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  1. Disappearing MLP CCG booster packs! NOOOO!!

  2. What is up with the disappearing booster packs?! I just went to two walmarts and a target and I've been told they're not renewing their contract with the MLP CCG game!! AHHH!! they're not dying are they?! They make me happy. :/
  3. I LOVE seeing more of the mane 6 families. Especially Fluttershy's!! Her parents are the sweetest things that's ever existed! I've already completed my toy collection of my fave family, The Cakes, now I'm going to need this family to add to my collection. (Probably the only time it's appropriate to say I want to add a "family" to my "collection" lol.)
  4. Today is my birthday! :D

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      HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSEJACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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      Yay, happy birthday Jesse~


      How've you been, dear?

  5. I loved this episode. When Rainbow dash confides her concerns to the group, even though it was kind-of an embarrassing situation, they responded perfectly with support and love. That's the type of friendship love I like to see. Her trying to behave more like her friends so she would stand out for something other than her crashing was adorable and funny. She NAILED the Rarity impersonation! I love that they displayed the difficulties a person can face when entering into a new group (similar with any sports team, club or band) because they showed the real struggle of trying to fit into a group that has already bonded and the payoff that will come from sticking it out. This is a great message for their intended audience who may want to give up when things are difficult. Giving nicknames was a great way to show this because it's a pretty commonplace even in our culture to give nicknames as part of our bonding and it shows that even though her nickname was based on something that may have initially been seen as embarrassing, that it's good to have a sense of humor, and learn to laugh at your mistakes instead of taking everything so seriously. It was uncomfortable to see RD be put in that situation, because I've never seen her face these particular problems. But it was good to see some character growth with her. Love love love
  6. I am going to MLP:MSP! It's the first con I've EVER been to and I'm psyched!!
  7. I was born and raised in the backwoods country of Kentucky and moved to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul two years ago. I miss the land, the openness, fireflies, open fires, wildlife sounds at night, hills, creeks, streams and mostly seeing the stars at night. I do not miss the prejudice, lack of education, lack of resources, lack of diversity, smell of animals, field mice and bugs, dirt and mud. Also, I am biased because my wife and I lived in KY together for eight years and couldn't marry until we moved across the country and away from everyone/everything we know so we could live our life without being harassed. So, good riddance to the country. I desperately miss the land tho. So I chose city 100%, with frequent camping trips to visit with the land and myself. The country only good for people who wish to live a life of solitude, or are able to fit into a narrow definition of what an "acceptable" human is.
  8. Just woke up. I don't know how you do it Applejack. I am NOT a morning pony.

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      I agree... I don't wake up till at least noon

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      noon is usually my target but today...geez I slept till 2:30! lol.

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      Hehehe, that's finee

  9. HellooOoOo Pony Friends

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      Oh fine :D Just hitting my PJs after work... You?

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      I'm good, just having a nice and relaxing day today.

    4. JesseJack
  10. Yay! New signature! Thanks to my sweet wife, the web designer.

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      Awesome ^^

  11. Ahhh!! Love Love Love Love where Starlight's new personality has taken her. I absolutely identify with her inability to to make new friends because of old (not-great) habits. I love how she is openly emotionally vulnerable about how hard it has been for her. A lot of people (myself included) find it hard to talk about when they just aren't fitting in, and seeing this just made it seem like what it really is, a normal part of life. That's an AMAZING message for young children who are under a lot of pressure to fit in. And it's a great message for adults reminding us that it's ok to not have things figured out yet. Love love love. And the faces... omg Applejack's angry face is the cutest thing. Poor Big Mac tho, lol.
  12. I love all children books and prefer them over adult novels (mostly because of attention span difficulties). I have all sorts of stuffed animals including TJ (a scraggly brown bear I've had since I was seven). I watch cartoons all day long, either actively or passively while I'm cleaning the house... I love to sing aloud and usually make up the words as I go and typically wear clothes with cartoons on them.
  13. Cleaned my kitchen, earned another hour of MLP Forum! :D