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  1. Kimi Vulpine

    Spoiler Synopsis for 28 Pranks Later.

    Hoping for some Pinkie in this episode, because... reasons.
  2. A turn-based MLP RPG game without microtransactions and stuff like that. Steven Universe did it, even if it's a mobile game, and it turned out pretty well.
  3. Kimi Vulpine

    Write random sentences without the use of the letter 'a'

    To be cool is to be nice.
  4. Kimi Vulpine

    compliment the user above you

    That avatar is pretty cute.
  5. Kimi Vulpine

    Write random sentences without the use of the letter 'a'

    The endless pursuit of our destinies never ends.
  6. Kimi Vulpine

    What is your username backward?

    Enipluv Imik
  7. Kimi Vulpine

    How many hours do you sleep per night?

    At least 8 per day. I can go without sleep for an entire day and a half, but if I don't get 8 or morr hours of sleep I feel completely awful.
  8. Kimi Vulpine

    Do you have a famous name?

    Nope. My name is actually very uncommon.
  9. Kimi Vulpine

    What do you think the user above you sounds like?

    Sounds cute and childlike :3
  10. Kimi Vulpine

    Bi, Straight, Gay, or Lesbian

  11. Kimi Vulpine

    The ^ > v game!

    ^ No. < Is a huge shipper v Do you like Steven Universe? :3
  12. Kimi Vulpine

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    Doesn't matter anymore but 10/10 because Pearl
  13. Kimi Vulpine

    Give the user above you a nickname!

    DJ Gummy