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  1. Sorry everypony but i wont be on anymore. I've got way too much stuff to do and keep track of. My account will stay up, just wont be active. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Alpharius


      It's alright it's your life we'll miss you though ^~^

  2. Sorry for being gone so long everypony, a lot of stuff has been happening in my life. Including being dumped by my girlfriend.....

    1. CinnamonPop


      That sucks... >.<

  3. Silver grasped the Crystal a bit tighter as it engulfed the three of them in a blinding white light. They vanished from their original location. As the light faded around them they found themselves in the castle of Celestia and Luna, in front of the Mane 6, Celestia, Cadence, and Chrysalis. "Remember, do not interact with anypony else, we fight and weaken Chrysalis, and leave. Okay?" He reminded the two.
  4. "Alright then, grab onto me and we'll head out." He instructed as he grasped the Time Crystal tightly. It began to glow even more, emitting a bright, blue shine. Silver closed his eyes and concentrated on where they needed to go, waiting for the other two.
  5. Yeah, I understand that, the CaC (or Create a Character) is the one thing people want expanded most, and I do too, but it's not what I want MOST, and I hope they continue to support the first Xenoverse game. But as for this one, the thing I want most since the movie titles have been teased, I'm really hoping to see a main story mode quest with Resurrection F.