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  1. 483497 @Mirage *hugs* Hiya!
  2. No, that's not too personal. Twilight is my adoptive mother. I was born from a spell meant to resurrect Nightmare Moon, so I... don't have a real mom or dad. But ever since Twilight found me in the Everfree Forest, she's taken care of me like I was her own filly. I love Twilight so much, and I'm super happy to be able to call her Mommy!
  3. Oh woops, I just now realized that the way I worded it sounded like requesting you to visit my thread, when really I meant bring them over to this thread for a question or two. They'll come over in a little while, but until then this is an ask thread after all, so... pie or cake? Which is better?
  4. I might bring over a few more muzzles. So here's my next question: the members of my own ask thread are getting a little stir crazy, do you mind a short field trip over here so they can get to know some things about you as well?
  5. ♫ I believe, I believe, every day's a good day to draw Nyx ♪
    ♪ I believe, I believe, it'll bring a lot of good thoughts to your heart ♫



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