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  1. viper213

    An Apology

    yeah we have a minecraft server, not particulary active per say but still up n running ^-^
  2. viper213


    welcome to the forums ^^ hope you enhoy your stay
  3. viper213

    Through the best and worst of times...

    welcome to the community ^^ if you ever need anything just throw a pm my way i respond to them... eventually ^^ yet again welcome and thanks for the story about yourself too
  4. viper213

    Bronies are still around?!

    welcome ^^ yeah we are still around. if you need anything just ask.
  5. viper213


    welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your stay ^^ if you ever need anything just throw a message my way
  6. viper213

    This forum is really ergonomic

    I have to agree, this forum is set out really well, and the character limit does stop really short answers that either derail a topic or just bring it to a grinding halt. very good design overall
  7. viper213


    i am just on the edge of it as i just turned 18 but screw it, i dont look 18
  8. viper213

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    i am bisexual i swing either way tbh
  9. viper213

    *anxiety intensifies*

    welcome to the forums i hope you like it here, if you ever need anything just pm me ^^
  10. viper213

    Where is the season 7 hype!?

    just gonna say, the hype is right here *points at self* WOOOOOOOO..... no oh okay then. so much awsome
  11. viper213


    welcome to the forums, if you need anything just ask I always reply (probably.....maybe) I used to be a huge closet brony till it leaked into school which was um.... fun but welcome anyway and hope you enjoy your stay
  12. viper213

    Need help with getting my radio series back on track.

    i dont mind lending my voice for any side characters or anything like that. this would be my first time experiance for this so i have no idea what i would be doing but i have skype and a mic so i have the basics....... maybe pm if your interested (i am great at selling my skills eh?)
  13. viper213


    welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your stay here, if you need anything just send me a message and i should respond (eventually..... probably) here have a cider *hands cider*
  14. viper213

    What are your favourite things to do on MLP Forums?

    sit around and talk to the newer users or put my opinion on topics about characters, or just type on peoples topics
  15. viper213

    Season 7 Premiere

    i agree a little more fleshing out of starlight but it should be a good season if they can do that hell i am pretty sure it will be good anyway