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  1. Jaspers

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Today shall be the day when I praise the Sun. Amazing! My holiday started properly today too so double amazing.
  2. Jaspers

    Do your parents know you go onto Poniverse?

    They don't know about it since it's not an important thing to tell them about. I don't talk much about the websites I visit in the first place so I don't see it as necessary at all.
  3. The franchise I've been a fan of for the longest time is probably Pokemon, though I haven't always considered myself a part of the fandom just because I like it.
  4. On the first day of primary school I wore a peachy-colored T-shirt with singing lions and tigers on it. I was also proud of my new backpack and the lanyard which I used for carrying my keys. There are photos of the occasion and needless to say about everyone looked kind of thrilled.
  5. Jaspers

    How much do you love the MLP forums?

    It's okay. While I nowadays don't enjoy the site as much as I used to, it's still a neat place to hang out.
  6. I voted for Twist since she's the cutest of the school-aged ponies. For some reason I kind of relate to her. Well I do at least, though I can't speak for everyone.
  7. Jaspers

    Visual Art BB Sundae's Gallery

    This right here is some absolutely beautiful art. It's hard to say which piece I'd like the most since they're all sweet.
  8. Jaspers

    General Are you Introverted or Extroverted?

    Inconveniently introverted. Introverted to the point of not actively seeking social situations for months - I've gone to places with my friends a few times recently but that's about it. Normally it's just me and my PC. I don't necessarily like having too many friends either since having even just three people talking to me at the same time sends me into a cranky mood as I'm not really used to that kind of active socializing. The people who have chatted me via PMs here can also probably see what I'm talking about. I'm really slow at replying so as always, please bear with me because I indeed am unsociable.
  9. Jaspers

    Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    Completely bad. I've hit myself again as if it wasn't difficult enough to stop doing it in the first place. Oh joy. If this becomes a habit again I have no idea what to do about it.
  10. Jaspers

    What is favorite eye colour for a pony?

    Blue is a fancy color all around! My favorite ponies, Rarity and Pinkie, both have blue eyes so I think that tells a little bit of something.
  11. Jaspers

    Find out your pony name!

    Rainbow Gem. That sounds quite cool, if I was a pony I'd happily have that as a name.
  12. Jaspers

    What does MLP mean to you?

    To me it's just another cartoon I enjoy so while it doesn't play a huge part in my life, it's still something I enjoy watching. I've stopped watching certain shows but MLP keeps being quite immersive even after all the years.
  13. Jaspers

    re-name the user above based on his/her avatar

    Dashie Pride! Like the episode Pinkie Pride, just with Dash instead.
  14. Jaspers

    What Do You Like About The Above User's Avatar?

    The fact that it's Pinkie in the picture is neat.