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  1. WitchGoddess

    Season 7 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    It's verified to air in April, but it will most likely be on Easter like it has been the past few seasons already. The first seems like too much of a joke date to me.
  2. WitchGoddess

    Season 7 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    This is silly. Very silly.
  3. WitchGoddess


    Did they fix any of these bugs yet? Namely the spawners changing back to the original mob?
  4. WitchGoddess

    I can't join..

    Are you still having this issue? Which version of Minecraft are you running? The current version is 1.11.2, and the server is currently at 1.11. If you're using the current version, you'll have to downgrade in order for it to work.
  5. WitchGoddess

    Season 7 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    I'm just putting this video here... https://youtu.be/0WCbSo5cqMw
  6. WitchGoddess

    Season 7 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    I want to know more about the origins of the Princesses, as well as know more about the other draconequus in their world and why they are so rare (we already know there's more than one due to the Elements of Harmony guidebook and hints in the show). Another thing I'd like to see is the show referencing the Equestria Girls movies in the same way that the movies reference the show. It doesn't even have to be anything big, even a mention would do. Although, I am wondering if Sunset Shimmer or her double would ever go back to Equestria.
  7. WitchGoddess


    1. Monster spawners keep resetting to the original mob several minutes after changing it with a spawn egg. 2. Not sure if this was intentional, but changelings lose their disguise when they hit any entity, even items in frames.
  8. WitchGoddess

    1.9 Server Announcement

    Alright, we just had no way of knowing until you told us. I think we'd really just appreciate a little more communication while we're waiting, like letting us know what kinds of bugs you've fixed, stuff like that. Not trying to be rude at all but not saying anything did make it seem to feel like you guys forgot about the server, even though we knew you probably didn't. Not trying to tell you how to do your job, just a little constructive feedback.
  9. WitchGoddess

    1.9 Server Announcement

    I think we'd rather you have to fix minor bugs in production than have to wait so long that you have to start over with updating to the new version that we never get to play because we're waiting on you guys.
  10. WitchGoddess

    1.9 Server Announcement

    Not to be a bug, but I am wondering what the status of the updates are.
  11. WitchGoddess

    BOI Y

    Just search your username here and click on the name for the (very short version) reason. https://poniarcade.com/punishments
  12. WitchGoddess

    Spoiler So about "feeding" changelings

    His body is full of holes. I'm pretty sure that a healthy well-fed changeling would be more solid.
  13. WitchGoddess

    Spoiler So about "feeding" changelings

    Oh, I see. Well, I guess it's possible thorax had the same idea at some point. If you're hungry long enough though, you'll probably wind up stealing food.
  14. WitchGoddess


    As stated in the first post here: https://mlpforums.com/topic/152132-19-server-announcement/ " Equally, you can spend bits on many features: New classes, Master Classes, which provide even greater benefits to the existing classes The long awaited Alicorn! Players were only able to obtain this back in older server days from donations, but with hard work you can gain access to this class! Items from the Item Plaza Enchantments from the Enchanting Plaza Rent payments to reside in staff controlled areas; these are determined by staff if they so choose Rent homes on the Equestria Server, as well as use money to buy materials to make furniture for their homes ...and many other manners too! "
  15. WitchGoddess

    Spoiler So about "feeding" changelings

    He's most likely the changeling seen at the wedding in the background ponies episode. So he was probably absorbing the love there, as well as possibly going to other weddings, and/or pretending to be another pony/animal for love.