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  1. Woo hoo! My first year as a pegasister!

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    2. Miss
    3. Drunk Not I Am
    4. Knightgem


      Gratz! It's my first year as a brony myself, though it's not until April sometime that I admit defeat and learn to accept this part of me :D I believe I was heading in to season 3 at this time(for the first time) and trying to figure out why this show draws me in etc. Once again Congratulations! :D

  2. 9/10 it was beautiful! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y1f5cxY_nfY
  3. Why, why, WHY do I sound like Spitfire?

    1. SolarFlare13


      Do you really? :P X3

    2. Combine Slodier

      Combine Slodier

      That's cute, take advantage of that. o.o'

    3. PiratePony


      Spitfire sounds cool though :)

  4. Make a wish it's your birthday!

  5. Ummm...... Probably the heir to the throne of love?
  6. Lightning attack Eternal Blaze Cloud Touch Blue Zoom
  7. POtAtO

    1. Knightgem


      Boil'em, mash'em, stick'em in a stew!

    2. Tarnation


      And that's gonna make them tastier.

  8. 7/10 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VqOq5b50Uxg
  9. Twilight Sparkle- Dawn Riser Rarity- Diamondus Applejack- Applejoe Rainbow Dash- Lightning Dash Fluttershy- Butter Bubble Pinkie Pie- Berry Pie
  10. 50% Pinkie Pie, totally crazy, energetic, and sooooo random. 30% Rarity, I'm a total drama queen! and I love looking gorgeous, and I'm pretty creative with designs. 20% Luna or Nightmare Moon, because I'm a loner and I'm mysterious, plus! I'm always envious of my older sister! I wish I had a sister like Celestia, this sister is bossy. And I'm in the shadows, with a lot of gossip going on about me.
  11. You watch it too much. Mom! My cutie mark is a banana!
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