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  1. Lunaris Adamantine

    Open Xenograft

    @@Arylett Charnoa, Doesn't like him? How can a crystal not like him? He wasn't sure what she was basing this ridiculous assumption on, but she did seems quite certain about what she was saying. Looks like she could hear the crystal maybe? Why else would she put it up to her ear. "What do you mean it doesn't like me? How can a crystal not like someone? It's just... a stone. Or is it some kind of weird organism that just looks like a gem? I'm confused, but whatever. It's probably best you hold onto the crystals anyways... considering you're the only one who walks on two legs anymore." @@D
  2. Lunaris Adamantine

    Open Xenograft

    @@FortyTwo42, "Adamantine. That's, ADD A MAN TEEN. But yeah, I get that kind of thing a lot. Just stick with Lunaris." He was starting to take a look around, trying to see which way to go. Aero pointed out a direction, but there was no way of knowing where it would lead. But what's the best way to find out? Go find out for yourself! "Anyways, I guess we should just take our chances and go. Can't find out anything just standing here in the darkne-" @@Durandal, He stopped suddenly as he saw Apate suddenly turn into... a horse-like thing, similar to Aero, but with a horn ins
  3. Lunaris Adamantine

    Open Xenograft

    Well, at least everyone was communicating now. But what was that Apate guy talking about? Some kind of flavor orbs? And colored bloodflow? Sounds weird, but he was definitely the weirdest of the group. @@Durandal, "I'm not seeing anything like what you're describing. My vision seems to be the same as before, no orbs or colors or whatever. Considering you are some weird... bug-horse thing, and your eyes are weird in general, it might be some kind of thing with that species... whatever it is." He was trying hard to think of what Apate might be, but nothing came to mind. He had never se
  4. Lunaris Adamantine

    Open Xenograft

    @@FortyTwo42, He hadn't really ever talked to Aero Wind before, but he had seen him on the campus very frequently. Though the circumstances were odd, it seemed like they were going to get to know each other better, regardless of whether they wanted to or not. At least he did have three others with him for this ordeal. Unless he was correct initially, and he was just extremely drugged. "Aero Wind... yeah, I've seen you plenty at the university. My name is Lunaris Adamantine, and as for the anemometers... those are the least of our concerns right now. Anyways, we've got to find out what's.
  5. Lunaris Adamantine

    Open Xenograft

    Things were just getting silly now. Perhaps everyone got affected by the drug? It was time to get a hold of things and figure out what was going on. He reached his hand out, so he could see what it was doing this time, only he didn't see a hand. There was this... talon there, instead. It was moving like his hand was supposed to, and it responded like his hand normally did, but it was not his hand. Taking a closer look at things, his whole body wasn't his body. It was feathery and fluffy, and that wing? He poked at it, and indeed it was the thing that was bonked earlier from the... 'fall'.
  6. Lunaris Adamantine

    Open Xenograft

    Laying in the pool, Lunaris started to get an odd sensation... it felt as though he was sinking. In the fountain? It's only 6 inches deep, how could he sink? He looked down to see a pinkish glow from the water, and in it he saw something weird. Sime kinda dog with wings, or something. He must have been hallucinating, cause fountain water neither glows or shows him pictures of fantasy creatures. Probably hit his head as he fell into the water. Damnit! His mind was distracting him, like it always tended to do. He was still... maybe sinking, but he couldn't really move at all. He just got swallo
  7. We can give it a second chance, but I'd like to be sure that there will be enough content being posted to keep it going. I found it strange how even when I was working 50-60 hours a week at my job, I was still mostly just waiting for others to post. If everyone involved can possibly get two posts a week, then it would make things much better, for sure. Still, I think four people is a pretty small amount, but at least it helps eliminate wait time. Hopefully that will be enough to keep things going smoothly. We will still keep slots open in case others want to join, but we will be active in
  8. @@Durandal and @@FortyTwo42, It seems you two are the only ones who are left, aside from me and Arylett. Unfortunately, since we have already lost 3 members, and it seems no one ever really has time for it anyways, we're going to have to close this roleplay. The pace was moving way too slowly right from the start, and it seemed like all that was going on was everyone waiting for someone else to post. A roleplay cannot work like that, as it throws off the entire balance and makes it less than enjoyable. I was looking forward to seeing this story through, but it simply cannot happen
  9. Lunaris Adamantine

