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  1. Let's see: the largest horse in recorded history was a Shire named Mammoth, who was born in 1848. He stood 21.2 hands (86 inches, 218 cm) high, and his peak weight was estimated at 1,524 kilograms (3,360 lb). Celestia's a big girl (for you), so let's say that that's her size. Naim Süleymano, seen by some as history's greatest weightlifter, could lift upwards of 190.0 kilograms, that's 418.9lb. Celestia could be 1/4th of Mammoth's weight and she'd still weight 191 kg more than Naim himself could lift. You can't lift Princess Celestia.
  2. Something in the vein of an episode of Courage The Cowardly Dog would definately be fun, but i'm not sure if they'd be able to pull it off: scary imagery is hard to do with MLP's clean and cutesy art style. Still, it would be pretty neat if they managed to do it.
  3. I think it's a neat touch that they're going in depth about how the school works and what exactly each member does, it's not a lot, but it's definately better than nothing. Other than that i generally liked this episode, towards the ending i was expecting Cozy Glow to be a jerk who failed on purpose just to mess with the CMC, but the direction the episode actually went was a lot better. Other than that i guess don't really have much to say about this one.
  4. Well, this episode kind of explains why so many teenaged dragons act the way they do, getting kicked out of home like that has got mess you up pretty badly. I at the same time kinda love and hate how MLP's dragons are slowly becoming G-rated versions of the Orks from WH40K with how comedically awful their society can be. Also, i was hoping they would establish that dragons can grow up and age without it being greed induced. I suppose the ex-dragonlord Torch was already a hint at that, but now it's 100% confirmed. Anyway, guess we finally know why Spike didn't have wings while all ot
  5. She might be something like a magical marriage/relationship counselor, or maybe she's supposed to spread the word of love just like Twilight does with friendship, or maybe she just helps ponies find the right partners for them, could also be all of those things. Or it might be that she's mastered love-based magic, so that's why she gets to be the princess of that.
  6. Here's the thing though: in one of the RPs i made i pretty much copy-pasted the rulebook for the system i was using(Mighty Blade) onto the topic and it still didn't seem to work out. But i'll take what you said into consideration and try to leave a link to leave a link to the rulebook next time. As for stats and rolls, i really have a hard time running an RP without them because, when it comes to DMing, i try my best to make things as fair and balanced as possible, and incorporating those aspects into the game are the best way to accomplish that as far as i know. I could just rely on my c
  7. So lately i've started an OOC topic for a new RP, and just like my last one, it suffered from a lack of players that stopped it from actually starting. Despite recieving a arge amount of views, both RPs only had one player sign up to them, which wasn't enough to start the RP since i was looking for at least two players of more. So my question is: how do i make an RP that people will actually want to play? I'd really like to know what i'm doing wrong, since the RPs i make here have the same style as the ones i'd make in the Sonic Rainboom forum, a brazilian MLP forum that also has an RP s
  8. I watched this movie back when it originally came out and had forgotten all about it, it's pretty bad but nothing's ever gonna outdo Trolland when it comes to bad movies.
  9. Just finished Chrono Trigger for the first time, man was this game a blast to play!

  10. An ant, it has the speed advantage. Devilman Vs. Bugs Bunny.
  11. It's a simple game: take two or more completely random characters from...Well, anything and pit them against eachother, then the next person to reply gets to say which one wins! The more nonsensical the fight, the better. Mind you, this thread isn't ment for serious discussions about who would win, it's just a silly game, don't forget that I'll start: Santa Claus Vs. Goku
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