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  1. Ah, MLPF inactivity. THAT'S where you've been on this site.

  2. Starfox Assault is too short, no multi player co-op, no hub world, can't play as the other characters. And even though Fox is the main character he doesn't develop. I swear Starfox Assault is still my favorite game of all time but it does have flaws.
  3. Homemade peach cobbler. Homemade doesn't taste too sweet.
  4. A nice loud ceiling fan...But I have long since gotten used to the sound because it is ungodly hot here in California.
  5. If I met that guy in real life I would probably just be all like "Aww! Cute plushie I am so jealous!" and "I'm a My Little Pony fan as well, but I guess my bag gave that away." Oh yeah, I carry around a Shining Armor and Princess Cadence bag with me when I go out (My purse was getting too heavy) I occasional get compliments from others.
  6. When I was 17 I bought the Fluttershy and Rarity dolls with the brushable hair...I wanted to get the rest but I was a kid without a job. I guess I could buy more but I don't really consider it worth it (I got these two because they at least look like what they look like in the cartoon, Twilight doesn't look like Twilight.) and I barely have room in the tiny shoe box I live in along with these amiibos and funko pops.
  7. Beer cheese pretzels are literally the best thing ever.

  8. Happy birthday, random person I've seen around the forums. ouo'

    1. Emiko Gale

      Emiko Gale

      Nice to get some recognition. Thank you.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Emiko Gale

      Emiko Gale

      Thank you buddy. :)

  10. I watched it two nights ago and I adored it! Then again I never watched the original ghost busters.
  11. It's my birth week I don't wanna do homework! Dx

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    2. Emiko Gale

      Emiko Gale

      Tomorrow little buddy tomorrow.

    3. Misscellanio


      Niiiiice! My bday isn't for another 3 months D: I wanna party!!! XD

    4. Alpharius


      Well I hope you have a happy birthday

  12. I think they might be related but I have considered this pairing as well.