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  1. I knew replying to politics on this site would be a mistake. 

  2. Maybe I shouldn't have replied to politics on this site. 

  3. Why would Applejack move to someone else's farm? Easier to censor if they don't show anything outright.
  4. I just don't see a more reasonable explanation for that weird conversation they were having about chores. I can't think of a simpler reason for them to live together. Whether those hints should have been included is another conversation entirely.
  5. I just like it on a metaphorical level. We see an Equestria which is more open and accepting than ever before, to the extent that groups of people who had been previously feared by ponies are now openly living among them. I find it quite heartwarming.
  6. Oh god I forgot about that, that episode didn't even make sense. I'm just joking around here. I think Chrysalis was simply more powerful than her and I don't really want to overthink it.
  7. The "mean six" personalities never get old to me. The real mane six get some nice moments too - the part with Rainbow Dash and Applejack trying to figure out why Rarity is acting weird especially stands out, but Pinkie Pie's silliness and Twilight being a dork are always welcome, and the subplot about Rarity desperately trying to survive without all her things leads to some great moments. But the mean six really do steal the show; their bad attitudes are just so silly, and Chrysalis getting mad because she can't do anything is a blast as well. I feel like some of the mane six make questionable choices - I would like to think that Fluttershy would remember to tell her friends where she's going, for example. And I kinda wish they figured out something weird was going on, as I feel like they were too quick to turn on each other, especially given that most of them initially seemed confused by the mean six. But I think the stuff about how their friendship can survive anything is cute, and I think it's really funny that they never meet the mean six - though maybe it would be even funnier if they knew something was weird but never figured out what. In any case I still find this one delightful. Also, Starlight Glimmer MVP. My favourite Starlight moment remains "Marks for the Efforts," but I don't think I've ever found her more relatable than in this episode. Camping: it's no good.
  8. Nah, she didn't do that until the second time. Why would she let Discord out only to have him turned back into stone? I mean she needed to bail the mane six out at the last minute when they failed to defeat him.
  9. Yeah that makes sense. Kinda gives a bit more meaning to Celestia's suggestion that Twilight go make some friends. Twilight thought that making friends would not help her save Equestria, but Celestia knew otherwise. Sometimes I feel like Twilight's friendships were only a means to an end, though... She always got the mane six to solve her problems. Sister lost to darkness? Get your student to make friends. Discord broke free from his magical prison? Get your student and her friends to deal with it. Grand Galloping Gala is boring? Hmm, maybe your student's weirdo friends can liven things up. (I really want to know what Celestia thought when Twilight complained about not having enough tickets. Did she immediately realize it was an opportunity to crash the Gala?)
  10. Chrysalis just kept getting progressively sillier every time she appeared. I always thought she seemed overconfident, to the point that she repeatedly made very obvious mistakes, and then by the time season 8 rolled around the show seemed to validate that interpretation by making her completely incompetent. She gets credit simply for sticking around so long - Discord and Luna stopped being in their second appearances, but she just kept on being sinister. Chrysalis MVP. As I said in the other thread, I like Trixie more than any of the minor antagonists, but I only really started liking her when she stopped being a villain. I think Flim and Flam are my favourites; I never got sick of them like some other people did.
  11. Chrysalis has become my favourite through sheer perseverance. Doubling down on her hotheaded incompetence is the absolute best thing they could have done with her; it was always there, but until season 8 I wasn't entirely sure how much of that was deliberate. I really do consider her silliness to be the perfect fit for the show. Cozy Glow, Discord, and the Dazzlings are similar in that sense. I don't remember all of the low-level villains, but I found Flim and Flam the most consistently entertaining. Trixie is my favourite character of the bunch, but mostly for what happened after she became friendlier.
  12. Seasons 3 and 4 did still resemble seasons 1 and 2, but I do think the attempts to explore more serious subject matter may have pushed the show in the wrong direction. The format of episodes like "Rarity Takes Manehattan," which is based on challenging the main characters' values, is such that each of them seems to end right back where it started; I don't always feel like we're getting new things from the characters, even in episodes I would consider among the show's best. And on top of that a lot of episodes felt kinda gimmicky to me in both seasons, especially in season 3; I find that fun to an extent, but it gives the weird sense of those episodes being filler in a show without much of an overarching storyline. I disagree that season 3 rehashed the previous seasons - to me it seems very experimental while keeping the feel of seasons 1 and 2. It's just that a lot of those experiments didn't quite pay off. I do still like season 4, but in some ways it felt to me like the show stagnating before it went completely off the rails in season 5. Numerically there are fewer episodes I like, and when I look at those I didn't like, they either have dumb gimmicks ("Power Ponies," "Simple Ways") or try too hard to force a specific narrative ("Bats," "Rainbow Falls," "Somepony to Watch Over Me"). And in episodes like "Flight to the Finish," I notice the things that the show doesn't explore more than the things it does, which would essentially remain the case until season 8 suddenly became a lot more direct. It's still good, and it's certainly more ambitious, but I think the cracks were already starting to show. Maybe what My Little Pony did best in seasons 1-3 wasn't sustainable, but the show never really come up with anything I thought was a suitable replacement. I think I heard that even Faust's involvement in season 2 was increasingly limited as that season continued production. And that might explain why the show's transformation into whatever it was in season 5 was a gradual process rather than an immediate shift, but it makes that decline all the more inexplicable.
  13. I don't think seasons 8 and 9 are that much like season 7; to me it seems that they're both much looser, and season 8 specifically is a lot more imaginative than the seasons surrounding it. The general decline in the mane six certainly carries over, but that got started at least as far back as season 5, if you ask me.
  14. As a person who would rank The Last Jedi as possibly the best Star Wars movie, I cannot fathom how The Rise of Skywalker is something anyone wanted. Some nice jokes and action sequences though. 

