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  1. BABSCon is this weekend! Hope I see all my friends again soon! See you there!

  2. I did. I got a Vinyl Print that looks absolutely awesome (needs framing), a Vinyl and Octavia print that is framed from a friend of mine, a rasta hat for a rarity micro-plushie that looks like she has dread locks, and a bunch of other stuff!
  3. It's my 21st birthday... had 4 hours of helping my parents after getting home from school, followed by an 1 1/2 dinner (with beer), followed by 3 more hours of working... This birthday was "fun". *haha... ha. sure...*

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    2. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      I hope you had a great birthday Azrael! :)

    3. Azrael


      That post was meant to show that I had a bad birthday... So yeah. Sarcasm in that update.

    4. Dark Tempest

      Dark Tempest

      Happy birthday *hugs*

  4. Gone for the time being... I have LOTS of work to do...

  5. My findings are secret However, if you are really interested, you can add me on skype (which you can find on my profile page), and I can explain further, along with the others that I have also gathered to investigate and research.
  6. I am involved in paranormal stuff pretty much all the time. In regards to ghosts themselves, I prefer to call them spirits. Ghosts are a classification of spirit, being that of a once living being...
  7. This is my current wallpaper, but I have many more ^^
  8. My current car is a Toyota Sebring convertible. It works really nicely, and suits my needs just fine. However, if I had the money, I would want a McClaren P1. That car looks like a rocket car, and has some absolutely beautiful curves and a wonderfully crafted rear.
  9. I feel extremely stressed. College finals are coming up, and I am stressed to get good grades on them. I feel certain feelings, and a viewpoint that is more depressing than many others. I carry the weight of many people's feelings and emotions, and the memories of others. All will be well though.
  10. The last movie I watched was Red Dawn (1984 version). I am using the movie as the basis for a Final assignment for class on how it is the quintessential "American Hero" movie for my Apocalypse and the American Imagination class. It is well worth a watch! I really enjoyed it!
  11. The song I have stuck in my head is Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots. It is constantly on the radio when I am driving. Don't get me wrong... It's an incredibly well made song! I love it! As a music producer myself, the balance between vocals and the instrumentals are perfect, the effects are well structured, and the placing of the different tracks in comparison to left/right channels is good.
  12. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: I found out about MLP Forums while at the Poniverse panel at BABSCon (Great con by the way)! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Around school, in 11th grade, I started hearing whispers and rumors about a little girls show with ponies. I took no heed to it. After all, this was high school, and who would want to watch such a show. Little did I know that fate would collide with me, to have the best thing to happen in my life ever.In First period, during 2D animation class, my teacher was playing a particular youtube video song. I had no idea it had to do with MLP, so I went up after class to ask what song it was. He showed me this: told myself, "I hate to admit it but, THIS IS AWESOME!" So I privately gave a confirming look to the teacher, thanked him, and went on my way. I finished school, and then when I got home, I looked up the video again, and after watching it, favorited my first MLP Video! I then continued to watch other fan made videos.I kept telling myself, "I may like the fan videos, but there is no way I will like the actual show. It's for little girls." Finally, after about two weeks, after having watched many MLP Fan Vids, I decided to watch an actual episode. I started off with the very first one, and made my way through to the most recent one, Season 1, Episode 16.I was so amazed by it, I just had to share it with my best friend Scott, who just happened to join Equestria Forever very recently as Twix! He said, there is no way he would watch it normally, but since I was his best friend, he would try one episode. He also got hooked on it through the get go.Nowadays, I have learned that it is alright to share my opinions about MLP, however I do not force it upon other people. Oftentimes, just the fact that I mentioned it makes them curious, and they decide to explore of their own free will. MLP has changed me because I feel that I am supporting a movement, and that the simple fact that I overcame gender roles shows that I can make my own opinions, unaffected by those of others. That is a very good skill to learn. Greetings everyone! Azrael here! I am new to the forums! I am most known in the MLP Community for owning the DeviantART group Equestria Forever. We have over 165,000 page views! I found out about the forums at Babscon! We had a super fun time talking! I look forward to making tons of friends! I love you all! ^^
  13. Welcome to MLP Forums, Azrael! I hope you have a great time here. /)