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  1. Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    @Sherbert Music-Guard, Scoffer of Shortbread x Twilight Sparkle, as if it wasn't already obvious.
  2. Would you date the user above you?

    I don't date guys so no.
  3. What would you do to the avatar above you?

    I'd offer some nice sweets.
  4. Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    I feel so anguished and physically weird that I can't sleep even though I need to.
  5. Answer The Love Question Above You!

    Never, and I'm actually relieved about that. That'd creep a person out. Are you a person that enjoys having a lot of physical contact?
  6. Say something totally random!

    Why settle with just watching fireworks when you could be the firework?
  7. Alicorn Applejack!

    This style. This style. Really beautifully done, there's such a warm feeling in the image as a whole - I'm looking forward to seeing the others too!
  8. Things like this disgust me beyond belief. It's especially beyond me if people still want to blame the minor for "not saying no", as if that'd make doing sexual business with a minor any less wrong. Oh no I've had a rather similar experience as I've been in a relationship with a guy that was 21 while I was 14. Nothing suspicious really happened but I did feel gross afterwards for many reasons. The relationship was pretty known within a certain small brony forum and just about everyone on the same forum encouraged it while no one questioned the adult dating a freaking minor. And my case wasn't the only one when it comes to adults dating minors.
  9. Favorite stuffed animal or plushie?

    You said exactly what I was going to say! Finding one was like a dream come true, having a huge, soft shark to cuddle is great. Plus points for having a surprisingly cheap price too, especially for such a big plush.
  10. Listening to your own voice

    I outright refuse to listen to my own voice, that's how much I dislike it. It sounds nasty while I talk and it sounds a lot more nasty when played back. Even if I have to record my voice for a class project, I'll just get it over with as quickly as possible and don't bother to listen to it afterwards to make sure it "sounds okay" - it will never sound okay with a voice like that.
  11. Hello.

    Hi Quadropus, welcome to the forums! I hope your stay here is going to be the most pleasant. What an excellent choice for an avatar too, that expression is plain great!
  12. What Pokemon is the user above you?

    Alolan ninetales
  13. Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    @WiiGuy2014 x (older) Spike
  14. Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    That face is my favorite thing. 10/10!