    1. Megas


      most people generally agree that if you liked TLJ you'll probably dislike RoS a lot, especially seeing as how it blatantly undoes and retcons a lot of what TLJ established

    2. AlexanderThrond


      I felt it had its moments; at the end of the day it's still Star Wars, even though it's easily one of my least favourite Star Wars movies. I'm even willing to defend the prequels to an extent. Probably would have been a lot nicer to the new movie if not for the terrible third act. 


      It's not clear to me what was supposed to be interesting about the Palpatine stuff, though. 


    3. Lambdadelta


      I’m glad there is another one who didnt bash TLJ.:fluttershy:

  15. I agree with everything @Them's Seeing Ponies said, though the deepening approach to characterization that I most enjoyed started as early as late season 1, when episodes like “Party of One” started focusing more aggressively on a single character’s insecurities. Episodes like that became less frequent as the show went on, and later examples sometimes seem kinda awkward. I will say though that, despite that season’s messiness, the style of humour in season 6 just does it for me. Season 7 almost made me stop watching. Anyway I think we know each other’s perspectives now. Ironically, I felt that season 8 had a sense of growth that the previous several seasons hadn’t. It made me actively frustrated that a show which was demonstrably moving forward in certain areas was also becoming even messier.
  16. I think what the show was doing in those first two seasons was appealing in its own right. I liked the mythology being used as a lightweight, fairy tale-esque context for stories that aren't actually that much less silly than the slice-of-life episodes, which you see in the first two season premieres and then again in seasons 6 and (to a lesser extent) 8. Season 2 specifically adds a bit more depth to the show while keeping all of its charms; it had everything that made season 1 good and more, so it was easy to assume the show would only get better. Part of the excitement is that season 2 was just ending when I got into the show, but when I watch the show again, it seems like what it was in those first two seasons could easily have improved and sustained itself for a while longer. The finale definitely showed some signs of the problems to come, though. Admittedly I was mostly brought on board by out-of-context clips on YouTube, but I will say that the mythology helped break my expectations of what this show would be. It wasn't what kept me onboard, though, especially after season 3.
  17. Ironically that's how I felt about season 6, though in retrospect I don't like it that much more than season 4. To me season 7 was the year where, more often than not, I would tune into My Little Pony and have to work overtime to get anything out of it. I think more than half of that season is subpar. To each their own, I guess.
  18. S1: "The Show Stoppers" S2: "The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" S3: "Magical Mystery Cure" S4: "Princess Twilight Sparkle" (both parts) S5: "What About Discord?" S6: "No Second Prances" S7: "Hard to Say Anything" S8: "Non-Compete Clause" S9: "Dragon Dropped"
  19. Sure, but I mostly just mean the fact that she has to juggle the animal sanctuary with the school, which leaves me wondering what her schedule looks like. It's easier to ignore that in most other episodes. In any case that didn't ruin that episode for me. Honestly, I graded most of seasons 7-9 on a curve; of those 78 episodes, I'd say that only 6 or 7 are really on par with the show's best. But I thought "Molt Down" had its charms, and I enjoyed how direct it was.
  20. Probably nothing, but season 7 was my least favourite in the whole show. I don't think my opinions are objective facts about the show's quality, and I don't begrudge you for liking season 7, but I don't get it. To me the "low-key character stuff" often seemed like it was going through the motions in that season, even in some episodes I didn't mind; a lot of episodes in that season have a somewhat ambitious moral but almost no character nuance that doesn't actively confirm that moral, and therefore not a lot of drama. It seems to me that season 7's creative energy was mainly focused on moralizing and ambitious concepts. I found it very dull. More power to everyone who likes it, which is apparently everyone other than myself.
  21. It presents that issue in a way that I think is difficult to relate to and generally unappealing, while offering little real insight to what inspires any of the characters. But admittedly I don't find the CMC's efforts to get ahead of Diamond Tiara very appealing. My main gripe with this one is that the sheer quantity of responsibilities Fluttershy seems to have absolutely would not have been in a season 1-3 episode. The world of this show became very convoluted by the end. I honestly think it explored that issue in a way that is true to the characters, and I found its writing quite witty and entertaining. I honestly think it's one of the episodes which justifies the season 7-9 checklist approach to an extent, because the earlier seasons would never have approached that topic so directly. It's very refreshing, and I think that it has both humour and character details which live up to the show's past. I would not be complaining if My Little Pony had always been like that in its last several seasons.