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  1. Tarnation

    Rate song, then post another!

    9/10 it was beautiful! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y1f5cxY_nfY
  2. Tarnation

    What should Flurry Heart be the princess of?

    Ummm...... Probably the heir to the throne of love?
  3. Tarnation

    I suck at names! Help naming Pony OC?

    Lightning attack Eternal Blaze Cloud Touch Blue Zoom
  4. Tarnation

    How weird is the above video or pic?

    7/10 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VqOq5b50Uxg
  5. Tarnation

    Mane 6 Male Names

    Twilight Sparkle- Dawn Riser Rarity- Diamondus Applejack- Applejoe Rainbow Dash- Lightning Dash Fluttershy- Butter Bubble Pinkie Pie- Berry Pie
  6. Tarnation

    Select three ponies to define your personality

    50% Pinkie Pie, totally crazy, energetic, and sooooo random. 30% Rarity, I'm a total drama queen! and I love looking gorgeous, and I'm pretty creative with designs. 20% Luna or Nightmare Moon, because I'm a loner and I'm mysterious, plus! I'm always envious of my older sister! I wish I had a sister like Celestia, this sister is bossy. And I'm in the shadows, with a lot of gossip going on about me.
  7. Tarnation

    Mom! My cutie-mark is a_____!

    You watch it too much. Mom! My cutie mark is a banana!
  8. Tarnation

    Your reaction to what the user above you did

    Get me another one. Paints everything in my way your least liked colour
  9. Tarnation

    General Why did you choose your username?

    Because, what in TARNATION !? I mean, I'm obsessed with that phrase.
  10. Tarnation

    Roast your least liked pony

    Spoiled rich, why so posh, iit because of you drinking you stupid spoilt milk, I bet your name definitely describes you! And Svengallop, trying to be a pop star, I guess you'll just pop! What about you, Gladmane', too stupid to manage your own hotel, and yet think of opening all over town, ponies will throw fire a t it!
  11. Tarnation

    Sēkr Gray

    This is a good OC!
  12. Tarnation

    What flavor of ice cream/frozen treat is the user above you?

    Cookies and cream with a bit of mint!
  13. Tarnation

    Mega Thread Your favourite pony and why?

    If I had to arrange the main six: 1. Rarity 2. Pinkie Pie 3. Applejack 4. Rainbow Dash 5. Twilight Sparkle 6. Fluttershy But honestly, I love them all. The first three I go really fan girling about. Even Applejack