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  1. Sorry y'all. I've just come back from vacation. And as much as I want to come back, the truth is I desire to write stories. There can be no compromise, so I have to leave.
  2. @Queen Chrysalis Servant Hi all, I won't be present on site for a while, I plan my return to be on Friday 21st April.
  3. @Cosmic Breeze Hi all, I won't be present on this site for a while, I plan to make my return on Friday 21st April.
  4. Hi all. I won't be present on this site for a while. I plan my return to be on Friday 21st April.
  5. Getting there the day before is a nice little advantage, you can check the route, make sure you've got the right place, etc. I intend to go down to the convention hotel the day before as well. It's massively reassuring to me to make sure of details and to know the route I will need to take the day before, to avoid any unnecessary confusion.
  6. Less than 6 days to go!
  7. @ThunderCrush I'm waiting on you. Plus, there are still two openings at Raven's table. I'm starting to wonder if I've gone about this in the wrong way.
  8. Open

    @Pr0m4NV14, @Orange Sparks, @CentipedeGhoul "The name's Raven," Raven fumed at Cinnamon not remembering her name as she thought he had heard her introduce herself to Bridge. Then, noticing the hospital itself, she noticed though in the countryside, the exterior of the building was presentable. Appaloosa lacked a proper hospital with the sheriff's office being the only area with medical equipment, so this was the first time, Raven had laid eyes on a proper hospital. She was impressed and it's size suggested there was room for a good few injured ponies who needed treatment and Raven stood still to admire the building for a bit.
  9. Open

    @Pr0m4NV14, @CentipedeGhoul, @Orange Sparks Raven decided now they were on the way to the hospital, she might as well stay part of the group, but she did admire the sight of colourful flowers and their delightful scents as they passed by a few gardens on their way.
  10. Open

    @Pr0m4NV14, @CentipedeGhoul, @Orange Sparks Raven nodded in agreement, but now wondered if taking Cinnamon to hospital required three ponies. It probably didn't, but the clumsy fall of Cinnamon made her worry and once Cinnamon was being treated and at hospital, she would make an excuse to leave and maybe ask the pony she thought to be a local for a proper tour.
  11. Meanwhile, in the sandy frontier town of Appaloosa, ponies were starting to gossip that the royal family were planning something like possibly the next Galloping Gala. Raven was surprised to hear about it, rumours from Canterlot seldom came all the way to Appaloosa, but she got home from work, an invitation letter was waiting for her. She read it with shock the first time, but then took a deep breath and read it again and the words hadn't changed, the invite to a coronation was genuine. "Hmm, I thought Appaloosa was still off-radar for these sort of things," Raven commented, but it did intrigue her and she had never been to Canterlot or the royal castle before. Adventure and a chance to see areas beyond the sandy streets of Appaloosa appealed to Raven. In truth, there were times seeing a tumbleweed roll through town at mid-day reminded Raven that when there was no rodeos or a buck-ball match, Appaloosa did get quiet, but the big city of Canterlot would be more much vibrant and have greater amount of activity. Her mind made up by that fact, Raven trotted to the train station, paid the ticket fee and got on the train to Canterlot.
  12. @Queen Chrysalis Servant Are you only accepting OC's that fill out the forum? If you want something to reference to Raven on this thread, I will include my database entry.
  13. A country styled hat like what Applejack wears.
  14. @Trixie . The offers still open for Crystal Cog or a new OC to join Raven at the table, if you do, it would me, @ThunderCrush and you, plus one other.
  15. Open

    @Pr0m4NV14, @CentipedeGhoul, @Orange Sparks Raven took notice of the Earth pony introducing himself as Cinnamon Spice and added a greeting nod to show she had paid attention, but when the Earth pony said he'd never got her name when he was in the vicinity when she introduced herself to Bride, she was a little annoyed. Then, another new arrival on scene said "Uh, no, you weren't exactly disturbing me." Took a look at Bridge and added a respectful nod and stated he'd been worried. "Hay, ya' wouldn't know where the nearest hospital is?" Raven asked in the direction of the newcomer as she thought he might be local and the Earth pony might still need a check-up.