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  1. I made a video about my opinions on the new trailer and where the movie might be going. Just a disclaimer, I am a little salty in this video so don't get butthurt please.
  2. Oh crap thanks for reminding me I need to add a "Spoiler" tag to this
  3. New video my dudes


  4. I made a video about Season Seven similar to how I made one of Season Six a year ago. Hope you all enjoy /)
  5. I put a disclosure in my comments and I'm done arguing with you. If it still bothers you than you can lock this topic.
  6. I didn't mean it as you "hated 12 year olds," I meant the term "Junior Brony" or "age discrimination." Sorry for the confusion I'm confused what you mean by "miss represented." I tried to lay things out as clearly as I could. I did exaggerate a bit though, you are right. When I was recording I hadn't seen the post since it came out, but when I was editing I realized that they weren't TOO bad, but I still needed evidence for my claim I understand where you're coming from here, but I think you misunderstood me. If you would have read the post that I edited in and listened to my dialogue you would have known that I was portraying them as not "against kids," but against the term "junior brony." People can interpret what they see however they want to and make decisions based on their interpretations. The use of the term "flamed" was blatant exaggeration." As far as editing goes, I do what I want. If you think it's bad I don't really give a shit, I'm not changing how I make my videos. I'm not "revising," or "remaking" anythings. I really don't care how "big" people are on the forums, I can put their comments in if I want, they put their responses publicly on the topic. No need to tag them and bring them into this by the way, but I'm glad you did though because they had good things to say. Everybody just needs to calm down, at the end of the day I'm just some guy on the internet who has an opinion that you and some others might not agree with.
  7. I wasn't always like that. I used to be really unorganized until I got an extremely hash criticism from the mlp subreddit (of course) and I realized my problems. Also thanks for the feed back /)
  8. I made a video about kids in the brony fandom. Feel free to leave whatever feedback you want, but just remember that this is all my opinion. There is some swearing in this video, just a heads up.
  9. Monster energy drink. (if it counts as food) What is you best pony related experience?
  10. I made a video talking about my thoughts on upcoming seasons and when pony should come to an end. DISCLAIMER: I do make some jokes that some people would consider offensive, just keep in mind that they are jokes and I do not mean anything by them.
  11. I made a video talking about my thoughts on clop. *Note: I don't clop-shame in this video incase anypony gets the wrong idea.
  12. New video for all of my inactive followers

  13. Made a commentary about my experiences with spoilers. Hope you enjoy!