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  1. These pictures are done. These OCs will be ready to be re-drawn with digital art but something keep pestering me. "Am I ready to do? Will I prove to be capable off? Or will i quit just like the previous times?" It's this feeling of inadequacy that keeps me from trying.
  2. Probably not show of the year in my opinion as a good chunk of matches fell flat if not average at best (bar MJF vs Jungle Boy). The main events were great tho.
  3. I haven't replied for a long time so long... have a hippogriff as a gift of apology.
  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Laurel Crown

      Laurel Crown

      Aw, sorry I couldn't thank you before TmT

    2. Denim&Venöm


      Hey better late than never right?

  5. Dragon Quest. At the time I moved away from a GTA forum full of rough and "wanna-be-cool" boys to stay in the MLP one where they actually cared for me and they're still friends after all these years. That episode perfectely summed a good chunk of my life.
  6. My OC and a Kirin (OC from a friend of mine) drawn in the style of Pocket Ponies. She's the OC of a friend of mine who's recently dismissed from the hospital so why not making this experimental drawing a gift as well?
  7. This time it's two ponies based on two Overwatch League teams. Yes, I watch it xD
  8. I never read the manga or anything from Ito despite knowing his fame as a horror author. It's gonna be interesting from a non-fan.
  9. Something along 30 hours. I couldn't fall asleep during the travel Europe-Japan and despite arriving at the hotel with everyone tired out, the group leader still chose to take a tour around some districts in Tokyo. I barely managed to take a shower and eat at McD's but in the end I was literally destroyed.
  10. Although pretty late, I'm going to give my 2cents on the night it was All Out
  11. I'm back in business... well, almost. lol

  12. The show may end but the fandom and everything the cartoon made will forever live, in my opinion. I'm just glad I followed the show after all these years and I'll always be grateful to the people who made it so memorable
  13. Not only are the new entries cool to see but the card is also hype. My main worry tho is how they're gonna handle their show on a weekly basis, even though they already had the neat idea to divide each division by different execs: Cody for the main division, Nick and Matt for the tag teams and Kenny for the women.