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  1. To those saying 'masculinity is not toxic' you're missing the point. Toxic masculinity is a separate idea from masculinity. Masculinity is fine as long as it doesn't become toxic. So when people call something an example of toxic masculinity if you're masculine and not being toxic you're fine. Here's the definition of Toxic Masculinity-https://www.tolerance.org/magazine/what-we-mean-when-we-say-toxic-masculinity "Toxic masculinity is a narrow and repressive description of manhood, designating manhood as defined by violence, sex, status and aggression. It’s the cultural ideal of manliness, where strength is everything while emotions are a weakness; where sex and brutality are yardsticks by which men are measured, while supposedly “feminine” traits—which can range from emotional vulnerability to simply not being hypersexual—are the means by which your status as “man” can be taken away." "Discussing toxic masculinity is not saying men are bad or evil, and the term is NOT an assertion that men are naturally violent."
  2. This implies girls are only interested in guys. There are plenty who like other girls. That said and speaking as a non-binary fellow who is into people of many different genders I tend to focus on someone's smile and eyes first. A lot of times its someone's expression that makes them attractive to me. I'm into all kinds of physiques so if someone has a great personality and looks shy or sultry or mischievous the odds are good the rest of their body will end up looking every bit as sexy. The whole 'working out and having a really buff.muscled physique = overcompensation" is a myth. Most weightlifters I've known have been really decent people who just loved pushing their physical abilities to the limit. Sculpting one's body is an art form and has been considered such since at least the Renaissance. It's unfair to bodybuilders to assume they're all victims of toxic masculinity.
  3. I've been on a Miami Vice kick since last October. Overall aside from three or four episodes the show holds up. It helps that the way it was filmed & the music contributed to it feeling like it takes place in its own 'Miami Vice Universe'. Only unlike most Marvel films the shows a lot more grounded in reality (for the most part). At any rate this version of Jan Hamnmer's Crockett's Theme is pretty good. Pretty good tune, actually.
  4. I like most any kind of pizza but I'm fondest of Pizza Hut & Dominos due to nostalgia and pineapple pizza. Speaking of the latter I don't get the all-out hate pineapple pizza gets. Or rather I do get it and think the bandwagon 'let's all trash pineapple pizza and look down on anyone who likes it for lol's' is abysmally stupid.
  5. (I'm not sure what to put in this section-sorry!)
  6. I haven't done much decent art since 2013 but I've done some pony stuff I'm proud of. There's more on my DA if anyone is interested. I put 'no critique' only because I don't know if I'll get back to drawing anytime soon. I don't enjoy it like I used to. That said if you'd like to offer some I'm more than willing to listen as I might end up getting back into art, who knows? Thanks for checking out my work. https://www.deviantart.com/ziddersroofurry/art/TwiDash-in-the-sky-567612955 https://www.deviantart.com/ziddersroofurry/art/An-Apple-a-Night-562513260 https://www.deviantart.com/ziddersroofurry/art/Rainbow-Showers-580854228
  7. I got into pony back when the meme's were first starting to make their way around. I think the show had been on a few weeks. Mostly though I was using the cute ponies to troll haters over on the Runic Games forum. I was (and still am) part of the Torchlight community and we had a spate of really obnoxious trolls. My first real 'pony' experience was being allowed by the developers to continue spamming meme's until most of the trolls got fed up and left. Then of course spamming meme's was made against the rules lol (I'm still cool with the devs tho). Later on in 2011 I started hanging out on a community Minecraft server and two of my friends there wanted me to watch the show with them. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. I have a difficult time enjoying shows about friendship by myself. We watched the series for about two or three months when they had a falling out and stopped hanging out on the server (and with me). It was hard to watch the show after that as all it did was remind me of the friends I'd lost. Fortunately in 2013 I made a really good friend who became my best friend and I ended up getting him into the show. We've been huge fans ever since. Such huge fans that I consider myself Dash and he considers himself Twilight. The characters are so similar to us and we identify with them so much. They mean a lot to us and always will. It sucks knowing that's all we'll see of 'our' ponies but we're both optimistic about G5. Yeah it will suck their not being the ponies we fell in love with but we wouldn't be staying true to 'our' ponies if we didn't give them a chance. I agree with KawaiiYandere 100% when they say as long as we do our best to be kind, loving, compassionate, accepting and good friends we'll keep that magic going. I was a Star Trek fan back when there wasn't much of a fandom and I've seen it grow through numerous new series and new characters with every new iteration adding something special to Star Treks legacy. We're like Trekkies only instead of "Live long and prosper, we say, "Live long and brohoof." Bronies will be around for a long, long time.
  8. I'm ashamed to say that I've been having a difficult time embracing Starlight Glimmer. I'm not looking forward to this episode as much since she's in it. I feel bad because I don't like not liking things having to do with MLP:FiM.
  9. Thank you for the warm welcome, Bogrick. I'm very fortunate when it comes to being able to make friends and find enjoyment wherever I go. I'm sure I'll be just fine though the well wishes are more than appreciated. I hope love and serendipity follow you and yours wherever you go.
  10. Dying horribly or alone. I hope when it happens it's painless and people I love are near. I would prefer it happen in my sleep.
  11. Using a different pencil OR an ink liner are great ways to go. If you still lack confidence in your line work pencil is a bit more forgiving but don't be afraid to goof up. Remember-you can always draw a new image. You're going to make mistakes. Don't be afraid of them. They'll help you learn. I know I'm not offering much technical advice but the mental aspect of your art is every bit as important as what you use to draw. Being kind to yourself, believing in yourself and accepting mistakes and learning from them are important tools to utilize as well. Art is a skill. The more you do it the better you'll get so keep at it!
  12. Hi, all. I'm a 41 year old pony fan who lives in Bertram, Texas who has been a member of the furry community for almost a decade. I got into MLP back in the 80's but wasn't a hard core fan until some friends got me to watch Friendship is Magic back in 2011 (though I'd known about the show around December of 2010 I just didn't watch it because I had nobody to watch it with). I've been on disability since 2006 and spend most of my time writing poems, short stories and creating art. I'm also a musician and have been playing guitar since '86. I'm a huge fan of roleplaying games and have spent the last year playing Ponyfinder (an MLP:FiM-themed campaign setting for the Pathfinder tabletop rpg). It's been a lot of fun. I'm into all kinds of music though I tend to favor heavy metal/hard rock and parodies. I love Weird Al! I love music in general-there's not much I won't listen to. One of the biggest reasons I love this show is because I heavily identify with both Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Twilight is another favorite of mine though I love all the ponies (and Spike!). Much like the furry fandom the brony fandom has helped me make a lot of great friends and brought me a ton of happiness. I try to do my best to make people smile and laugh (like Pinkie) and hope that everyone reading this loves themselves as much as they can. You deserve your own love, respect, compassion and kindness. I look forward to getting to know everyone. If there's anything anypony would like to know about me please feel free to ask! -Z
  13. Welcome to MLP Forums, ziddersroofurry! I hope you have a great time here. /)