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  1. Let's see: the largest horse in recorded history was a Shire named Mammoth, who was born in 1848. He stood 21.2 hands (86 inches, 218 cm) high, and his peak weight was estimated at 1,524 kilograms (3,360 lb). Celestia's a big girl (for you), so let's say that that's her size. Naim Süleymano, seen by some as history's greatest weightlifter, could lift upwards of 190.0 kilograms, that's 418.9lb. Celestia could be 1/4th of Mammoth's weight and she'd still weight 191 kg more than Naim himself could lift. You can't lift Princess Celestia.
  2. Something in the vein of an episode of Courage The Cowardly Dog would definately be fun, but i'm not sure if they'd be able to pull it off: scary imagery is hard to do with MLP's clean and cutesy art style. Still, it would be pretty neat if they managed to do it.
  3. I think it's a neat touch that they're going in depth about how the school works and what exactly each member does, it's not a lot, but it's definately better than nothing. Other than that i generally liked this episode, towards the ending i was expecting Cozy Glow to be a jerk who failed on purpose just to mess with the CMC, but the direction the episode actually went was a lot better. Other than that i guess don't really have much to say about this one.
  4. Well, this episode kind of explains why so many teenaged dragons act the way they do, getting kicked out of home like that has got mess you up pretty badly. I at the same time kinda love and hate how MLP's dragons are slowly becoming G-rated versions of the Orks from WH40K with how comedically awful their society can be. Also, i was hoping they would establish that dragons can grow up and age without it being greed induced. I suppose the ex-dragonlord Torch was already a hint at that, but now it's 100% confirmed. Anyway, guess we finally know why Spike didn't have wings while all other dragons did, baby dragons just don't have those. I was starting to wonder if he really was a dragon and theorizing that he was a drake instead...Guess i was just overthinking this as usual. Solid episode, i'd say, i particularly liked how they portrayed the roc, those guys really deserve to appear in tv shows and movies more often
  5. She might be something like a magical marriage/relationship counselor, or maybe she's supposed to spread the word of love just like Twilight does with friendship, or maybe she just helps ponies find the right partners for them, could also be all of those things. Or it might be that she's mastered love-based magic, so that's why she gets to be the princess of that.
  6. Here's the thing though: in one of the RPs i made i pretty much copy-pasted the rulebook for the system i was using(Mighty Blade) onto the topic and it still didn't seem to work out. But i'll take what you said into consideration and try to leave a link to leave a link to the rulebook next time. As for stats and rolls, i really have a hard time running an RP without them because, when it comes to DMing, i try my best to make things as fair and balanced as possible, and incorporating those aspects into the game are the best way to accomplish that as far as i know. I could just rely on my common sense for that, sure, but as a human being i'm inherently partial and biased, and as such relying solely on my "common sense" often just doesn't bode well with me. Either way, thank you for your help.
  7. So lately i've started an OOC topic for a new RP, and just like my last one, it suffered from a lack of players that stopped it from actually starting. Despite recieving a arge amount of views, both RPs only had one player sign up to them, which wasn't enough to start the RP since i was looking for at least two players of more. So my question is: how do i make an RP that people will actually want to play? I'd really like to know what i'm doing wrong, since the RPs i make here have the same style as the ones i'd make in the Sonic Rainboom forum, a brazilian MLP forum that also has an RP session, and even thought Sonic Rainboom has less members than this forum, i never had that problem there, i honestly don't understand what's going wrong.
  8. I watched this movie back when it originally came out and had forgotten all about it, it's pretty bad but nothing's ever gonna outdo Trolland when it comes to bad movies.
  9. Just finished Chrono Trigger for the first time, man was this game a blast to play!

  10. An ant, it has the speed advantage. Devilman Vs. Bugs Bunny.
  11. It's a simple game: take two or more completely random characters from...Well, anything and pit them against eachother, then the next person to reply gets to say which one wins! The more nonsensical the fight, the better. Mind you, this thread isn't ment for serious discussions about who would win, it's just a silly game, don't forget that I'll start: Santa Claus Vs. Goku
  12. Still looking for new players for my RP, only need one more so we can start. Anyone who's interested can check it out here.

  13. Nice, thanks for signing up, your stats are: Strength: 2 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 4 Willpower: 3 Since you're a pegasus you can fly and walk on clouds, as well as use your turn and spend 30 mana points to cause either rain(makes the ground slippery, forcing the opponents to succeed in an agility test at the beginning of their turn, falling down in case they fail and making them lose their turn), fog(makes it difficult to see, giving all players a +1 advantage when dodging attacks and all opponents a -1 disadvantage when performing ranged attacks), lightning(hits one random opponent, causing a random number from 10 to 30 in shock damage), hail(deals 5 points of ice damage to every opponent for each turn it remains activated, but also drains 5 mana points from the user for each turn it remains activated), snow(makes it difficult to move, giving all opponents a -1 disadvantage when dodging any attacks and performing melee attacks) or frogs(deals 10 points of poison damage to all characters - players and opponents alike - for each turn it remains activated). These effects, however, can only be caused if the character has access to any clouds at the moment. (BTW, if you know anybody you think would be interested in the RP, feel free to invite them to join in!)
  14. Ok, i'll admit: last RP that i tried to start was pretty needlessly complicated, let's try something a tad simpler. Background: Ages ago, king Gunther of the Griffish Isles was sent by Celestia on a legendary quest in search of the long lost Grail of Sunlight, from which the princess of the sun herself drank in the night of her and Luna's coronation, and which was created with highly powerful magical properties bound to it. The grail was found and stored deep in the vaults of the royal sisters' castle, but now the grail has been stolen by none other than Crimson Crest, sworn enemy of the Griffish royal family and descendant of the evil sorceress Midnight Jasmine, and it is certain that his intent in doing so is malicious. With king Gunther now long gone, there is no one in the Griffish isles that can go on the journey to retrieve the grail, and the elements of harmony are occupied on a mission in Neighgypt from which they will not be able return soon enough to help. As such, the Griffish royal family has sent a letter to all inhabitants of Equestria, promising a great reward to all who volunteer to help them and succeed, claiming that they will grant the volunteer anything they want should they bring back the grail. Will you choose to heed the royal family's call and help them recover the Grail of Sunlight? Character sheet: Name: Race(can be any of the show's sentient races): Class: Sex: Age: Special talent: Cutie mark(if the character has one): Appearance(optional): Personality: Motivation: Backstory(optional): All characters start with 60 health and mana points and 400 bits(money). Classes: Stats: Your stats are determined by your race and class, they will be given to you once you've submitted your character sheet. The stats are: Strength: determines your success when it comes to performing melee attacks, blocking attacks, climbing, lifting objects, forging, mining, and any other activity that requires resistance and physical strength. Strength also dictates how many health points your character gains upon leveling up. Agility: determines your success when it comes to performing ranged attacks, dodging attacks, performing acrobatics, juggling, balancing, moving in silence, jumping accurately, throwing objects, jumping over obstacles and so on. Intelligence: determines your success when it comes to attaining and utilizing knowledge, locating hidden items or characters, understanding the contents of texts, brewing potions and recognizing the properties of creatures and plants. Intelligence also dictates how many mana points your character gains upon leveling up. Willpower: determines your success when it comes to social interactions such as persuading, lying, intimidating, bargaining for prices and entertaining(or persuading) someone with engaging stories or songs.