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  1. It kinda seems like that was an annual thing that would happen while Friendship is Magic was still going. There was also a series of shorts between seasons 8 and 9, which was something that only happened once, though I really disliked those shorts so I don't miss them. Even Equestria Girls ended abruptly in 2019, which I think is because it was really just an extension of Friendship is Magic. It really seems to me like that leg of the franchise is done. My Little Pony has gone somewhere different. Isn't there a My Little Pony show on television right now?
  2. The final year of My Little Pony still isn't on Netflix at all for some reason, so I'm kinda stuck with piracy now that I'm not subscribed to Treehouse anymore. I didn't find the songs super memorable in that, but I really liked all of the character designs. As personalities go, only Kerfuffle and Torque Wrench really stuck with me, alas.
  3. It's tonally pretty different from the rest of the show so I think it doesn't really have the qualities a lot of people watch My Little Pony for. I liked it a fair bit even I find it a bit simple and frivolous. The world needs more Kerfuffle fan art, though. Also, I wonder how many people actually watched it. If your only experience with the show is watching recordings off your PVR or catching up months later on Netflix, it's easy for me to imagine that you never learned that Rainbow Roadtrip is a thing.
  4. I never cared that much about Grogar, so the big finale twist didn't bother me that much. It seemed to me that he would probaby just be another generic cartoon villain; at least the Chrysalis/Cozy Glow/Tirek team up was silly.
  5. I get the sense that people wanted different things from this show. I'm not very interested in its moralizing or its setting. I was mostly drawn to this show for its humour and its characters, and I was drawn in around the end of the second season, when the main cast was relatively small. The show didn't really evolve the dynamic between the main characters, which has led that to become one of the weaker parts of the later seasons; most new elements in those relationships are driven by external forces. Those later seasons also try to incorporate the morals into the plot more, but it come
  6. Lists like that tend to consider historical importance, so I guess this might make one of the lower rankings in one such list, because it successfully rejuvenated an iconic brand, plus its first few seasons were somewhat notable at the time for the online peripheral fandom. And fewer classic TV shows have consistent track records than you might think; would anyone deny the importance of Star Trek, even though nearly every version of that show has several episodes nobody likes? But I just don't feel like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic deserves that pedestal. So much of it just isn't all th
  7. Yes, but I also think that's part of the show's charm.
  8. I think the former leads to the latter; her parents suck, so she doesn't know what appropriate parenting looks like, so she's jealous of Rainbow having parents who are actually supportive and present in her life. Which I think is fair to an extent - at least Rainbow's parents are better than Scootaloo's, and Rainbow probably shouldn't have bottled up her feelings - but that doesn't mean that Rainbow is wrong to be upset.
  9. Maybe but she would need to train and study a lot and that's not really how she wants to spend her time. Kinda like asking if Twilight could ever have Rarity's fashion sense, though actually that might be a lot harder.
  10. What I mean is that I find him interesting as a symbol but not really as a character. I don't think there's much to him aside from his prejudices; "nice Neighsay" is not something I care about at all. Not to mention that he pretty much only made wrong choices in the time we saw him, which calls his competence into question. While I think he had a point about the mane six being inexperienced, his biases make it hard for me to sympathize with his goals of "protecting" Equestria from "threats." To him, anything outside his idea of a "pure" pony society was a threat. Nothing about that seems
  11. I dunno, I guess having non-ponies literally save his life would have a significant impact on him, but I'm not sure I buy that this would cause him to completely abandon his prejudices. He seemed willing to twist everything else around him to fit his faulty worldview, so why would he completely change his beliefs because of a few individuals in a weird situation? It might just be that I don't find him an interesting character, though; I only really liked him because I liked seeing the mane six stand against racism.
  12. I do mean the entire show to an extent, but season 9 doubled down on the same mistakes the show has always made with that stuff, which I found pretty galling. The truth is, I don't necessarily have a problem with alicorns, even if the mythology around them is pretty muddled; it's just that their association with Twilight's coronation has made me bitter about the whole thing. There's not enough of her personality and previous fashion sense in it. The hair is too long and wavy; all of the things that make Cadance distinct and relatable are absent in Twilight's future design.
