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  1. Visual Art Jaspers' Corner

    Here's the finished piece too! My PC had trouble with the size of the image but at least I got it done without having to see GIMP coming crashing down. It looked so much better as a sketch but oh well.
  2. What cheers you up the most?

    Having days off keeps me going. Though that really isn't the only thing as there are loads of things that cheer me up, like cats, flowers, the scent of rain in a summer night, playing games... I'm the happiest when I get to talk to my friend though (saying "get to talk to" kind of sounds like talking doesn't happen often but it does happen every day)!
  3. General Is it easy for you to say '' I'm sorry ''?

    I keep apologizing so much that my friends ask me why I'm apologizing in the first place. The hard part of it is that if I apologize too much, people will tell me not to apologize and then I'll apologize for apologizing. And thus the circle goes on for who knows how long!
  4. mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    There's no need to be alone! I'm an ace too. I'm romantically attracted to women but at the same time I'm averse to sexual stuff in general.
  5. Visual Art Jaspers' Corner

    Since I posted the sketch I'll also post a WIP. I'm too lazy to start shading right now but the base colors are already there.
  6. Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    How are women so pretty?? How do they do it?
  7. Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    I think I've caught some kind of a cold so I'm feeling sick. Though there isn't anything else to it than a sore throat, which doesn't bother me too much - the thing that'd bother me the most would be a clogged nose but gladly that hasn't happened. Yet.
  8. It's been kind of chilly today but not overly so. At one point the sky was clear too but right now it's gone back to being cloudy.
  9. Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    Frustrated and stuff like that. There's an exam tomorrow and I still haven't properly studied since the subject of this specific course feels so difficult. Oh well, at least I'd be content with even a barely passing grade.
  10. Would you give Celestia a belly rub?

    What's there to fear? She has appeared so calm and understanding throughout the show so I don't think I'd hesitate if that was what she really wanted. I think petting Alma's belly would be more risky as she's a rather furious cat, but that isn't quite true for Celestia.
  11. That kind of situations are very intimidating and that sounds more than familiar. The day before yesterday I had to go lie on the floor for a while since the current health class was about vaccines. No pictures needed, just the topic itself was enough.
  12. General How do you feel about anti vaxxers?

    Anti-vaxxers are one group of people that I just cannot completely trust. Having a difficult fear of diseases does play its part in that as well.
  13. The possible phobia of syringes is quite the inconvenience. Even if I try to keep myself together during an injection, there's a 90 % chance that I'll faint right there about five seconds after the needle has punctured my skin. It doesn't necessarily need to be a physical experience either, sometimes even thinking about injections or something including blood or veins can make the sudden panic reaction happen - and on the floor I go, either because I indeed passed out or because I haven't passed out just yet.
  14. Thanks for following me ^^