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  1. Greetings, everybody it is I, MrYossarian. I'm not very good with describing things here, so I'll try to be as clear as possible... So recently, I was messing around with the video game named Brothers in Arms and I tried to look at some editors that would allow me to modify the ressources. Eventually, I've found an editor for this game and then I took my time to see everything that this program could do and then, an idea popped in my head. Since I could easily modify the ressources of the game, I've tough about making a Total Conversion of this game with MLP:FiM assets. So, I've taken a few ponies faces from some RPG Maker games (since they were almost identical) and I've done the editing and, to be honest, I've got quite a good laugh from it. Take a look by yourself ! Oh, and don't worry about the text's language. My native language is French. *THE FOLLOWING CONTENT CONTAINS BLOOD, IT'S MINIMAL, BUT I DON'T KNOW IF IT WILL CLASSIFIED AS NSFW* Now, there's many things wrong in these pictures: - The soldiers aren't ponies. - The view model is made of human arms instead of hooves. - The names are wrong (Matt Baker and Joe Hartsock?) - The germans aren't modified yet. And THAT'S where I'm stuck. I know how to modify the interface, importing models, changing sounds and all, but I don't have the necessary assets for being able to do that. I know how to execute the job, I just don't have the patience nor time to look at the sources. This is why I need the help of the community, because that's pretty much the only thing that will be done if I don't get any help. So, you want to help? Good, here's the many things that I need. Oh and just in case you're wondering what is the engine of this game, it's UnrealEd 2. Casting idea: One thing that I'm sure of is that the US Commander, Matt Baker, will be Twilight, there's no doubt about it. However, I'm not too sure if Dashie should be the second US commander (Keep in mind that Joe Hartsock is the commander in the campaign.) I still don't know what the german soldiers will look like and I'm not too sure if the Generic US Soldiers are going to be Mane 6 characters (Generic Soldiers are pretty much clones) If you want to decide who is who, this is for you. Interface: Changing the faces and the icons aren't a problem for me, the problem is, again, the sources. So, if you feel like drawing or providing faces of ponies and/or icons, this job is for you. Voice: By default, the US Commanders and the Generic US Soldiers have their own voice. Matt Baker have his own, Joe Hartsock as well. Hooper (Rarity), York (Applejack) and Wheaton (Pinkie Pie) have their own unique voice as well. Even tough we aren't sure about the fate of the Mane 6 characters in this mod, it doesn't really matter because apart from the commanders, every soldiers have the same schedule of dialogue lines. However, you better get yourself some water if you're planning to do some voice acting, there's nearly 125 dialogue lines for each characters. So, if you love to do some voice acting, this job is for you. That's pretty much all the jobs for now, I'm aware that there's more things that need to be acheived, but we'll do one thing at a time. Thank you for taking your time to read this post, and I hope you'll help me(us) with this project. Have a nice day everyone.