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Everything posted by Totally Roseluck

  1. Well, I'm gonna be gone for a while. Like, a few weeks. I'll see you all again around the start of July. :kindness:

  2. *yawns*

    Good morning everypony! I'm hoping for a beautiful day today. But regardless of if it's one or not, you can count on me to keep up a large goofy grin all day long. :catface: Who's with me? Goofy Grin Friday! :muffins:

    And on the topic of goofy things, have a wonderfully goofy song. :P (What? I shared this one already? Hush! It's good enough to be shared a couple dozen times twice. :yay:)


    Oh, and let's not forget this one. ;) Happy Friday everypony! :pinkie:


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    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Is this gonna be the new theme for Friday? :P

      I totally wouldn't mind if it was. :kirin:

    3. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      @Dark Horse Probably not, the regular Friday theme is still tucked away in there if you can find it though. ;)

    4. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Does that make you a goofy goober? :derp:

  3. There's only one thing I know of that can describe how I'm feeling right now. :ticking:


    This Twilight.



  4. This. This here is wonderful! ^_^ Absolutely beautiful! :yay:



    1. Sparklefan1234


      She goes by many names. I bet she's a S.M.I.L.E. agent. :muffins:

    2. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      We may never know. :ooh:

  5. What's this? The creature has struck again! Once again it's up to you to identify this parasprite before the poor thing is trapped forever in this form. It's time to play... Who's That Parasprite?

    WTP Challenge Level 1



    The winners will receive points equal to the challenge level. 1 point for this round. And as with all rounds, the winners will receive a boop, a hug, and a little something special for the current challenge.

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    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse


      Is this Cheerilee? :ooh:


    3. LyraLover 💚

      LyraLover 💚




    4. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      Another round over with. The parasprite this time was Cheerilee.

      Congrats to our winners: @Loyal Defender, @Lulaypp, @Duality, @Bastian Bolts, @Dark Horse, and @LyraLover !

      *hugs and boops your silly snoots* :P And as promised, the little something fitting the current round's theme:


      Come stop by again in a few days for our next episode of WTP. :squee:

  6. Happy birthday Connie. I hope life's treating you well out there. :kindness:

  7. Hmm, I'd probably team up and post Nyx everywhere!
  8. Oh my! It seems a creature of transformation magic has found its way into Ponyville and intends to play a little game. It's taken an unsuspecting pony and changed them into another creature entirely, and if you can't discover who it originally was by sunset they'll be trapped that way forever! There's no time to search the town and find out who's missing, you have to identify who this creature is.

    It's time to play... Who's That Parasprite?

    (inspired by a drawing made for @ShadOBabe)


    WTP Challenge Level 0: Tutorial Round.


    I'll be keeping a running list of winners of each round.

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    2. Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      Nyxian Society :yay:

    3. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      Alright, I'm closing this round. And to our winners, @Bastian Bolts, @Duality, @Dark Horse, @Lulaypp, and @Princess of Luck 🍀🔥, your prize:

      *hugs and sneaks in a boop upon your snoots* :P

      And as promised, this round's special extra:

    4. Lulaypp


      Yay! All the hugs!!! 

      Oooo..... Good extra! Me likes.

  9. 2054945.gif

    Don't ask why. It just is. :yay:

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    2. Deerie


      What is ? 
      I dun asked

    3. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      @Deerie I'm not really sure, I just really wanted to post this gif. ^_^

    4. Deerie
  10. Waaaaait a second... Has someone been sneaking a peak at my server-specific name in a discord server you're not even in? And also, to stay on topic. Cloverbolt Flame.
  11. Good morning everypony! Friday sure came fast this week. :D

    I hope you all have a great Friday. Share a smile with someone who needs it today. :)


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    2. Rikifive


      It's Friday, Friday!:yay:

      Good morning! :yay:

    3. Lulaypp


      Yay! Friday! Though since it is night for me, Saturday is only a few hours away. 

    4. Tacodidra


      Happy Friday, my friend! :yay: I hope your day is an awesome one! :coco:




  12. Oof, past midnight and I really need to get to bed. Goodnight everypony!


    But Twilight, I don't have time for a story before bed.
    ... Well... maybe a short one. :adorkable:


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    2. Bastian


      I still remember that day, you must have felt great! :squee:

      Anyway, goodnight. :BrightMacContent:

    3. Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      Heh you can;t be as bad as me, being awake at 3:30am and then ending up only getting 4 and a half hours of sleep

    4. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      @Lulaypp You know me well. :ticking:

  13. Hmm, methinks you'd enjoy this art I just stumbled upon. :squee:

    art by VanillaGhosties

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    2. Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      Ooo he’ll probs turn up in a month and comment.:yay:

    3. RaraLover


      I love this! :pinkie: Thanks for sharing, @Totally Roseluck:kindness:

      @Princess of Luck 🍀🔥 Probably longer than a month! This mention would have probably been lost in my other 54783892 notifications I've still yet to go through. :P Lucky that I saw this on your status feed. :Rara:

    4. Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      @RaraLoverayyyy wow I was expecting to wait a much longer before I got a reply lool :yay:

  14. I'm on the opposite end, I have 5 siblings.
  15. That sounds amazing! I might have to try that one out. I'm also a fan of most sandwiches that include icing. (not just the traditional peanut butter and chocolate icing sandwich)
  16. Oh man, I have a great one. I didn't have a whole lot around one night at college. I took a frozen microwavable burrito, cooked it up and put it in the middle of a peanut butter sandwich, then put a nice layer of ranch dressing on top. That thing was delicious!
  17. Bleh, all my drawing inspiration has decided to take a vacation. :yuck:

    Well, if nothing else, Roseluck's back now. :P

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    2. LyraLover 💚

      LyraLover 💚

      Good to see you again, Rose!

    3. Le Trotteur Sauvage

      Le Trotteur Sauvage

      I know that feel, being out of inspiration sucks :blush:

    4. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      @Bas Depends what "them" you mean. Most of the art I post isn't drawn by me.

      @Dark Horse True, but I promised someone a stream today, and I want to make sure it happens. And indeed I did, this has been a great weekend. :D

  18. That sounds a little like my ask thread. But to stay on topic... Lucky, what's scarier, a vampire that eats nothing but chocolate or a werewolf that wants to be a real boy?
  19. *boops the rather distant regal snoots of @Mirage and @Valencia*
  20. Ooh, it's a day! It's a certain day! It's a great day! It is that day, isn't it? I think it is! :pinkie:

    Good morning everypony and happy Friday! :D Have the best of days out there everyone, make the world a brighter place with your smile. :) (and do the Friday Shuffle :P)


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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      It’s my day off today! I hope everyone has a great day!

    3. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      *watches Mr. Horse master the shuffle* :wau:

    4. Sparklefan1234
  21. What is Princess of Hearts' favorite kind of tea? Does Princess of Bolts share that opinion or perhaps prefer a more exciting flavor?
  22. Have I mentioned how nice it is to have a fellow Nyx enthusiast around? :squee:

    1. Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      Lucky Bolt 2.0 🤣

      @Totally Roseluck Yeah, you mentioned back when I joined the forums :P

      Remember that 50 reply long convo we had on your status :D

      Should do that again one day. Also that reminds me, I really need to read The Road Home and Glimpses

    2. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      Sure I mentioned it once, but is once really enough? :P

      Ooh, if you read them, I look forward to discussing. :love: