. If you need crash space I still got lots left.hit me up if still in need.
  7. Nicklepony

    Looking for a room from 14-16

    Taurson. I can help you out if you still need a room.
  8. Nicklepony

    Anyone still looking for roomates?

    I got a thread and as of this time still have 5 spaces available. Thurs~Mon. (departing on the 17th)
  9. Nicklepony

    Roomspace Thurs~Mon

    for skype it's Nicklepony and just got discord alerted to my presents so that should work too (though I'm new to it) also I still got bed pace err space for up to 5 more So Bitstack if you don't got a room yet I can help ya out =p
  10. Nicklepony

    Roomspace Thurs~Mon

    Captin Whirlwind and VioletRose. Yes I got space for both of you. Also, Violet, yes you're correct that I'd be getting $800 for the 2nd room and $650 for the room I'm staying in. That is 100% correct. however, I'm responsible for covering the cost of the room wether or not the rooms fill. The 100 for floor space and $150 for a shared bed is the rate I decieded to lockin instead of a flexing rate based on the number per room. The only real sorta fancy thing (and it's not much) is I was on the phone for a full hour to insure both rooms will have queen sized beds. other than that their pretty much standard run of the mill rooms. ps Captin and Rose, if you can add me to skype so we can keep up on whats going on. I'm away from home atm, but should be back by the 24th (hopefully sooner) I'm trying to stay online as often as possible in th meantine.
  11. Nicklepony

    Roomspace Thurs~Mon

    l see my last post didn't take so this is more or less re-post. I see that Catbirbpony wanted the last floor space spot. And has/had a good idea bout the Saturday showing. we could work something out. as for ipone and metalcraze yes I do have beds that need ponies. As listed in my 1st post plan on $150 for that. I might have 1 more space left,need to have someone get ahold of me to see if they're serious about goin. If possible could all you get on Skype? It would help me locate you once we get to the hotel and help me see if anything changes happen faster. My Skype is Nicklepony ****update**** Great news I got a 2nd room now you might be thinking this is 'wrong or evil' but rest assured this is adding more ponies crash pads. by doing this I can crate upto to 6 more ponies room space (to be exact). that's 2 more floor spaces and 4 shared queen sized beds rates are the same as in my 1st post... 100 for floor space (up two 2 people/ponies) and 4 shared beds 150 for those (shared bed) now, yes, I did reserve two rooms, but this does allow 6 more crash spaces. so keep that mind people. I'm allowing 6 more per room and count yourself lucky for getting a room for the whole con (IMO) so keep that in mind. Also if interesting I will only be booking 2 rooms. (the 1st room is full so only 2 potentially floor spaces remain (those who already booked n the 1st room have priority for theses ) I'll let you know if any of the floor spaces are still up for grabs. anypony can freely book a shared bed space at the going rate of $150 for their stay which is for the entire con (Thurs~Monday) at this time. I whole heartedly expect this additional room to fill up as well. I hope this helps some more of you get the crash space you need ~Nicklepony
  12. Nicklepony

    Roomspace Thurs~Mon

    Sure thing ZeBrony. I got lots of space still. I'm hoping the closer we get to day 0 the more will see my thread. P.S. I'm glad you're a fellow staffer. IMO it's the best way to do cons.
  13. Nicklepony

    Roomspace Thurs~Mon

    I have a room at the Hyatt starting Thursday the 13th and checking out Monday the 17th. My room has 2 full size beds. what I'm looking for is other ponies over 18 (preferably 21) that want to make use of this. rates are... $150 bits for a shared bed (plan on having one another using it) and $100 bits for floor space. (only want 2 on the floor so to not play sardines ;-/ ... bottle caps won't cut it =/ I like dealing with cash on arrival then handing you the room key-card at that time. I would like to keep this room 'quite' for the most part and not a party room. sure we may agree to other things but lets start with this for the 'plan' and go from there... Alcohol... will be in the room and you must get the ok from whomever brought it before you consume any. (common curtsy here mates =p). Mine will most likely be for the room. and feel free to bring your shared/private stash. any questions feel free to ask. a little about me. I'm 31 yes yes I'm getting old folks, I'll be part of staff for BABS best way to contact me for space is on Skype (Nicklepony). PLEASE mention your for BABS in Skype to help us both out. LETS HAVE A GREAT CON PONIES!!!!!!!
  14. Nicklepony

    Nightmare Rainbow Dash

    heh... ya that would do it. for sure.
  15. Nicklepony

    Food Things You Like To Eat That Most People Don't?

    I like spam myself. don't see anything wrong with it. It's greatest (best) when deep fried and put in with scrambled eggs. Now there is one food that I haven't see on this list yet and that food is ... poi. curious as to if somepony does like it and what the taste reminds them of.