  13. The committee thing really threw me off with that special. At that point Sunset would need to be deliberately ignoring her, which I do not believe would happen. If it weren't for that factor, I would definitely have appreciated having Wallflower's part of that special expanded, especially because I think Sunset's part of it is pretty stale. Wallflower at least has a unique problem, whereas Sunset is just going through the motions of atoning for her past, which I kinda had my fill of after Rainbow Rocks.
  14. I have a difficult time squaring that with the extremely apologetic Sunset of the movies, to be honest, but I guess there are a lot of students at that school, and Sunset has been there for a while. Still, I think that special really makes a muddle of Wallflower’s backstory, and it seems bizarre that Sunset and Wallflower could serve on the same committee and not have positive interactions.
  15. I would not have had Neighsay contribute to saving the day in the season 8 finale. Let him be dunked on while non-racists do the real work. I probably would have had Chrysalis appear a few more times as a comic relief villain, and then finally give in to friendship in the finale because she's just so hungry. Remarkable that she was petty enough to stick with the bad way even after Thorax proved that changelings can live without starving all the time. I think I would have toned down Lightning Dust's villainy a bit... I just think that's the least interesting thing they could have do
  16. Now that I think about it my least favourite design is probably something from the movie. Maybe the cat dude, I really don't want anthropomorphic cats in My Little Pony. There was a period where I just thought she was naturally tall and would have been just as tall if she never got her horn. We've seen other ponies with long legs who aren't alicorns. But then Twilight became tall and it threw everything off. I remain partial to the mane six's designs, especially since the show has done so much with them over the course of its nine seasons and various specials. Meanwhile Twili
  17. I like the sisters a lot but I also like how Cadance is a little smaller and has a normal mane. It makes her feel slightly more relatable even though she's way less developed as a character than either Luna or Celestia.
  18. I’ve always thought that Princess Cadance is pretty. Would also like to throw my hat in the ring for Rarity’s punk getup. She can pull off any look.
  19. The weird thing about that season 2 two-parter is that he did defeat the mane six. From his perspective, he had already won. The six of them had succumbed to his magic and had stopped caring. He was defeated because he didn't understand friendship, which was (somehow) powerful enough to overcome his magic. I have to say that I was never paying attention to that aspect. To some extent it all worked out according to plan - Twilight defeated them, saved Equestria, and became confident enough to rule the country. Honestly it was a dumb idea to begin with, but I never respected his schemes
  20. I feel like Discord has always kinda been like that, so I was never particularly invested in him. I was always wondering why the mane six tolerate him at all.
  21. Yeah, I guess. That wasn't a deal-breaker for me with that episode. The idea is that Discord inspired a personal crisis in Twilight due to a misguided attempt to test her, which I think is a good idea, but I wasn't particularly moved by the specific personal crisis that she had in that episode. The thing is, because that two-parter is slightly darker than the others, because its action scenes are so good, and because everyone gets a moment of heroism, I found it genuinely exciting and suspenseful in a way that the show almost never was before.
  22. For the series finale? Seems less than satisfying.
  23. I would say that everything about Twilight succeeding Celestia is rushed and sloppy but that's off-topic. The show's always been kinda ambiguous on that front. I'm just saying that I don't think Chrysalis would be as likely to turn leaf as Starlight, though it would have been interesting to see. That might be a big "if," even at such an early age. At the very least it could have been fun, though I thought what we got in the end was pretty fun as well.
  24. If anything, I would have loved to see someone other than Starlight or Twilight take on such a role - these two-parters are the show at its least interesting, but all the same it kinda irritated me that Twilight's friends never got the spotlight. Especially in later seasons they're always considered as a group, and are always the B-story to someone else's A-story. Though the season 9 finale was pretty evenly split, honestly. In any case I would have only wanted a short attempt that quickly failed, so I don't think it's important to that story. The difference between Starlight and Chrysal
  25. I thought she was a bit funnier but I don't understand why either of them were given a second chance, they're both terrible people.
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