    Open Xenograft

    After he received the Meteorologist's apology, he noticed a strange and ominous feeling was wafting through the air. Something was sending a ghostly chill down his spine, the feeling was like someone had poured liquid nitrogen between his vertebrae. His attention became less focused and expanded throughout the Courtyard. He started to take in all of his surroundings, trying to find a source for this unusual sensation. First was that young woman, the one who shrieked in surprise earlier. He couldn't help but feel he had seen her earlier that day. But he didn't have time to think about that.
  10. Lunaris Adamantine

    Private Seeds of Beginning

    The pegasus next to him clopped Jerico a good one on the back of the head. "Jerico, enough with trying to pair Lunaris with every female in Equestria. Anyways, it is nice to see you, Lunaris. You should introduce us to your friend." Lunaris was caught off guard by the sudden appearance of these two, and giggled as the Pegasus bonked Jerico on the head, like he had seen her do many times before. But she was right, it was time for introductions. "I see Hazel is still keeping you in line. Anyways, this is Anatase. She's a Ruby Dog that I... bumped into on the way to see the Falls."
  11. Lunaris Adamantine

    Private Seeds of Beginning

    He raised an eyebrow at her remark. Why would they go without even doing anything? He wasn't about to leave after just looking at the place. "Get going? but we just got here! Besides, there's gotta be someone here who you can talk to. We should go swimming! Have you ever gone swimming? It's kinda like flying, but more wet and a lot less scary." He was just rambling on, cause he was excited to have some fun there. He had been swimming before, but not in such a massive lake. It would be terrible to miss out on an opportunity like that.
  12. Lunaris Adamantine

    Private Seeds of Beginning

    It was a fairly lengthy trip, but luckily they weren't too far away. Only a few hours passed before they could see and hear the falls in the distance. It was an amazing sight, and Lunaris couldn't help but start flying faster, so they could land as quickly as possible. He finally got close enough, and landed on the ground just after he started feeling droplets flying all around him. He lowered himself like before so Anatase could climb off his back. "Wow... I didn't think the falls would be quite this big. It feels like the air is ninety seven percent water!" He took a look around, and
  13. Lunaris Adamantine

    Private Seeds of Beginning

    "Are you sure? We do-" He paused, as he was startled when she suddenly hopped onto his back. It seemed she was quite certain that she wanted to fly, probably so they could get there even faster. He didn't really have any objection, but hoped she wouldn't strangle him like before. "I guess we're flying then. Just be careful not to dig into my skin. Now hold on a little tight... the take-off is always a bit bumpy." The chamrosh started running off towards the mountain, and he could feel Anataste's body bouncing up and down on his back. Then once he got enough speed he spread his wing
  14. Lunaris Adamantine

    Private Seeds of Beginning

    "We don't have to fly, I-" He was cut off by the Pegasus hollering above them. He looked up to the sky and spotted a flock of them. Or were they called a herd? That didn't matter, the point is they were being assholes, and it would no doubt be bothersome to Anatase. He looked back down and could easily tell by her expression that he was correct. His immediate response was to console her. "Don't listen to those Ponies... there will be many others who will accept you, I promise you that. They just... had a bad experience with your tribe. They would like you if they got to know you, I'm s
  15. @@Driz, It's been more than two weeks since you posted in the Roleplay. I also noticed you haven't even been on the forums in a week. But regardless of that, if you don't post soon, or give us some sort of message in this thread, we are going to have to remove you from the Roleplay. We'll give you five more days, but if there's nothing from you by then you'll be removed.
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